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I work on the operations team as part of the technology division we support about a hundred and fifty multinational companies in Ireland and that employ by forty thousand people nationwide I studied business at University was the time when Ireland was really being chased by the global economic downturn I realized that I really like to work in job creation and to make you know the likes of immigration more of a choice for my generation as opposed to a necessity I've been with eye-dea for five years since coming to Paris two years ago I've been working with technology and consumer companies across Western Europe building awareness of Ireland and also helping them as they're looking at planning to make their first investment I've been working in the financial services division for the last eight years but have been in eye-dea for over twenty five years for me the entrance was in the HR department but a joint ID a very much to working frontline projects activity so I've worked in the medical devices division in Dublin I've worked in with the border Life Sciences sector in California under the East Coast us and back into the pharmaceutical division there in Dublin and then the last eight years in the financial services I think my job here definitely has a strong impact on the Irish economy the investors and the clients that we see are creating real results and communities across Ireland every day there's lots of opportunity to work in different sectors and to the opportunity to work abroad continuous learning is really encouraged on HR team are always willing to speak to people who want to do further training and learning settlements as far as ideas idea is a great place to work I really enjoyed working with my colleagues I've really enjoyed using lots and lots of interesting people in the business world I've enjoyed frequent overseas travel and I've actually got to live in California and Connecticut which I would not have done if I had not worked right here you

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