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Please give a warm welcome to Lee Scott, our
President and Chief Executive Officer, Walmart stores, incorporated. Whoah! I know… Thank you… Thank you…
I know… Alright, alright. Every year. Okay, okay. It would be a pleasure for anybody to be the
CEO of this company because y’know it doesn’t matter if you’re Sam Walton, or you’re David
Glass, or you’re Lee Scott. When you come to this meeting, year after
year, you get to say -we had record sales. We had record earnings. We had record reinvestment
back into our company. But you know I say all that, but let me tell
you my friends, you better be ready to be better. Because today, for whatever reason,
whether it’s our success or our size -Walmart Stores, Incorporated, has generated fear -if
not envy, in some circles. And that makes it more important than ever
that we focus on doing the right thing, and doing things right -every time. There are two things that we should do. Number
one, is tell the Walmart story. Get the message out there. And the second thing is -stay the course.
Walmart is too important to individual families who are stretching a budget. We’re too important
to the suppliers who employ millions of people. We’re too important to our associates -for
whom we have so much love, and value so much. And your company will continue to demonstrate
our citizenship as a good employer -and a member of the communities that we serve so
well around this world. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll promise you this -we’re going to stay
the course. And this company is going to continue to grow. Actually [we] started in 1962. Started on
Main Street and Middlefield. Little country store that at that time was started in the
family, and it was pretty difficult to know -it was a big decision. And my brother and
law and I decided we were going to take that step and we went into business. We started
in a little one room building that had a full basement but we didn’t have any plumbing in
the basement -but the upstairs retail area was very small. We were there for a year and a half to two
years, then we moved on to a larger store in a shopping center. We spent several years
there and proceeded in 1992 -we built this facility here. This gentleman here, that happens to be my
son. He’s been my right hand man for many years. It was much easier to retire in 1996
when he was here to take over. One of the biggest parts of our store being
in a rural area is what we call our hardware section -we’ve got the nuts and the bolts
and the nails, and those types of fasteners. That’s always been good because a lot of farmers
were always mending machinery and things around the farm. And some of the kids that were -kids
when I was growing up, y’know, in here, now they’ve got families, they come in here for
the fix it up type things. Since I was eight, come down on Friday nights
after school. I’d work until nine. I worked here since I was six. I swept, or
helped customers when I was young, too. At the end of the day, grandpa or dad would give
us their pocket change. I spent a lot of late nights in here, too. Especially when we were
building it. I generally arrive here about 7:15 in the
morning and I unlock the door. I come in and turn the lights on, and I get the day money
for each drawer in the registers, and I open up the registers. And usually at that time
Tom is here, Tom goes ahead and kind of tidies up the front of the store and sets out the
American flag and the benches for our customers to sit on. A lot of times the Amish fellas
on their way to work will stop here for things they need for their day’s projects. They’ll
come and get plumbing or electrical supplies -or a lot of times, sporting goods. We have
a busy sporting goods division. John has been preparing for trying to change
some of the stock and inventory. Keeping in mind basically to stay with service. If you
can’t compete in one area, we’re going to stay with something that is not offered, or
that you can compete in. Oh, I’ve been shopping here for 32 years or
so. All my needs that I need for hardware. The mass merchandisers, to a great extent,
do not provide excellence in service. I’ll use Walmart as an example. And you’re really
lucky if they have anyone in the plumbing section who knows anything about plumbing. We’ve been trying to get ready for them, probably,
for the last ten years. We had a meeting with all the guys, explaining
the purpose of our job, and to make sure we do everything right. Explain what Walmart
did, and what we do, and what we do different. This was brought to us by an Amish customer
of mine. He is so much against the Walmart movement after reading this book that he wanted
to start passing them out, or start selling them to friends. So that’s basically… I’ve
got a few extra ones, and I’m getting rid of them, and he’s doing the same. I have never been in a Walmart store, and
I never intend to go into a Walmart store. I’ve never had the need, and I’ve never like
their principles. That’s not nice to say at all, probably, but I’ve seen a lot of small
communities crucified and forced out -ma and pa operations that had been in business for
years, that are out on the street. They just had to close their doors. Just because of
one entity. And it appears that is their intent. To come into the community, and force everybody
out. They did nothing but lay down the red carpet
for them. I know how hard it was for my dad and my grandfather to build this building
on this lot. They went through everything to try to get the commissioners and stuff
to allow them to build here. I mean, we had sign issues, they’ve gotta be a certain size.
We had to make sure we had enough green around the area. I’m all for free enterprise, but when you
look at the big picture, the people that own the company are the richest people in the
world. So, the reality is they could spread that out. I’m curious to see how much they’ll
actually give back to the community. To even use American with Walmart in the same
sentence is just… I don’t agree with at all. It’s… It’s like a Chinese company to
me, only with American board members. It’s not a mystery, they’ve come right out
on record and say they don’t buy American. And all it’s done is give China better distribution
centers, where as before, they’d have to find contacts, who to sell to, and develop their
own markets. Now they’ve got a pipeline into everybody’s living room by going through Walmart. I think the government should have more control.
You talk about monopolies! If Walmart is not a monopoly, I don’t know what is. I’m not at all in favor of any kind of communism
or socialism, I believe that America should always and forever remain free. However, I
think that there needs to be regulations established where… and y’know. they busted up Standard
Oil. And they busted up Ma Bell. But Walmart seems to be going on a rampage through the
American economy and nobody is even paying attention. The logic of it escapes me. And I spent a
lot of time thinking about it. I’m a Republican, I’m a conservative, but
I’m following very closely what is happening with the Unions. It used to be that the union
wage was something that everybody would look up at and say, “Wow, he’s a Union Worker,
he’s making $18 or $20 per hour.” And I realize, that’s what we’re paying our people. We’re
not Union. Yeah, I’m all for the Unions doing whatever they can do and y’know… Whether
it be Walmart or K-Mart, or any story that’s not gonna pay a fair wage. I’m a staunch American, I love America -it’s
the finest, free-est country in the world. And I’d still, at my age, I’d fight and die
for this country. But it seems that there are things going on within this country -particularly
from a business and economic standpoint that aren’t for the good of the people. I mean,
the people en masse. Y’know, small segment of the population is doing well by what is
happening, but the greater majority of the people are being made subservient. I mean, Sam Walton, I don’t think would be
comfortable with the way things are going right now. I don’t think this is why he started
the store, it wasn’t to crush other competition. We have people in this town -families who
can’t feed their children. And families who have their entire belongings in a car or in
a trailer, and are spending most of their life in their car or at the mall because they’ve
been evicted from their homes. Because they can’t find work. They can’t find work. And I think there’s a lot of people that don’t
realize there are those people in town. You say that’s in Milderford, and they say no,
that’s not the case. I was dreaming, all of the sudden that the
people in this town caught on to a great extent and we were all out in the street, protesting.
But I think the likelihood of that happening is… we’ll probably see pigs fly before then. I put this business plan together with the
help of different hardware organizations. I went to several different banks to check
on some funding, and when I got an appraisal on my business and the buildings, the appraiser
actually came in and devalued the building. Here, I figured it’d be appreciating after
like ten years… And he came in and said a lower value, and I questioned myself -I
said “How could this be?” Because y’know, with inflation, and the economy isn’t great,
but… it still should at least be holding it’s value. He said no, any time a Walmart
comes into town, they knock the values down because sooner or later, there’s going to
be a bunch of empty buildings and none of them are going to be able to sell. Any community in a grand opening is going
to see a change. A drop in sales, it happens, regardless of whether it’s Walmart or somebody
else. You’ll get a drop in sales. So there’ll be a dramatic change in something. How long
it’ll last? It can’t last forever, because you can’t stand the overhead if you don’t
have the business. So something has to happen. Unless you just hope it doesn’t come to that
point. But you never know. Well right now, after we liquidate product,
I’m in the process of trying to sell the building, as well as get somebody in here that’ll be
able to lease… I’ve got a couple of people on the line right now that want to talk to
me within the next couple of days. And hopefully we’ll work something out. We’re going to sell
the property and I’ll be able to pay all of my bills and walk away without any debt. That’s
if it all works out right. I pray that it will. I remember that like it was yesterday. To
hell with it. Walmart’ll buy the whole damn town. We’ll shut them down. We used to drive
through towns, going “6 months, 3 months, 6 months”, and then they’d be closing. Drive up all the way to New York City on Route
80, you can pull off to Clarion on or any of those towns up there, and you’ll see a
Walmart up in the hill. You’ll see a Perkins, maybe a Burger King. And then you’ll drive
further into the town, and you’ll see an empty town. It looks like a neutron bomb hit it. They don’t get it. We start talking about
quality of life, they start talking about cheap underwear. I keep saying, “You can’t
buy small town quality of life at a Walmart, they don’t sell it.” But once they steal it
from you, you can’t get it back at any price. We thought it was the most fantastic thing
in the world when Walmart was coming to Hearne, Texas. I mean, it was like they bestowed some
great honor to the community. And we welcomed them literally with open arms. We could not say enough good about them. We
could not do enough for them to help them come. When Walmart first made the decision
to come here, you could come to town on a Saturday evening, and not find a parking place,
anywhere. I came to downtown Hearne on Saturday before
Christmas, and there was twelve cars in downtown Hearne. I counted them. Twelve cars in downtown
Hearne. That is pathetic. Walmart was a great thing for our community.
It’s really awakened the west side of our town. I think Sam Walton would tell us, just as
he did before he passed away, that the number one thing in this company is our associates.
And we’ve got stores that aren’t treating associates as well as they should be treated. And, you know, it’s a community college. I
didn’t have much for anything else. And I was doing really well. Y’know, I had a 4.0
average, but life happens, y’know. My dad got sick, my mom got sick -and things happen,
