Warren, Biden In Dead Heat In National Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  2. I am a Bernie sopporter. I am not surprise that Joe and Mika do not say anything remotely progressive. They are just good old conservative guys. I know it, I don't mind at all. We can't expect corporate media to be fair to Bernie or to Warren. So, don't be bitter !

  3. One phony who claims to be an Indian to get ahead and claims being pregnant got her fired, who is a socialist who has been in politics for decades and NOW says she's going to fix things…. Or the denial white male who is almost as corrupt as Hillary Clinton who has been in politics for decades and NOW says he's going to fix things lol

  4. Trump has been reported to be taking adderall and has a drawer full of Sudafed. Drug addicts always "exhaust" other people!! Their frantic, hyperactive, unreasonable behavior is so erratic that normal people who don't take drugs start feeling like they would like to tie them to a chair and tape their mouth shut! And, there is no reasoning with them because they cannot be rational while on drugs. The fact that this apparent "druggie" is the president of the United States is totally unacceptable. And, this is INSANE that everyone is letting this continue! Congress needs to unexpectatly approach Trump with a lab tech and a mandatory blood test. If this test comes out positive for drugs Trump must be removed immediately with the 25th. There are at least 10 other reasons why Trump is "unfit to be president". However, even Trumps most ardent supporters would agree that a president on drugs should not be the person with the nuclear codes!

  5. White People shouldn’t vote for Bernie.Warren is a better choice for White Values.Blacks are jumping from
    Biden’s beached boat and wading towards Warren.

  6. The fact that a disaster pilot like Biden is high up in the polls is just more evidence of the boundless stupidity of the US electorate.

  7. This host "Morning Joe" will NOT STOP interrupting people mid-sentence. Any real message is lost with his lack of common decency….YUCK!!

  8. But i thought the left was woke??? Three very rich white heterosexual folks at the top. Blacks and gays in single digits 🤔

  9. Dem's only hope of winning would be for one of their many bogus made up scandals to finally do some type of damage to Trump and they know it. No way is he going to be defeated by Biden, Warren, or Sanders outright. It'll never happen.

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  11. Oh yeah the debate, cant wait for that freakshow, seeing a bunch of wannabe communist assclowns trying to out do each other in baning things and taking citizens rights away.
    What's on tonight's agenda ? Ceremonial burning of the United States Constitution and praising Karl Marx ?

  12. It's Harris' fault Steve Mnuchin is Sec. of Treasury, and not an inmate in a CA State penitentiary.


  13. That's it Joe, keep flogging that dead horse Biden. This show is an utter joke. 😂😂😂


  14. Polling doesn't matter to the DNC, unless they are using it to exclude someone who is unannointed. As long as super-delegates choose their nominee, its all moot.

  15. Bernie supporters are like "but he is still in the lead" LOOL even though his deficit is getting bigger and bigger …just suspend your campaign, Bernie!

  16. I voted for Obama. But, Obama wasn't a great president. The fact that he pulled us out of Dubya's Great Recession makes him a good president. But, it's largely his fault we're in the situation we are.

    He campaigned on ACA/Obamacare having an optional government health insurance option, the same as U.S. Senators get. Then he caved to his insurance and Big Pharma donors, despite the fact the Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress. Removing the government insurance option removed a guaranteed affordable insurance option. It removed competition, allowing companies to keep rates and deductibles high. It drove companies that didn't want to comply out of some areas leaving people in those areas with worse options. It eliminated the promised ability of the government to negotiate drug prices. And, because ACA can't work without mandatory enrollment, it forced some people who didn't need and/or want insurance, especially in those areas negatively impacted by ACA, to sign up or face tax penalties. Worst of all, it provided the Republicans with an issue to rally their base, covering the fact that they were against him because he's Black.

    The result was a Blue Wave in 2010, where the Tea Party took both chambers of Congress, and moved the entire Republican party further right. When McConnell took the debt ceiling hostage, and shut down the government, multiple times, Obama kept playing the "great statesman", rather than rolling up his sleeves, stepping off the curb, and using the full force of the President's bully pulpit to fight them. He did the same when McConnell blocked the Senate confirmation hearings on Merrick Garland for SCOTUS, So, we lost a SCOTUS seat.

    And, Obama backed, and protected, HRC, the worst Democratic candidate in history, despite the fact she committed criminal acts. So, we lost the White House… to Putin's Orange Hand Puppet.

    Like Obama, Biden is a corporate stooge in Democrats' clothing. He doesn't want money out of politics, because corporate money is the only way that he and the other establishment Democrats have a chance of being elected. Biden is an example of what is wrong with the Democratic party.

  17. Among the most memorable spoken and apparently off-the-cuff comments I’ve witnessed lately about Elizabeth Warren has been from the lips of Bill Maher on Friday 11 October:

    “Elizabeth Warren is seventy—she looks fifty and acts twenty.”

  18. Turtle Evidence?
    Some Democrats own Turtles.
    Turtles owned by Democrats are Democrat Turtles.
    If a Democrat Turtle is found Facebook Flipped over on it's back, this would be the kind of Evidence Democrats need to Impeach President Trump for Illegal Democrat Facebook Flipping.
    It's a good bet the Upside Down Turtle Section of the Mueller Report was Redacted by the Wille E Coyote Barr thus Obstructing Turtle Justice.
    Adam Schiff should Subpoena Democrat Turtles to testify as this may speed up Impeachment Proceedings and be the best Evidence so far of Presidential Misconduct.

  19. Joe Biden for prison,
    Elizabeth Warren for the nut house, she won't know the difference if we tell her it's the whitehouse

  20. Joe Biden and his Kid are a undefeated tag team in China! Ooops!! the firm gave Bidens kid the boot. No more free money for you….

