Oh, hello there! Oh don’t mind me, I’m just walking in the jungle. Or am I? That’s right. I’m in space. or am I? That’s right. I’m in the jungle again. *Everybody’s mind blows* I can tell that you have a Tough Mind. This video is not for the weak minded. This video is going to make you T H I N K How can our eyes be real, if you don’t have any eyes? :O Today we’re going to go through the reddit where all the toughest thinkers go to. Socrates, Plato, if they were still alive, this is where they would spend their time spreading their wisdom. I’m talking of course about I’m 14. This is deep reddit. Is your mind ready?! to be blown? 😉 let’s begin. Coincidence or Not? if ABCDE… ok, equals 1 2 3 4 5 ok, then 11 plus 14 *Knowledge* equals 96%, but “hard work” equals 98% both are important, but fall just short of 100% BUT “attitude” equals 100%- *MIND BLOWN BISH* Now that’s- that really makes you think Coincidence or not? We will never know but at least we’ve learned and buttsex that’s 110%. Actually it’s a… …111 MOVING ON!!!!!!!! “This hit me hard” Instagram EHEHEHEHEH *inhales* That’s right, this is why I don’t have an Instagram cuz I’m a Christian channel Thank you very much all these sheeps *weird hand gesture* these sheeps these fools so easily persuaded BY THE DEVIL on the instagram Tumblr getting to real guys, okay It’s a light bulb and a mousetrap “this has deeper meaning the light bulb represents an idea of an individual the mousetrap represents how quickly Society is to destroy that idea.” *chuckles* “Are you fucking retarded?
no It’s just a light bulb falling on a mousetrap stfu” “guys I don’t know what the meaning is But if it is what the person said you’re kind of proving it right. she said her idea And now you’re judging it, just like she said society would *O SHIET* I don’t like that one either. intelligent people will understand haHAHAHAHAHAAHAHASBAJSA That’s right having this massive weight of brain amount Having this hugely disproportionate brain. Just look at all these happy people, but I’m too smart To be happy. I’ve watched one too many episodes of rick and morty and then I knew it was done Then I knew depression was real.. THE NEXT ONE… parallel lines have a lot in common, but they never meet Ever. you might think that’s sad But every other pair of lines meets once and then drift apart forever, which is pretty sad too *existensial crisis dan howell dat you* Nothing hits me harder than parallel lines it’s just so deep I never thought about lines before uuuuUUuUUUUUhHHhHHhHH *nuts* This is deep ehUaHAHAHAHAHhahaAA “I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m crying on just a thought of bitches thinking they look like Danny Devito” Dude I’d be so happy if I saw Danny Devito when I look into the mirror then I would truly Be happy why am I wearing headphones? If there is no audio *X-Files Music* Has an iPhone, Mac Xbox, Playstation 3, Wii Internet, pocket-money, more than most families budget, NOT HAPPY AT ALL Use a rock as a camera, THE HAPPIEST KID IN THE WORLD “I wish I had a rock, some kids are so lucky” “I wish I had hands, some kids are so lucky” “I wish I had kids, hands are so lucky” oh my god It keeps going. this is so sad, “boob” “book” D: Next time I see a boob I will look at a book ten times to compensate 20 times for every boob I see I will look it 200 books. “one single boob” if the titanic sank in 2017 Everyone would be taking picture. “the fuck am I supposed to do save the ship?” But at least if we all work together we could do it hashtag #saveTitanic2017 rest in piece (i mean peace) “I’m fine” “save me” *boob pat* If only one person would open their eyes this person could be saved notice how her her her toe is like Perfectly aligned with the knee that’s kind of trippy It looks like she’s growing nails out of her knee that’s disgusting (no shit sherlock) “when you clean out a vacuum cleaner…” *laughs* sorry “when you clean out a vacuum cleaner you become a Vacuum cleaner” have you ever thought about that I bet you haven’t thought about that one *laughs* *inhales* Mm-hmm a “a psychologist came to my class and was talking to us, then he asked a question. He said tell me Would you rather get shot or get heartbroken? No one was answering so I did and I said shot, and he asked why? I said Because getting shot can be healed He looked at me and said who agrees with her? No one answer, then he said that none of you have had your heart broken they don’t know the pain they don’t know the pain. It’s like getting shot with a 50 Cal straining the nuts (dafuq) That’s how it feels and even that can heal you can heal you can grow back your nuts, but you can’t grow back a heart (life lessons with papi poods) cHrIstIAN ChAnNeL “People think it’s fun and cool to be “woke” lol, it’s actually pretty shitty and frustrating being conscious in an unconscious society” basically society You. here. me? I’m about I’m here looking down on you, and I think well those those people look pretty dumb It’s so hard being this WOKE. You don’t understand the suffering of my intellect yes This is my man Neil what is he saying? “almost all armed conflict in the history of the world came about because Opposing science believed different things to be true.” Oh my god Are you telling me? Are you telling me that people have different ideas and opinions? no! Neil that is too far even my open mind I refuse to accept this as a fact. Neil go back to your science and stay away from deep thinkers like me *growls* (papi pewds is hangry) I’m gonna destroy you “dad Just remember next time you take my iPhone or iPad you take away my happiness” ah it’s so true “poodiepie is basically shitposting with his career at this point” what makes you think.. *laughs* That’s right when this video ends your happiness will also disappear, but don’t worry. There is another video waiting for you. “grab a plate and throw it on the floor AHHHH Did it break? Yes. now say sorry to it. Sorry Did it go back to how it was before? NOOOOO Do you understand AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH oh jaden “It’s your birthday Mateo said. I didn’t respond Are you not excited to be 15? he asked Reading my book. I uttered I turned 15 Long ago” because my mind down here, down here. I might be 15 maybe more like 12 but up here Am a man of old age with many wisdoms and an awesome anime hentai collection. Would you like to see? Come come my child come come by that we’re gonna end this episode leave a like if your mind had been open just a little bit if you learned something today Leave 2 likes if you ever read a book. leave 3 likes if you watched 5 Rick and Morty episodes in total. leave 4 likes if Jaden Smith is your wallpaper (mmmmm) Leave 5 likes, that’s impossible You can’t leave 5 likes (everyone give papi 10 likes plz) now excuse me While I go into some deeper thought *thinking intensifies* Hello there oh Don’t mind me. I’m just walking in the jungle (sure poods) Or am I? That’s right (aaaaaaaaaaand he’s gone) (bye guys love you)