and it just didn’t work out the way I thought it was going to. When I started working there, I had so much
pride in my job. I did. Um, I didn’t mind being there when they needed me. I didn’t
mind doing -I knew that we were short staffed -at that time I didn’t know it was a purposeful
thing that um, that’s their intention. They had stacks like this of applications
in the back. They just didn’t hire them. And then we’re told, “We don’t know what to do,
we don’t have the people. We don’t have this, we don’t have that.” And I really did, at
first, I was really, I felt bad for them, I was like “okay, ‘l’ll give you an extra
hour here, I’ll come in early tomorrow, okay, I won’t take my day off.” Always having to stay late. You’re supposed
to work until eleven, you stay until twelve, twelve thirty. Keep the number of associates from being full
time as many as you can, you keep them part time as much as you can. And just keep reducing
that expense. The company doesn’t allow the stores enough
payroll dollars on their budget to get this job done. And the job is enormous. This company
is rowing in the, raking in the dough in sales. I mean, my store alone did over 100 million
dollars in sales the year that Ieft. Having to get up with the kids, get them just
-getting them out to school, after four hours sleep. They don’t care about what you sacrifice,
it doesn’t matter how many people lose their families. It doesn’t matter if the associates
have good health care. It doesn’t matter -anything, other than what the bottom line profit is
for that store that month. It just makes it really difficult to have
a good family life at Walmart. Y’know, if you can squeeze every dime out
of them, you go for it! And it doesn’t matter what happens to their families, if they fall
apart, they get sick, y’know. The hell with them. We’re troubled by the fact that there are
people who work full time, who in fact cannot provide enough for their families to live
decently. It was just impossible for me to pay my bills
and pay for day care, and work. You should have plenty of time to go into
the office. The money that I did get went right back into
Walmart. I’d get my check, have it deposited, go shopping. I had -when I first started Walmart, I had
my kids on the um, Walmart insurance. It got to the point where it just was too much for
me to handle, I just couldn’t afford it. I’d have to pay my premiums at work, and then
when I took them to the doctors, I still had to pay. I always had to pay a chunk of money. I’m proud of the fact that we have the benefits
that we have, and we have the wages we have. People that’s making seven dollars an hour
that has to go to the doctor, they’re not going to be able to meet their deductible. Y’know, I have an eighteen month old baby,
and he didn’t have any kind of insurance. When he was sick, I would have to try and
fix him myself, like get him medication myself. If he had to go to the doctor, I would have
to take him, and pay it as I could. Sam Walton believed that it was inappropriate
for an associate with illness in the family to have to worry about how are they going
to survive the financial impact. I was under my mom’s insurance plan, with
a local grocery store that she worked for. And any prescription it was, it didn’t matter
what it was, it was five dollars. And now, through Walmart, that one bottle of pills
I’m paying seventy dollars. But I can’t afford to put my children on the
Walmart insurance, because it’s too expensive. There’s no way I can afford to have seventy
five dollars taken out of each check, just for medical -that’s why -because I’m such
low income I am able to get the Medicaid for the kids through Colorado state. But they’re a billion dollar corporation,
so I don’t see why they cannot offer a better medical package for their associates so that
we can afford to uh, get our families on uh, insurance. You start weighing, “Okay, he’s sick -we eat.
Which one do we do?” Well, let’s give him an aspirin. No matter what anybody says -they’re at poverty
level. I watched so many people go without lunch in the lounges that I stopped eating
in the lounges because I just had my managers eating there because I just couldn’t stand
it. They just wouldn’t eat, and we weren’t allowed to offer them any money. And, uh.
There were people that didn’t eat nothing. They’d take an hour lunch and they’d just
sit there. We have full time employees that worked at
Walmart. And they had medical. But the medical was so high, so they had to go out and get
Medi-Cal, some type of government medical. While I was working at Walmart I was on WIC.
It’s an excellent program. It saved my life, really – because we got all the formula and
cereal and stuff you needed for the baby, and I also went to the MedicAid office. It
can be a real hassle, having to deal with the offices, but y’know, at least they’re
there. I’m thankful for the programs that are available,
y’know. It’s not a fun situation, it’s demeaning. I always heard people say, well, they’re just
y’know, oh, there are so many people that just abuse the system… I can’t imagine that,
because there is no way I would want to spend any length of time having to do what you have
to do to get assistance. You talk about using the system. Look at the
way Walmart is using the system. They’re promoting people to go to Healthy Kids, and to get food
stamps and section 8 housing. They’re the ones that are using the system. Yeah, it’s pretty bad when you need to tell
your employees that all these programs are available for you, because we’re not paying
you enough money. Retail giant Walmart is encouraging its workers
to go on welfare. Instead of paying for its employees to have health benefits, she says
Walmart is making the government take care of it. In Florida, Walmart has more employees and
family members eligible for Medicaid than any other company. Critics accuse the retail giant of using Medicaid
and state programs for the poor as it’s health care plan. This report from UC Berkeley concludes Walmart
costs state taxpayers $86 million dollars per year, and county taxpayers as much as
another $25 million to pick up the tab for public healthcare, income tax credits, housing
subsidies, and food stamps. Evelyn Dee used to work full time for Walmart,
but didn’t have company health care benefits. She literally couldn’t afford to pay for it,
so she turned to government assistance. What the public doesn’t understand is that
those everyday low prices are based on taxpayer subsidies. Walmart is getting away with it
because they can. I talked to the regional personnel manager
about who is going to take care of the Walmart associates, and their health care needs, and
he said -let the state do it. The personnel manager told me personally that
there’s assistance out there for people, they should be able to go use it. Use your taxpayer’s
dollars. I had a list of all the government agencies
and different places that people could go if they needed money for their utility bills,
if they needed to apply for food stamps, or if they needed to apply for WIC, or for MedicAid. So your dignity is not there, your pride is
not there, you go to work knowing that you’re not going to be making enough money to really
make ends meet, but yet you’ve gotta go with a smile on your face and fake it. Yeah, that’s
pretty bad. Come up with some type of health care that
a full time person can afford, and don’t have to put on the scale -health care, or feed
my family. Why is it that a corporation that in 2003
had announced over 240 billion in sales cannot provide a livable wage and affordable health
care for their employees. There’s nowhere around that there’s a company
that makes this much money and still turns around and makes their associates go to the
state for aid. I think my company takes family very seriously.
And they’ll help you achieve anything you want. The possibilities are absolutely endless
at Walmart. Think of the careers that get started in this
company and the difference it makes in people’s lives. But most importantly to me, jobs that
come with the opportunity for personal development. When I first started working at Walmart, I
was still in high school, I didn’t have any plans to go to college later on. The other
people I was working with were just so nice, and I just thought that was awesome. My job function is entirely express technician.
Its performing oil service, to tire changes, battery service, stocking the inside shelves.
Writing up work orders, which is greeting the customer. Running the cash register. Y’know,
ringing people out for just groceries that they bought throughout the store. And they
want it all done at the same time. All I’m worried about is the one 4 percent
raise per year that you get from Walmart. I’ve worked there three years, and I’ve got
a $1.07 raise. I don’t have good health benefits, and I can’t afford to live on my own anymore.
It just -most of it is poor treatment from management at Walmart. I don’t know, it’s just weird -I’ve always
been kind of… quiet and shy. And now, y’know, I kind of need to stand up for myself and
my community. So I just y’know searched the internet for
a while, and whatever I typed in brought up the same thing, y’know, I type in Employee
Rights, and it’d bring up the Union. Fair labor practice -it’d bring up the Union. These corporate people in the Walmart corporation
-they don’t even really like to say the word “union”. To them, it’s like a curse word.
They just say “third party representation” is the way they put it. Walmart is very opposed to unions, one of
the most anti- if not THE most aggressively anti-union companies in the history of the
United States. It’s just relentless in their search for union
activity, and try to squash it, kill it. Look at that, Ed Dupontis. He gave you a call,
right? He gave me a call. He said he didn’t want
nothing to do with the union. He says there was no no no. I had a worker that came to me with a piece
of paper that someone had typed up a computer in big bold black letters that said “We need
a Union!”. No signatures, that’s all it said. That in itself is enough to require me as
a store manager to go and make a phone call. And the phone call comes to Dentonville, and
that afternoon I had to personally drive to the airport and pick up three guys that flew
in a corporate jet, and pick them up and take them back to my store. We have to do this for the reasons we started
it. What they do is they basically walk in and
tell the store manager that you’re no longer in charge of this store. Every decision goes
through us. They taught me how to profile people. Of course,
I didn’t know that was the term, then. And it was identifying people that were the strongest
representers of the petition to organize, or at least get a vote. Anita, we need to contact, still. Possibility
there. You walk up to a couple of associates, and
they’re both talking, they walk away from each other -they gotta go. They’re conspiring
to do something. Be noisy, be happy, be boisterous. We’re here
to support folks who are trying desperately to fight against the world’s largest, richest
and probably meanest corporation. The associates in the automotive department
were flooded with brainwashing material against the union. I got fooled by a union. Fooled bad. All the
unions work at is taking a cut out of my pay. Yeah, take your money and spend it on political
campaigns and help people I don’t even vote for. Because they know a union would just mess
it up. But don’t take my word for it. Just ask an associate working here in the building. I’m not going to get in the store even 50
feet before somebody approaches me, or they’re gonna send someone following me around the
store. I was never alone. I was followed wherever
I went. Truly, the managers would follow me. During the process of intimidating them, they
just make their lives miserable. They do illegal surveillance, they put cameras up in work
stations, work areas, break rooms. You’ve got a target on your back and you let
everybody else know -I’ve got to stay away from this person because I can get fired for
talking to this person. They’re targeting a lot of it at Josh. Y’know,
they’re like -cause they were talking about Josh being like held up on their shoulders
and parading him. They’re like “Yeah, he’s just using it for uh, a way to get y’know,
like attention.” One of their favorite tactics is to come out
and say, “We have to freeze all of our raises in the store because we can’t appear to be