  21. Bernie is going to have another heart attack. Joe can't stop creeping out the younger female interns with his method of "getting to know them". Maybe if he turned down his phonograph and stopped having his wife fire a shotgun off the porch things would improve.

  22. https://www.newsweek.com/historically-accurate-election-forecaster-predicts-trump-will-win-even-greater-margin-2020-1465494?amp=1
    Historically Accurate Election Forecaster Predicts Trump Will …

  23. No democrat is going to president in 2020 keep doing your stupid polls it doesn’t change anything real people outside the little liberal bubbles don’t want a stupid democrat as president

  24. Poll I saw had Warren at 28%, Sanders at 21% and Biden at 18%.
    Give it up, Biden is a loser. He's another Clinton. He will lose.

  25. Donald Trump will destroy Pocahontas even worse than Hillary, Biden will be knocked out with evidence of criminal activity, Sanders will have a stroke or heart attack, Harris has no chance, and a guy with BUTT in his last name will never be president.

  26. Elizabeth Warren is extremely smart, politically savy, charismatic, and totally honest. Plus it's time for a woman to straighten out the mess the past male Presidents have made. She has my vote for President in 2020.

  27. Exhausted Trump supporters? They are tired of his twits? I have a lot of Trump supporter friends. Also everyone in my family supports Trump. That includes my wife's side. None of my friends nor my family members have told me that they are tired of Trump or his twits. Voters do not want the same old. Biden does not have a chance of defeating Trump. Fake news at it's best.

  28. Biden will always be a vice president…nothing more. Biden can NEVER give "comfort" to anyone! He's all about the money..one minute for climate change and the next second…talking to fossil fuel giants for $$$$$$$ for his campaign. I think Biden is a useless old man who never did anything good for any one..especially Americans. His so called stories are not true and I have doubts about his connection in the Ukraine and his son..I do not trust either of them.

  29. So, when Warren is up polls don't matter but when Joe Biden is up Paul's are the best thing ever? Ohhh Joe you're judgement is really poor

  30. One thing for sure the next president won't hire unqualified cabinet members because they gave them money or said nice things about them!!!

  31. Lol I love how they wouldn't utter the phrase Warren in the lead. Once he starts falling what exactly is going to revive Joe's poll numbers?

  32. I just don't get how people can support Biden after he's supported segregation, supported the bush wars, extorted a foreign nation, mass incarcerated American fathers, etc. He's just as bad if not worst than Trump. To each his own, I guess 🙍.

  33. I will accept nothing less than a minority, transgendered president. Enough of these straight white fascists parading as democrats!

  34. Biden's teflon bc the MSM – this show especially – is completely slanted toward him, practically promoting him. They act like only he can win the moderates, yet the Obama/Trump voters wanted Sanders in 2016, not Hillary. They wanted real change, not a business as usual Democrat, and they felt betrayed by the Obama admin, so, those folks don't want Biden, whose another business as usual, Democrat from the Obama admin they feel betrayed them. Biden doesn't "comfort" working ppl who are working three jobs to maintain what their parents did with one, working ppl want big change still. We want the system to work ALLLL of us, not just the wealthy.

    The MSM, counter to popular idiocy, is mostly made up of conservatives, and moderates, even someone like Bill Maar is an affirmed moderate. When Stephen Colbert had AOC on, one of the first questions he asked is if her tax plan wld raise HIS taxes. Hollywood is owned and operated by wealthy ppl, even the grips, writers, costumers, makeup artists, special effects ppl, etc are in the upper middle class, there is just so much money in Hollywood, even the set dressers get paid well and have amazing medical. The truth is, almost no one in the MSM knows how working ppl live.

    The on camera talent is extremely wealthy, altho the most vocal among them are very liberal stars who came from lower/middle income backgrounds, a lot of on cam talent are from Hollywood families. These folks may hate GOP social policy, but they love GOP tax cuts, and they don't want to lose them, and they're afraid someone like Warren, or Sanders will raise their taxes – even tho they cld well afford to pay higher taxes when you compare their incomes to working ppl – while Biden will be, business as usual, cave into Republicans on tax cuts, try to undo all the other damage they do to the economy w regs, and enormous deficits, while respecting and expanding civil rights, but without doing anything to defend voting rights. Bc if everyone actually got to vote in the US, and there were actually free and fair elections in the former slaves states, it wld tank the GOP, then where wld Hollywood get their tax cuts?

  35. Creepy Joe and Fake Injun will lose to the dotard.
    Creepy Joe is just dumb and corrupt.
    Fake Injun is an opportunist with no real content.
    The dotard will win again… unfortunately if either one of them is the DNC Presidential nominee.

  36. Not big news, nor news at all! 500 or less people polled is hardly representative when there are over 300 million people in our citizenry. MSM trying so hard to push Biden, ignore Bernie. Won't work. Get Real.

  37. Why is Bernie in it? The DNC would backstab him again, and he'd gladly take the pain… just like when the DNC rigged the nomination for Crooked Hillary.

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  40. hahaha that last point from joe was precious… "let's put a mediocre candidate so instead of calling our simpatizers to vote we can ask the simpatizers of the other party not to vote" hahaha

  41. When Biden is in the lead, they say "Biden is leading national polls! This matters!" When Biden drops to second and third, they say "national polls don't matter!"

  42. I would go with simple honest candidates. Democrats, Republicans, Independents and the public cannot dispute or demean honesty in a person whether a candidate or not. History teaches us the most self-professed left of right wingers are not honest and that they always have a dishonest agenda behind their expressed "progressive" or "conservative" statements and persona.

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