Watch 9/11 ceremony at Cal Expo

I served my country and I served my flag.>>Well, we’re here at Cal Expo, here to pay our respects to those that
fell in the September 11th, 2001 attacks. And here with a lot of other folks paying their tribute to all
those that were fallen. Well I think it’s important to have
a west coast presence, that there’s so many people that have been to New York and remember that day in their own special
way, and remember where they were. So it’s good to be 3000 miles away and still be able to be part of the national
community and this solemn moment.>>The large granite
sphere beside us here has more than 3000 names engraved
into that sphere, and those are the names of the people that
perished in both of the Trade Towers. Behind you is a reflection
towers representative. When you look into that tower you not only
see the beauty of the sky in this round easy California, but
you see reflections of yourself. You see reflections of the people
that are standing near you. And again, this is designed so that you
can think of those that not only lost their lives as the innocent, but also
just hundreds of first responders that rushed into the building in an effort to
save lives, and lost their lives as well.>>May we give the best for
our nation in each other, and may God continue to bless America. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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