bribing anybody. It was a great political ploy by Walmart in
my mind, to say that’s why they weren’t getting raises. Because some of those employees started
putting pressure on the TLE people -the tire lube express people. They said, “We can’t get raises because of
YOU”. I was like so scared to go to the break room,
because they made us all go to break together because it was really dead after that, so
we’d start walking through, and they’d like… customers and other associates were like giving
us dirty looks, I’m like “I’m not going to sit in the break room, they’ll jump me or
something!” Alicia is way good. I’ve talked with her quite
a bit. And Cody, we know Cody is good. Right
Cody is with us, here. They’ll instruct the managers to start hiring
associates in the store. And what they do this for is to try to dissolve the percentages
of the people in the store that are for the union. See James. James is another new hire. I’m not even sure who that is. But you know, that’s just -this is OUR store.
This isn’t their store. We’re the ones -we’re making them money. We’re the little worker
ants, y’know. So what is your prediction? Uh, right now, I’d say fifty fifty. Y’know,
I mean the few people in the middle are just going to make it or break it right now. I think you lost Alisha. No, I’ve talked with her quite a bit. She’s
just kind of hard to read type of person. I hang out with her and stuff on the weekends,
but she’s definitely into it. She’s real strong. I believe it’s just gonna go like – done.
Because y’know, Cody isn’t voting, Ryan isn’t voting yes, and I’m still kind of… I kind
of really don’t want to vote but then I kind of have to, because. You’re getting all freaked out because of
y’know, what they’re saying -they’re not going to know how you vote. All it’s gonna be is
just a bunch of numbers. So we’ve got six for no, another six yes.
So we’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven on the fence. The company does everything that it can and
that means ANYTHING. And they will kill it -they’ll kill the campaign. Walmart winning out, as you said, seventeen
to one, but the union says- -It’s not a fair battle, it’s not according
to the National Labor Relations Act -but when they find that there’s a campaign going on,
everything that can be done -fair or unfair, legal -maybe not so legal -is done to keep
the union out. Walmart was very lucky to acquire two really
good companies. But of course they were already unionized. Walmart had no choice. Because of the union, we get thirty six days
of vacation per year. Usually people take three weeks in the summer, three weeks in
the spring. It depends. You can split your vacations into two or three
times per year. Or even more often, if you prefer. My job is very important and if I have to
fear for my job, it’s a bad thing. A very bad thing. If Walmart says we’re all a big family, and
we have nothing to hide, everything is great -then… I don’t understand why the colleagues
in America can’t have a worker’s council. Can’t establish a union. I can’t understand
that. Walmart is a career; it’s not just a job.
Good quality of life, good educational opportunities for my children. It is right for the 1.2 million Walmart associates,
including more minorities and more seniors than work at any other company in America.
Walmart offers the right job at the right time in their lives and it gives them a step
up that economic ladder. My name is Edith Arama. I live here in Southern
California. I have two girls. I go to school to be a preschool teacher. I worked for Walmart
for six years. They explained to me the different things they offered and the type of company
Walmart was. I said that’s a company I want to work for. I always found it rewarding to
me to help the customer find what they were looking for. I could work wonders. Do more with less. I know the true meaning
of doing more with less. They want the associates to do more and they are going to pay them
less. They would come in the office or on the floor
it didn’t matter where you were working. They would say you know we have no overtime there
is to be no overtime whatsoever. You may have five baskets of clothes and merchandise that
needs to be put back. You may have 30 minutes left on your eight-hour shift; but we need
those baskets put away. And they usually do it with a smile. You would go along with it
because you needed that job. And there was no if- ands- or buts- about it. They would
let you know, one way or another, if you can’t do it, I’ll just get somebody else to do it.
You’re not a person that cannot be replaced. And you know we’re hiring all the time. And
in your mind, you go look; I’ve got these kids at home; I’ll just have to make that
sacrifice. And you will. They are asked to work off the clock with
the implication that if they don’t work off the clock, that is what is expected at this
particular store, they are going to lose their job, and they do it a matter of survival. And it comes from the top. Walmart is fighting legal battles with scores
of former employees in 31 states. Hourly workers who say the company has cheated them out of
hundreds of millions of dollars in overtime pay. The Walmart corporation paid approximately
50 million dollars to settle an off-the-clock class action suit in Colorado. In Texas, it
is estimated that they cheated workers out of up to 150 million dollars in unpaid wages. Our policy is that we pay everyone for every
hour worked. You’re the CEO of Walmart and that’s the best
you can do?: “If you work here, we’ll pay you!” That’s it? “Work at Walmart, it’s better
than getting kicked in the nuts!” Our district manager actually explained to
us how to cheat workers out of overtime. He said, this is how you can come in on your
payroll budget on this week. He said say you have three workers that had overtime, maybe
an hour or even 20 mins over 40 hours, he explained to us how to go into the system
under a false user ID, to get into the computer and move that time to the next week. I’ve seen managers go in when someone worked
41-42 hours and change it to 40 hours. The people that are struggling to live just on
the basics everyday or do without need that extra minute or two on their paycheck, and
those are the ones that are victimized the most. I’m not the only one that did it, I
seen every manager except for one General Manager do it. Walmart refuses to follow the very American
ethic that to serve the country well over many years, people should be paid for the
work they do. Walmart currently faces lawsuits in 31 different
states for wage and hour abuses, potentially involving hundreds of thousands of workers. As a store manager, you’re responsible for
reducing your expenses every single month, and the only way to do that is to keep the
associates numbers down. I was given about 19 hours a week, and that’s
just…you can’t pay bills with that. I mean it’s just, it’s not right at all. If you’re not getting those fulltime hours
for that week that’s devastating. It may help them on their bottom line but it doesn’t help
you at home. When it comes to jobs, we have good jobs.
Seventy four percent of our people are full-time. Most people in America don’t know that. Although most people in America also don’t
know that Walmart considers full time employment 28 hours a week, which their starting wage
works out to under $12,000 a year. ICE agents arrested 250 undocumented workers
in 61 Walmarts across America. I was working from 9 pm to 7:30 am. It was
a lot and the stores they could leave store until store manager come in the morning. Walmart is paying 11 million dollars to settle
federal allegations it used illegal immigrants to clean its stores. I’m stunned that they
would employ illegal immigrants. I’m stunned. You’re stunned they hire illegal immigrants
for nearly no pay; lady you just bought a sweatshirt there for 29 cents! Walmart, the world’s largest retailer could
be facing the largest lawsuit ever brought against a private employer,. Lawyers suing
Walmart will file their motion today and if a judge agrees, the company could be facing
a class-action lawsuit for discrimination against 1.6 million current and former female
employees. I had no idea about the lawsuit and there
were people in my store that had no idea about it also. Members of management in the upper echelons
of Walmart management talk about how women at Walmart are useless. I had been receiving manager, I was operation
manager, I was merchandise manager, so it’s like I kinda did it all. I cleaned the bathroom every single day, Ken
would come to me and he’d say to me “Oh, it’s your turn again.” I looked at him and I said
it was my turn yesterday, you know, and he’d laugh and he’s joke about it and we’d go back
and forth and I’d say I know I’m the only female that’s working out here, so hence,
I’d have to clean the bathroom. Nobody said, so why had a woman been this
all these years, you look at the value, every general manager stated, she should be a GM,
every evaluation, what’s wrong with this picture. The company hides the fact that these practices
are very systemic, meaning that they come out of the home office. Bottom line, if you were a female you just
weren’t worth it. You just weren’t worth the time, the money, the effort, nothing. A blind man, my grandmother was blind, she
could see better than what you guys were seeing because you take it and put the blinders on
you didn’t wanna see. When I called, I called to file a petition,.
or to file a claim against them just to say that they discriminated against me because
I was a woman. I’m Betty, I’m a Walmart associate, I love
working at Walmart. I love that they pay me less than men, because that means I can’t
afford to eat as much. And I get to keep my figure. Jim got promoted to management over
me, but that’s okay cause he’s a cutie. You go get him, honey! When I applied for the asst. manager’s training
program, I didn’t get any response back at all. I went through everything I had done for my
store manager, and I had done it like you would do a checklist, said you told me to
do this, I did it,. He agreed on it, and I said so now I want what you promised me, he
just bluntly told me “There’s no place for people like you in management.” And I said
what do you mean people like me? And I said because I’m a woman? Or that I’m black? He
said well two out of two ain’t bad! I was called milk-boy, nigger, at this particular
store, there was an incident where this one guy’s bicycle. they hung it form the ceiling
and put a rope around it, you know they literally put the lynch bicycle, this is what they said.
But I complained, because it was to me offensive, and it was unacceptable. What happened after
that? Nothing. I don’t know if I was more devastated than
humiliated. But in my mind, the way I love people, I just couldn’t see another person,
maybe they’re not as strong as I am to be able to take that. This woman walked through the hallway and
said enie menie minie mo catch a nigger by the toe. I reported this incident, nothing
happened. If you complain about discrimination, they just see if they can get more people
to try and work you out of there or whatever and that’s basically what happened to me,
I just got tired. I started going backwards in my mind of all
the different stuff, and it started clicking and clicking, and the more I thought, the
worse I felt because I felt to myself, you’re an idiot. How could you have not known. I
was devastated. The time that I spent on hose roads, I could’ve been at home with my husband.
But I wasn’t because I was doing my end of the Walmart promise You do this, we will do
this. And it was not worth my husband’s life. The worst part about it is no one will ever
know how big this is. What happens to people, there have got to be more people like me out
there, but they’re too afraid to say anything. I love my job. It’s challenging, But it’s
really satisfying. We truly are living the American Dream. It’s
out there, and it’s at Walmart. Great citizenship also means that we’re going
to support the communities that we’re in to support our charities and the organizations
that exist there. You know, by the time I was born out in Hoover,
I have lived under about 36% of the presidents of the United States. Hoover and Roosevelt,
Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Sr. Bush, and
Jr. Bush. So that’s 13 presidents out of 43 I’ve lived. We came here in 1959. And started an IGA store