100 thoughts on “WARNING : ONLY INTELLEGENT PEOPLE CAN WATCH THIS. /r/iam14andthisisdeep

  1. I also feel that "conscious" and "woke" thing, it feels really bad because you overthink everything everytime, but I don't think people is wrong, its me who is wrong and its me who have to change.

  2. Neil Degrasse Tyson is wrong, as usual. He says war is caused by different beliefs, so his solution is for a global socialist government to force everyone to be the same. But actually most wars are caused by 2 things: #1, people in government trying to take other people's property and land, like socialists do. #2, people in government trying to control people's lives, like socialists do. The solution is less power for the people in government, so they can't control us, and more decentralized power for each of us – primarily in the form of money, which gives us freedom and choice, which is what socialists hate.

  3. [S]he [be]lie[ve]d

    14 years old girls : 😢😧😱😰😞😒😒😨😲😩😱😱🙌🙅🙎🙏🤑💑👄💓👣

  4. Someone:are we not going to talk about the audio in the intro
    Everyone: whats the problem? Its always like this.

  5. I think I stink it is possible to think stink, takes about a half a week week of just thinking stink stink stink stink nothing else you must purge your mind of all else that is not stink. My idea to save the titanic would have been to just keep flushing the toilet

  6. 7:48–7:51

    Sound like
    A L B E R T

    A L B E R T

    P E W D I E P I E
    F L A M I N G O

  7. 6:00 idk about the whole healing part if you get shot directly into a bone and it get's completely shattered not even mentioning how you'll recover from a shot to the head…

  8. The mock is strong with this one… making people who proclaim their intelligence look silly should be a sport!
    Pewdiepie 1, “society” 0

  9. This Reddit should be called “r/iam14andiambigbrain”

    There was another Reddit called “r/iamverysmart”

    I think you know where I’m going with this..

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