WARNING: 'Ariel Burdett Is The Angriest Woman In The World' | X Factor Global

I've made sure that I've warmed up my body. I've done quite a bit of meditation. I'm somebody who ca n handle a lot of different styles – and pull them off! When I walk in the room, I'm going to go in there and own the space. I absolutely believe that I can make it as a professional performer. And as night falls, it's time to find out if Ariel can impress the judges. Your, sort of, warm-up routine is extraordinary. Good luck. Hi! Hello. First of all, let's sort this out. I am not a number. I am a human being. That's okay. My name is Ariel. I'm a holistic vocal coach. I'm a generalist. Not a specialist, I'm a generalist. My voice does a lot of things. So I was a little bit, erm.. …confused as to what sing to you… …so I thought I'd write a little something. Am I right? Right. Okay, you're not a number. You're a person. You're a… …tell me what you are again? A holistic vocal coach. Right, uh. What does that mean? I'm a vocal coach. I work holistically. Give me an example. I take into account people's body, people's emotions, people's thoughts, and people's energy. And who have you taught and who's been successful? Well, um. Matt Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine? All right. And I…obviously you believe that you think you can win this, yeah? Of course. Yeah. Could you stand on the X please, Ariel? Is there a problem with that? No. There's not a problem with that, but can I get on with singing please? Yes! I mean, Ariel, you do whatever you want. Okay. Trends set on floaty highs or if you wanna feel the floor. I got the super sexy, swingy thing that you just can't ignore. You wanna hear some metal? You wanna hear me roar? I got the X Factor so show me your stage star. That was a complete and utter nightmare. The idea behind it was that you get to understand that every line is a different style… …okay? If you want me to sing you something else I will. (I don't…I don't care.) You know, if I came to you for holistic vocally, I would be scared of you. You're actually really quite scary. By the way you walked over to me, I thought we were gonna have a scrap. You've obviously never been a rock singer, love. No. No, Ariel that was a nightmare. I don't care what you were trying to do. It was just horrific. The song was atrocious. Everything, even the hair. It wasn't a song. The piece that i have just performed to you… It wasn't a piece. …is an academic construction. It is not a song No, it wasn't. It is something to show you what my voice can do. We didn't like it. If you didn't li- It wasn't something to be liked, it was something to be understood from an academic perspective. (Well, then…) Obviously, you're not an academic. No, and you're not a very good singer. Ooh, we are proud. Well, I shall say goodbye to you. Good. Goodbye to you (bye bye), but not before…not before… …I have advised you that you might want to… …shove a little metal… …right up your a**. Back at you! Been a pleasure. (Goodbye!) You're stupid. You know? They hated it. They absolutely- Keep going, keep going. Whoa, whoa, whoa. (Dermot: I've got it.) Er, I'm not a valued person, thank you? Anyway, yes or no? [laughing] I would have said yes. Oh, my god. Absolutely blind ignorance. All of them? Yes! I don't need Simon Cowell to tell me I can sing because I have to degree in it. She is the angriest woman in the world. In fact, she was just…awful.

21 thoughts on “WARNING: 'Ariel Burdett Is The Angriest Woman In The World' | X Factor Global

  1. ariel: i'm not a number, i'm a human being rips sticker off and throws it at judges
    other judges: …
    louis: that's ok 🙂

  2. Simon is a SAVAGE!!!!! He said back to you
    ariel is a freaking MANIAC
    Simon is unstoppable
    Am i right?

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