which is independent grocers. They had approx. 150 employees and of these 150 the fulltime
employees were a great number of them, they had full coverage insurance, health insurance.
We also had 401k pension plans that they really appreciate it. You know, in small-town businesses, you do
become attached to your employees and they’re very important to you. We always had a Christmas Party or dinner
where all the employees came and we’d close the stores. And every day after school I’d
get off the bus and run up to the store because we lived a couple blocks from it. This was left over from when we closed down
the stores in the late 90’s. I don’t believe it’s fair the way that Walmart
has come in with the funding that they get to put their sewers, roads, parking signals,
grassy grass etc in compared to what the independent retailer gets, no I don’t believe it’s fair. Certainly it isn’t fair, and I think he at
one time did go talk to them in Cameron and say, if we’re going to run a business here
can you help us? no they couldn’t do that. I don’t think it’s fair to help them to build
roads for their business and at the same time the store open puts others out of business.
The competition we’re up against hasn’t caused a problem as much as the competition being
helped by our government. From one level to the other they get all the breaks. Walmart is coming in and is running us out.
We know you give them tax abatements, will you give us tax abatements? And no they couldn’t
do that, so the county nor the city would do that. And everyone knew it was unfair,
what can you do about it. I’m sure water, any of that stuff, as far
as I know we didn’t receive a dime from the city, county or any place like that. If you tell them that you don’t want them
in your city limits there’s nothing to stop them from buying five acres outside the city
limits, hooking up to rural water and having all the negative effects on the city and none
of the positive effects. They have a super center in Cameron, it took
40% of our business and about 1/3 of our business here in Hamilton. In Brookfield it took over
50% of our business overnight. It’s hard to make those payments with a wholesaler
having problems themselves, so everything culminating in everyone having problem’s.
To pay employees you use the cash from the inventory and then you didn’t have any inventory. In the process of all this I had to borrow
money to put into stores and with the farm as collateral. It went down hill from there. So we had no
recourse but to just close em up. It was 40 years of hard work that seemed to disappear
all at once. It wasn’t very easy thing to adjust to. And now you can see Erwin still saddened a
lot. It wasn’t what he planned. But we had a lot of good times, he did a lot of things,
he knows a lot of people, they respect him, and so I don’t know what else you’re going
to get out of life. On the closing of that store, it was a Sunday
morning, and just…. I remember coming down stairs and sat down
on the couch and mom told me and I started crying. It’s like a family member, we were
there every day and it was very a part of my life It was probably my favorite place. They wanted it from me. And I love him to
death for it, but they wanted it for me and my family. And if Walmart gains ground and has a monopoly,
where will our families and where will our children be and what will they have to do
to work, and to be competitive, in ten years or so, it could be very, very serious for
the nation. It might happen that way and I hope it doesn’t for our children’s sake, but
it could be real serious, be a revolution, I won’t say it’d be a civil war but it’d be
a revolution and I don’t think anybody wants that. I’m Kim Marcetta and I’m a 4th and 5th grade
bilingual teacher in Denver CO at Newman Elementary School, and Walmart received subsidies of
about 1.7 million dollars and with that our Denver metropolitan area, that could’ve kept
the three schools we closed this year open. I’m Monica Jefferson, I’m a speech/language
pathologist and I work for special school district of St. Louis county. Walmart receives
over 31 million dollars in subsidy from the Mo. government. Cathedral City made a 1.8 million dollar investment
but because of Walmart’s lies and not stepping up to the plate with their commitments, we’re
short on policemen, we’re short on fireman, we’ve eliminated the recreation commission
of the city, we’re not able to provide the services to our services to the residents
that they need and deserve and we’re going to have lives hanging in the balance because
we’re not going to be able to provide these services. My name is Charles Haas I’ve been a 4th grade
teacher in Washington state for many years and when I think of the million dollars that
Walmart received for its distribution center, and what we could be don’t there for students
it’s outrageous. Taking revenue away from our community that
will have a direct impact on our ability to continue to provide some level of service. In Illinois, Walmart has received 100 million
dollars in subsidies and that has affected our school systems. That money could go into
our school systems to rehire all of the support teachers we need back, the support personnel,
we could have our psychologist back our social workers back, our counselors back, we could
pick up and these programs are being cut because Walmart has received subsidized. What we’re facing currently is that Walmart
has for business purposes have decided that they are going to leave our community. And not moving twenty miles away, they were
moving two miles away. Not very far away, in fact one is being built
on the property line of our city which we still will not receive any benefit from. Just
outside the city limits. Just as we were about to start to receive a better part of the sales
tax revenue, from the deal, we found out that we’d been the chumps. To end it with a vacant
building of the size that most businesses cannot fill. So you have a huge building that
sits vacant for months and years. That’s why at Walmart we give back $5 every second
to the communities we serve. Throughout the holidays and all year long. To make the season,
and every day a little brighter. You know, responsible citizenship also means
looking out for the environment. We can make a difference in this area’s sustainability. One of the most exciting things about the
Riverkeeper organization is working with the public. We have a lot of volunteers that volunteer
to keep their part of the Catawba River. Because the Catawba River’s dammed 11 times and has
11 lakes on it. We have lakes with coves and so we call our volunteers cove-keepers. And
these cove-keepers want to safeguard and protect the Catawba River. Essentially what we did was an investigation
and we visited about seven Walmarts in the Catawba River Valley to see what their environmental
practices were and judge whether their current environmental practices would have an impact
on the drinking water of the town of Belmont. And what we found in every single case was
that Walmart had a practice of storing herbicides pesticides and fertilizers in the parking
lots. What concerned us most about this particular case was the proximity of this Walmart and
the creek running right by the Walmart site and that creek empties right here at the intake
site. For me when I’m out on patrol and I’m on the river and there’s a drinking water
intake right there what I know is that there’s a mom somewhere who’s at a kitchen sink and
she’s putting water in bottle to make for a baby and that baby is drinking…the labels
on some of the herbicides and pesticides said “this product known to cause reproductive
harms by the state of California, and birth defects.”
These pallets with bags and bags of this material, many of them broke and busted and spilling
on the pavement, when it rained all this material was washing right into the storm water, and
eventually making it here to the Catawba River, a source of drinking water for almost 2 million
people in the region. So we’d be calling Walmart to really express our concern about these
chemicals making their way into the public drinking water and they game me a name and
a phone number for somebody in Arkansas headquarters to call. And that person when I talked to
him it wasn’t the right person they said they didn’t think they had a person in charge of
environmental affairs but they would try and find out. They never called, so again I called
back, this time I called their attorneys and said look I’m not getting an answer from anyone
at corporate Walmart and because I haven’t I’m gonna start a web blog, and every contact
I have with you I’m going to put on my website and report what your response is. And if there’s
no response, that’s what’s going to be on our website. So that’s what I did. Two or
three days later, they still didn’t call back we then sent them the law, and I elevated
the rhetoric and said it appears to us as if you’re violating the storage laws, and
we’re getting ready to contact our attorneys, still no one called, finally the attorneys
from Walmart gave me the name of a person that they thought was their contact and I
finally reached that person at Walmart Headquarters in Arkansas, and he said he had just started
the job. He has been in training for the last two weeks and he didn’t know what to tell
me. So at this time I started calling the newspaper media and asking them to do a story.
We got a great local news station here in Charlotte, North Carolina that responded on
camera showing these pallets and pallets of chemicals, herbicides, fertilizers, stored
in the parking lots right beside the storm water drain. It ran in the morning. The noontime
the six o’clock and the evening news that day. It just so happens that the Walmart manager
for the local store where most of the video was shot had 81 pallets of this material out
in the parking lot saw the story. Called his regional manager the next day and said you
won’t believe what I saw on the news last night. For all his stores in the region, we
had them pull those chemicals from the parking lots and put them under cover. As I read the
case history and all the environmental crimes and particularly the consent decrees from
the attorney general’s office ordering Walmart to establish better environmental protection,
what flabbergasted me most about the lack of corporate response was their apparent disregard
for these consent decrees and they had not taken them very seriously. It’s only the local
guys. I can say in my history as river keeper, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a corporation,
be it a power company, an oil company, as unresponsive as Walmart. Wildlife conservation
is very important to me, but it’s really exciting when a company like Walmart makes it a priority,
too. Wildlife conservation is very important to
me. But it’s really exciting when a company like Walmart makes it a priority too! We have a great relationship with the Chinese
government. They have treated us very fairly in and what they have done. They actually,
much like in the USA hold us to a higher standard -higher standard of sanitation, higher standard
of employment. My name is Wendy. I am 21 years old. I am
from the Shenzhai province. My family plants corn, paddies and potato.
I wanted to earn some money so that their life could be easier. At least, I didn’t want their life to be too
hard. They would work from dawn until night. They would begin to work on the farm at daybreak,
and wouldn’t get back until night. I thought about working in the factory when
I was in middle school. At the time, I thought it would be exciting and interesting to work
in the factory. I left my home town on April 29 this year,
and then began to look for a job in Shenzhen. At that time I had a friend working in that
factory who also came from my hometown. So I went to see my friend each day at the
factory gate, which is just in front of Wen Yi’s room. My name is Wen Yi, and I come from Hunan Province. He heard my dialect when I was talking with
my friend. Then he spoke with me using the same dialect
he asked me where I was from. I didn’t tell him the truth I said it was
from Shawn King area He served for the army of Shon King for a
couple of years, so he can speak the dialect. That’s the way we’ve got to know each other. My girlfriend and I work in the same Walmart
factory. She works in the old workshop and I work in
the new one. I’m on the night shift and finish work at
seven in the morning.s She begins to work at 7:30 each morning
and works overtime until 10 p.m. We don’t have much time to spend together,
but whenever there is an opportunity I’ll cook some delicious food for her. We like singing karaoke, shopping around,
and buying some little things. In that way, we feel more relaxed. Most of the time we
go to Karaoke singing songs and listen to music. We tend to rent a room outside and cook by
ourselves because the meals offered by the factory are really disgusting. However the dilemma is whether you live
in the dorms at the factory allocated or not, they always deduct the rent for our wages
-you have no choice but to live inside. if you’re going to move out of the dorms the
factory will tell you – you can move out and we will not charge you
electricity or water, but rent will still be charged. You see, if we live inside the dorm we pay
not only the rent, but also the utilities – which is charged by how much you use. There are very few fans installed in my current
workshop. It is extremely hot inside. If they plan to install a new fan, then the others
will tell us that we can only have one fan, or the fans that are there. In my working position, there is no wind at
all. Can you imagine -I’m sitting there and dripping with sweat all day long. My body
never gets dry. Walmart informed the factory that it was going
to send people here for the inspection, and they will tell us how to lie for the inspection. For example, the workers must respond, “six
days”, when asked how many days they worked – even though they actually worked for seven
days. The workers don’t dare to say anything wrong,
because we’re really afraid of being punished by managers. Management has a meeting in advance and has
a meeting to teach us how to lie. If you lie well, you’ll be rewarded. If not, you’ll be
punished or fired. The worker is given a fake pay slip, and they
never let you have the chance to speak out the truth, but threaten you to deliver false
information. We really worked day and night in order to
get the wage of less than three dollars per day. My mom wants me back home because she
feels it’s too toilsome, but I don’t think so. Everybody else here has the same situation
as me. If they can do this I can do it also. I’ll think about my mom when I am very tired.
It would be wonderful if she could be with me. She takes care of me very well when I’m
sick. She’ll let me have a good rest, and cooks anything that I’d like to eat. She’s
really very nice to me. I would respectfully like to ask the boss
of Walmart to give the Chinese workers some consideration, and a chance for a little time
off. Customers Walmart -when you wear expensive
clothes, when your children play with high quality toys
think about china and the far east. Those profits you made and the wonderful life
you have are the sweat and tears and overtime working
of Chinese people. If one day I encounter lady who just bought
a toy from Walmart, I’ll say respectable customer -respectable Walmart customer, “Do you know
why you can buy such cheap toy from Walmart? That’s because we workers work all day every
day and night.” We added 125,000 new jobs around this world
this past year. Good jobs! Jobs with benefits, jobs that have profit
sharing and retirement savings accounts for associates. But most importantly to me, jobs
come with the opportunity for personal development. 189,000 young women in Bangladesh who are
sewing garments for Walmart. These workers are getting up at 5:30 in the morning, they
brush their teeth with their finger using ashes from the fire because they can’t afford
toothbrush. Forced to work from eight in the morning until ten o’clock at night, 14 hours
a day seven days a week on wages from 13 to 17 cents an hour. These are women who are hit by their supervisors,
trapped in utter mystery – as the largest company in the world, Walmart sets the standard
that other companies are going to follow. So Walmart right now is sucking down standards
all across the world. These are workers who have no rights. The outlook for this company today is very
positive. In every country that we operate in, the Walmart model works. Because once your associates know that you
will stand up for what is right, then when they see wrong occur they’re more likely
to contact you. And we have a we have very aggressive program underway to make sure -and
have had now for the last couple of years. I was Global Services Manager for Mexico,
Central and South America. My job function entitled three things. Oversight of all factory certifications. Which
means you go in there and you make sure there are humane working conditions. The big deal
with factor certifications is to make sure that the workers are in a clean,
safe, humane environment. When I was in the factory, you you talk to
the people and the people are so nice. And they’re
so good; and they were just working for so little money, and without any condition of
fairness whatsoever, with their compensation and their working conditions. I went back to my hotel room and I just wept
my first time. And you know after dinner I picked up the phone to call my wife, and just
tell her what I’d seen, y’know, I just started crying about that, telling her. And she was like “It’s gonna be alright”.
I know we’re doing the right thing, I just couldn’t imagine it was this way. I thought that a company like Walmart -once
started reporting the truth of what was happening in the factory, would take quick action to
try and make the working conditions better. I believed in the mission and the culture
which I thought existed at Walmart. I led more Walmart cheers than just about
everybody that I know. I didn’t even mind being the squiggly. I mean, if you would have cut me, I would
have bled Walmart blue blood. I didn’t know that we weren’t going to make
it the goal to correct the violations. And I didn’t think that any retaliation would
be brought against me for doing my job. I now realize I was pretty naive.
But it just didn’t occur to me that Walmart would do anything except for the right thing
once they were faced with the truth. I kept going into other factories and seeing
the same things over and over again. And it became apparent to me that this was not an
isolated issue. All you’ve got to do is follow the money,
and the ones who are in power right now have tremendous pressure on them to perform like
never before. The system was designed to keep the goods
flowing to the United States. When push came to shove, they did not stand up and do the
right thing. What really happened was -they were getting fired for telling the truth about
the factory certifications. And that was shocking. It was embarrassing. Ripped my heart out.
To have all of that ripped from you and then to get sold out and lied to… Walmart let
me down when I needed somebody to look out for me. Even though I was trying to look out
for Walmart for years. We want to make sure that our suppliers comply
with local country codes, with human rights standards, that people are not underage, that
they’re paid well… Made in the USA. It means something.
Made in the USA. Means a job for somebody. But we’ve made it our policy to find more
US suppliers who can compete. Because American goods mean American jobs. At Walmart. We pledge
to support American sources whenever we can. So you can too. If we keep our prices low, and raised our
average wage substantially, we would, in fact, decrease our profitability disproportionally,
and we would sacrifice a healthy chunk of what it is our shareholders expect from us. It is written in the New Testament -the love
of money is the root of all evil. This does not say that money itself is evil. The fact
that I shared a room last night with Tom Shooley, our CFO, while we were in New York -saved
$200. The fact that my dinner was ten dollars last night, saved money. You shall not steal. Doesn’t this teach us
that keeping everything for ourselves is a form of stealing? Or are we commanded to help
those less fortunate to find enough to eat. Today I want you to know, however, the five
members of that family -together -are worth more 102 BILLION dollars. The widow and four
children have in the last twenty years, emerged on the list of the top ten wealthiest people
in the United States. They could easily take ten billion of that
and see to it that every employee of Walmart in the United States has health care, adequate
pension, and adequate wages. Walmart after the 9-11 attacks on the World
Trade Center and Pentagon, they apparently decided that they needed to have a bunker.
There is a facility for the Walton family in case of an apocalyptic attack -a residence
that they can live in and reside in, in case they had to do that. There’s a helipad behind
the facility back there, where they can come in by helicopter, and there’s satellites dishes
behind the facility. And most of it is underground. As you can see, you can’t really see much
from the gate, which is all fortified. Faith means nothing at all, if it does not
involve us loving one another as neighbors, in compassion for the poor. When you hear these bells at Walmart, do you
remember the people who they’re ringing for? They remind us of our friends and neighbors
who could use a little help. That’s why at Walmart, we give back throughout
the holidays and all year long. Of course the most important beneficiary of
this store is our customer. It’s the customer who lives in that neighborhood. I was actually selling cars for about six
months, but prior to that I actually had my own business, I was doing my own wood finishing
on boats. And I actually did quite well at that. So, I’m getting a little too old for
that. If I was going to go through all that I went
through, I want something to come out of it. Something good. There was a truck on one side
that had a camp shell and there was a van to one side, and I thought, y’know. I’ve always
said you know you don’t want to be in the spot where nobody can see you. But I thought,
“Four car spaces from the front door.” And I thought they had security outside. Okay,
well I should be fine. And uh, when I got out, there was two of them. Unfortunately he caught me. I got outside
but he caught me. And thats when I realized he had a gun, because he had a gun and he
was holding me. And thats when they told me, “Get back in the car or I’m going to blow
your head off”. The year before, when I worked at the phone
company, we had a safety meeting. And it was around Christmas time. And they had the Sheriff’s
department out there. And they were talking about, if you’re ever in a parking lot and
this happens, what do you do? Don’t go with them. If you go with them, you’re likely not
going to live. Because statistically, that’s what happens. They’ll kill you. That’s what
first went through my mind -that I’m not going to survive this. Um… Sorry. Um… so that
is why the decision to jump out, y’know, I wanted to choose. I didn’t want. I thought
he was going to rape me, too. He said he didn’t want the car. I thought they were going to
rape me. So when they got me back in the car after looking at the gun, I just kind of resigned
to y’know, like there was nothing I could do. And I just kind of went you know, kind
of cold inside. This is the parking lot where Laura Tanaka
faced her attacker. Inside the store, Walmart had more than two hundred security cameras,
and four security guards on patrol. Outside, there was nothing. The police did recommend on site security.
And that there was none. That they had assured the people in the neighborhood that they would
provide security and make sure it was safe for the neighborhood, and that wasn’t done. It was evident that Walmart knew they had
substantial problems in their parking lot. Walmart was aware that the majority of the
crime throughout the state occurred in their parking lot, despite the fact that 80% of
the crime that occurred in the parking lot, they had done almost nothing to protect the
customers in the lots. Rape, murder, kidnapping -all of these shocking
allegations, and they come from Walmart shoppers. Report of a Walmart parking lot attack tonight
-North Texas police are on the hunt for a would-be kidnapper. A violent attack in the parking lot of an
Orange County Walmart -at least one man tried to carjack, rob, and shoot a woman. Who shot and killed 33-year-old Mark Korenek
in the store’s parking lot. A bold and deadly shooting -it happened this
morning at the Walmart. A Taylor woman is recovering tonight after
fighting a thief in a Walmart parking lot. A man is arrested after a tire iron attack
-it happened in a parking lot of this Walmart. Two teenaged workers shot while gathering
carts in the parking lot yesterday at this Glendale Walmart. It happened at 1:48 this morning in the Walmart
parking lot in Riverdale. She turned to run from this subject and was
shot in the back. Walmart has conducted research on crime in
its parking lots, and critics accuse the company of a nationwide pattern of covering up that
research -of failing to turn it over in lawsuits. Here’s what Walmart did not want to show.
As early as 1994, as you can see in this internal document, a Walmart study showed that 80 percent
of crime at Walmart locations occurred in the parking lot. And when the company added
roving patrols at several sites, the crime rate dropped to as low as zero. A district judge is filing Walmart stores
eighteen million dollars. Judge James Mahathey is sanctioning Walmart for what the court
believes is a pattern of deception. It involves the case of a southeast Texas woman who was
sexually assaulted and raped in the parking lot of Walmart. The court found that Walmart did not disclose
that it had conducted a safety study -a study that found if Walmart put employees in golf
carts patrolling its parking lots, crime there would drop to zero. Judge Sharolyn Wood heard a case against Walmart
in Houston, Texas in 1999, involving an assault in a Walmart parking lot. She says that in
seventeen years on the bench, and over twenty-five thousand cases, she’s rarely seen such flagrant
abuse of the system. It was very disturbing. To see such an intentional
course of conduct -it was corrupt. She is charging Walmart with cheating in court
-and she is not the only one. This is one judge. Is there something in the
drinking water in Arkansas that says perjury is alright? Another judge -rarely has this
court seen such a pattern of deliberate confiscation, delay, misrepresentation, and downright lying. True. Unfortunately for the customer, they really
don’t care what goes on after you spend your money in there and come out into the parking
lot to go home. Police found Holden shot to death along the
side of a road in Stanton, Texas. Four hundred miles from where she was abducted. Megan was uh, very special. We grew up together;,
we lived together. She is really going to be missed a whole lot,
because she had a lot of people that loved her. She was just a very sweet person. She never
wanted a whole lot out of life, she just wanted to live, y’know, be happy. That’s all she
wanted. Just recently, before she died. We were in
her room. Listening to a CD. We were singing together. And we could just be open with each
other. We didn’t care. Police say Megan Holden was chosen at random
on the way to her pickup truck in the Walmart parking lot just before midnight. After that
crime was caught on surveillance video, police say Williams – a marine veteran with a history
of drug offenses, sped off in Holden’s truck, heading west -where he apparently murdered
the 19-year old junior college student and dumped her body near some railroad tracks
in the West Texas town of Stanton. I just think that there’s a lot of things
Walmart could have done. There should be somebody watching the cameras. Somebody should have been watching the cameras. Walmart has those cameras out there in their
parking lot, and I thought that they were watching. A security camera, without someone watching
it, is of no use at all. The abduction and murder that happened in
Texas happened at a store where the loss prevention team was sent in to set up a security system
outside that would track the union activity in that store. And the only reason they had
the pictures that they did, was because they had the union package on the outside of the
store. Walmart focuses on protecting their property,
and not their patrons. When you’re a multi-million dollar company
can’t you pay somebody like $12 an hour to watch the camera? If people are putting profits before safety,
they’re putting profits before uh, human life, I don’t think there’s anything you can say
to them. A man is suing the Walmart in New Castle,
saying his mother died after a botched robbery attempt in a store’s parking lot. A random shooting happened here, three people
are dead, and three others injured. The shooting happened right in the middle
of a busy shopping day. At least one man tried to car jack, rob, and
shoot a woman. Report of a Walmart parking lot attack. Tonight, North Texas police are on the hunt
for a would-be kidnapper. Bold and deadly shooting.
Shooting rampage. It happened at 1:48pm. Random shooting. (MONTAGE OF NEWSREEL AUDIO) Walmart stores has a responsibility to society
to make sure that what we do fits in and represents what it is society expects from a big company. We need to figure out, how do we in fact work
together to cause them to want to have a Walmart. On December 6th, there was an article on the
front page of our local paper, and it said that Walmart was going to build a Supercenter
on the corner of Queen Creek, just a short distance from my house. And this particular location was within our
planned community and it was within walking distance of an elementary school and a junior
high school. And I felt it was an inappropriate location
for something of that magnitude. So, I decided to form a campaign and say, “No Walmart in
our Neighborhood”. Living as Christ has taught us, we begin to
transform the world. This transformation is visible in the reading that we have from Acts. We’re really trying to show why the work that
we’re doing is the work of the gospel. The lesson that we learned in Inglewould was
that we have the ability, through our democracy, to take power. And take control. And actually
hold the companies accountable. As a nation in this world, the most powerful, the most
affluent -we have the power to make sure that all have what they need. That this is not some pie in the sky vision,
but instead -this is our call as Christians to make this happen. My neighbors and I went
and handmade some little posters and we decided that we were going to have a meeting in the
local park, which was about a block from here. We had no idea how many people would show
up. We were absolutely amazed -and all of them wanted to do something. In the beginning, there was only a few of
us -not a lot of people came to the meetings, only some supermarket workers, and a couple
of churches – remember? And then, little by little, more people, until they started feeling
the pressure. They wanted to build a Walmart in this whole
parking lot -it was going to be two hundred and fifteen thousand square feet. And there
was going to be- Walmart was going to take this whole space,
and like seventeen football fields big. And they were going to build one big box that
was Walmart, and then little stores in between. And then another big box with Sam’s club. We volunteer to do the various chores that
we had, and then we solicited what I call a core committee, that was a group of people
who would be responsible for the strategy, the press releases, it was everything that
needed to be done to organize our campaign. So then the coalition started getting bigger
and bigger, and before you knew it -everybody signed up, like they were part of a coalition
for a better Inglewood. They were standing up to defend the community. And I think the other lesson learned in Inglewood
is that there’s no magic potion to suddenly put this together and suddenly you’re going
to win. It’s a hard process, there are a lot of things that you have to put in place -but
when you put those things in place, you can win. It includes the ability to organize regular
people -small business owners, workers. We got our message focused, we’ve hammered
away on the phones, hammered away on doors, people saw us coming and going when they went
to church. Every time they went to a store in Inglewood, there was a flyer about our
efforts. We held rallies. A legal strategy enough resources to have
the research to be able to make your case. To be able to have the materials. It includes the ability to get your message
to the press, and to do media events. We grew to 187 volunteers, and we had plot
captains, and we had an area chairman, we proceeded to collect signatures on our petitions. And we started out with fifteen hundred signatures,
and by the time we got through, we had four thousand signatures. And they were all from
people within our -what I call our area code. Zip code. Inglewood is the first test for Walmart’s
ambitious plans in California, and activists say the stakes here are huge. This is like Godzilla eats Tokyo. This is
much bigger than David and Goliath. All of the information that was coming from
Walmart kept saying its a done deal, there’s nothing you can do about, we have our zoning,
don’t waste your time. But we knew better. Then, we had numerous public meetings to let
the public know what was happening, what the status was. It was not like they came into the small towns
in the south, or towns that have no business, and they brought in business. No, no no, this
is something completely different. They represent from Bentonville, Arkansas,
plantation capitalism. The future of this community depends on our ability to stop the
monster in its tracks. Walmart sponsored the ballot initiative after
Inglewood city council opposed building a Walmart super center on the site. Today, Walmart
opponents charged the initiative, measure 4A, hijacks the city’s planning process. It is seventy-one pages of legal fine print
that seeks to cut the community out of its own development process. What they did was essentially tell the city
of Inglewood -get out of here. We are the biggest corporation in the world, we can go
in and essentially buy an election. We held public meetings, we did our letters,
we held private meetings with city council members. We went out on the streets and doing the work
to ensure the people understood that to those who much has been given, much will be expected. I’m sure the Walton family believes that they’re
a good, Christian family. But I think they’re going to make billions at the expense of poor
workers. And I’m sure there’s a lot of people who think that they’re good, Christian companies.
Not if they’re going to make money off the backs of the people who are suffering. A lot of people sacrificed an awful lot to
have the freedoms that we have. And that flag to me represents all of our freedoms. Our
freedom to fight Walmart, our freedom to live where we want to, work where we want to, have
a say in our government. They can say and believe whatever they want
about y’know, trickle down theories of capital, and whatever nonsense they want to invent,
to hold onto their capital. But, um, that’s not our option. But as Christians we don’t
have that option. That’s not our option. That we’re not about capital. That we’re about
people. We came before city council for the final
vote, and the council voted six, nothing to deny Walmart and the developer the right to
build the store on that property. Residents of Inglewood, California, are voting
today. On whether to approve the construction of a new shopping development dominated by
Walmart. The other night we gathered at a local restaurant,
hoping for a miracle. But braced to go back to court if the measure passed. And now, the votes were coming in on a proposed
Walmart superstore in Inglewood. (CHEERS) This one group of people took on a giant and
won. I think it was really meaningful. David Beat Goliath! David Beat Goliath! The
city council of Monroeville, Pennsylvania handed Walmart
their hat today. Walmart packs its bags in Cobb County, Georgia. Community resistance paid off in Hickory,
North Carolina, Walmart hit the road. Anti-Walmart Candidates sweep the Helotes,
Texas election. Another trip down the long and dusty for Walmart
in Biloxi, Mississippi. When you have a group of people, a small group
of people, who don’t want you in a community -does that mean you aren’t going to go there? Thornton, Colorado defeated Walmart. Plainfield, Illinois. Las Vegas, Nevada defeated Walmart. When you have a small group of people that
don’t want you in a community. (MONTAGE) VICTORY!

100 thoughts on “Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price • FULL DOCUMENTARY FILM • BRAVE NEW FILMS

  1. Can't they file for "under" employment if they don't​ get 40 hours a week if they're full time employees.

  2. Associate = Really, REALLY cheap labor. You just can't make this stuff up. Now I wouldn't normally be pushing unions but THIS business needs to be unionized. Wal-Mart should be the union battleground, THIS is where they're really needed.

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  7. I worked for Walmart for almost 12 years. Watching this I'm thinking, 'What the hell?' Most of this is true. I worked the shitty hours and been by myself in electronics for almost a day with no help. They now have a thing for absences even WITH a DOCTOR'S note if you're out and occur eight occurrences you're terminated by the computer on the ninth day. I lost fellow associates because of that. They don't tell you that they can take them away unless you're a favorite of the management team. If I see anyone wanting to go work for this company I would tell them. Don't. The pay is not worth your health, sanity, and life.

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    I worked in sweatshops most of my life so I know what that's like and though the sweatshops no longer exist here where I live, I'd rather have them here, producing good quality things as we did, than having shitty products shipped from overseas!
    Walmart may have inexpensive products but I would Rather Pay top dollar for items made here in the usa and that is why I stay away from Walmarts!

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  11. just quit working here, they wouldn't let me take time off for being sick, thought it was kind of weird when I applied for SNAP benefits, they told me that walmart lets them access all of their records so I didn't need to bother telling them my job information. it's kind of sad that they have so many employees on state benefits that they just let dshs have free reign to their online systems. the particular store I worked for wasn't so bad though, they were strict about discrimination against employees and had a vending machine in the break room where nothing cost more than 40 cents. I was a cashier and the main staff out on the floor seemed like decent people, they always made sure we had what we needed and were getting our breaks when we were supposed to have them. but higher ups did go overboard with the brainwashing crap. our store manager even installed a huge flatscreen in where our lockers were that played the same clips of Sam Walton 24-fucking-7.

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  21. I read this on a forum and I couldn't believe it……..A friend of mine worked for a big box store and the company decided to lay him off. Except they didn't tell him. They told him they weren't scheduling him to work. After trying for several weeks to get an answer from Corporate or his manager and not having any luck he finally realized he was laid off. He tried to file for unemployment but the company said he was still an employee, he just wasn't getting scheduled to work. Finally, out of desperation he said he needed to be paid for his unused vacation time. The company said it would pay him if he resigned. Otherwise, he was still an employee, just not working right then. So, he had to resign to get his unused vacation pay. By quitting he was not entitled to unemployment. This is the shittiest thing I've ever heard of. And companies wonder why employees have no loyalty.

  22. Capitalist enslavement gone world wide. American consumers need to stop buying Walmart cheap goods and services. We are the ones that need to change this practice of corporate exploitation of workers, local governments and corporate welfare.

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  25. So basically this video is attacking Wal Mart for destroying other companies through competition, paying low wages, making goods for cheaper, and apparently because a women got attacked outside one of their stores…
    1) Creative destruction is a very very good thing. These other businesses are going out of business because Wal Mart is providing better goods and services for a better price. In that instance the consumer benefits, so it is a good thing for the consumer that Wal Mart is putting these other companies out of business. They are being put out of business because they aren't competitive. I do agree that government subsidies are unfair, but it is also unfair that Wal Mart has to pay a 30% + corporate income tax rate on all it's goods.
    2-3) The reason people get goods for lower prices is that Wal Mart is able to pay employees less because the employees aren't providing enough productivity to pay them more. If you don't like working at the company then don't work there! We live in a free country, you can go work everywhere else. As to unionizing, if they did that their prices would go up and they would be uncompetitive, it's their job to keep prices low for customers so they can increase value for the shareholder. Also sweat shops are a good thing, if the people in other countries didn't work in sweat shops, they would work in fields like farming or prostitution which are way worse for them. Also it is good that we get cheap goods from foreign countries, buying goods for a higher price when they are made in America is stupid. We should allow countries with lower wages to make goods at a lower price for us so we can buy them for cheaper.
    4) Wal Mart is not responsible for criminals committing crimes on their property that's dumb.
    There are valid criticisms of Walmart like if they are getting subsidies, and discriminating against women. But the solution to that is less government involvement, because large companies use big government to give themselves an advantage over small competitors. And if they discriminate based on sex, they will go out of business, because someone else will hire those qualified women and run them out of business. The truth is Walmart succeeds because people want quality goods at cheaper prices and Wal Mart gives them that. Wal Mart also gives many young people the chance to gain skills that make them more employable. Sam Walton did more good for the world by creating his company than any liberal lefty who hates on the company. Because of him we get low priced goods and we get to save money and live better.

  26. i travel the country for my job and i see some of these walmarts in smaller towns are the social activity for the locals. they actually dress up and meet at walmart,have dinner at mc-d's and just walk around socializing. maybe spending a few dollars on some cheap make up or hair thingy.

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  32. Walmart doesn't care about their customers. Long lines, bad carts, poorly stocked shelves, and dirty environment. I get allergies every time I shop there. Today was the icing on the cake when I looked at all the empty shelves. I'm done.

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    I don't understand why they have to be so greedy is it just a the fks at the top really need to make that much money or can they really not afford too? If this is the case should come out and say so. Idgf about small business either they are some of most worse low wage, no benefit giving, dead end jobs for workers out there.

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  43. Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films are empowered and encouraged to Google search Walmart Versus Max Rafael Waller, ——- Sam's Club Versus Max Rafael Waller

  44. people are dying from mexico walmarts tainted food here my video

  45. 05/20/19 — Wal Mart launches 'free' next-day delivery but will be increasing their prices because of tariffs. Funny. I'm actually not sure at this point which company is worse–Wal Mart or Amazon. Wal Mart raised their minimum wage to $11/hour about a year and a half ago while simultaneously closing a bunch of Sam's Clubs and they literally made up the additional costs of that wage hike within a few hours–seriously.

    Wal Mart introduced a new pay app to their employees about two years ago so that they could access monies for hours worked before their actual payday. Of course, there is a charge to use this, in addition to Wal Mart and others getting data about buying habits, finances, and more. 'Even' is getting TONS of very personal data about Wal Mart's employees.

    The latest data I could find shows that 200K of Wal Mart's employees in America have signed up for the app and about 75% of associates use the app every week and 46% use it every day–that's a lot of money coming in for this "service". Basically, what is going on is predatory. For some perspective, about 80% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. Americans lose $240 billion every year to predatory financial services like credit cards, overdraft fees, and payday loans, and this "service" is no different.

    Wal Mart is great at keeping their employees poor. Why would you wait for your paycheck to come in in two weeks when you can dip into it as soon as you can, right? Americans are terrible at budgeting and saving money (just like our government). A (true) strong economy is based on savings and producing things.

    A single Walmart Supercenter costs taxpayers between $904,542 and $1.75 million per year in public assistance money. Wal Mart employees are the largest group of Medicaid recipients in addition to being the largest group of food stamp recipients. Wal Mart has around 1.5 million employees in the U.S. and half of them are part-time employees. Did you know that Wal Mart has more Supercenters in the U.S. than there are actual counties in the U.S. (3,570 Supercenters compared to 3,007 counties).

    Another interesting little factoid is that Wal Mart won't be opening up a single Supercenter in America in 2019 because that's how saturated the market is right now and even Wal Mart is apprehensive about those kinds of expenditures. The retail apocalypse is quite real if Wal Mart, the nation's largest private employer, isn't opening up a single Supercenter in 2019. Instead, what have they been doing? Stock buybacks. Wal Mart has been buying back tens of billions in stock buybacks in recent years which artificially increases their stock value.

    This kind of 'shareholder primacy' results in employees being looked at as costs to be cut rather than valuable members of the company. The real rich part of this is the fact that Wal Mart's payouts to shareholders has usurped the amount of net income they have taken in over the past two years which means they are financing payouts through taking on debt or using cash reserves on top of profits.

    Instead of stock buybacks that for all intents and purposes artificially inflate the economy, they could actually be paying a living wage to their employees, guaranteeing them 40 hours/week, and investing that money into the Associate Stock Purchase Plan. Wal Mart is also seemingly trying to race Amazon to 100% automation. Wal Mart now has robots (thousands and adding more) doing jobs that humans used to do, and why wouldn't they when they have proven that they really don't value the labor of their employees?

    So, if Wal Mart and Amazon are the United States' largest two private employers, and everything they are showing and telling us is that they do not value human labor, and are eschewing in a new and permanent automation of certain tasks, then what does that say for the future of human labor?

    What do you do with a nation of people who no longer have a job to go to…even if it is one of serfdom?

    This is our #F8 #F8Book #WalMart

    The fate of the world is up to US! Join #F8Book.

  46. When I worked at Wal Mart 20 years ago, they would pay someone $10 an hour in the summer to sit outside overnight when the store was closed to guard their lawn and garden supply in the parking lot but could care less about customers. $1 profit loss is more important than customer safety to Wal Mart.

  47. Lmao 'Murica is such a shithole. Thank God I wasn't born & live in that so-called "best country in the world". Developed countries have countless basic human rights for its civilians but not in the USA without directly shouting “socialismmm!!!!!!!”. Directly referring to North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela (= dictatorism, not socialists counties). Why not refer to “socialist” countries as Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, etc.? These 3 and many more countries scoring the highest among many aspects worldwide to live in.

    The American political system is rigged and rotten from its foundation to the top. You have and are to this day being (mentally) mislead, misguided, abused, spit on, wronged, prisoned, raped, trolled, squeezed out and brainwashed for decades by your politicians and presidents. Including trump, biggest joke all time. USA needs more “socialism” aka more regulations, more common sense, etc. And stop with this hyped, fake patriotism where nobody knows what it stands for.

    Presidential candidates willing to fundamentally change the current political system are imo Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The rest are jokes, especially Biden where he is leading according to polls. I won’t be surprised if he wins so, therefore, I still have no hope for the USA.

  48. We voted for this , our consent was giving them our money , and working for them, we the American people did this and have the control to destroy it ,

  49. I dislike Walmart, but small business has its problems too. Small business usually does not take of customers if there is a problem and that's why people have embraced the big box stores.

  50. Walmart is closing or has already closed at least 17 stores across 11 US states and Canada.Jun 11, 2019


  51. It is so good to see that #Bernie2020 is fighting a company like this to get its employees a living wage. Sad to see yet another local business closing due to the Walton family's business.

  52. I worked at Walmart for 5 years. Yes the insurance was high and the wages were low. Most of the managers treated some associates like crap. If I still was working for Walmart, I would be there for 16 years.

  53. Walmart scored Mexico billions don pay. Taxes all Walmart in Mexico. And accused. 11000 of working eaploys of stelling sending thi jail. Don pay them Walmar. The new hell


    Walmart started out in Reynolds, Arkansas in 1962 selling cut rate merchandise (crap that people didn't need)… but Wally Mart knew America needed to spend money as by that time spending money with God emblazoned on it had become a form of prayer. Wally Mart realized he could make money simply by advertising crap as the 'lowest possible price'… which is what he was selling.

    What brought Walmart to full throttle? Women's panties! Ten for a dollar! And in an environment– the Bible Belt– where a woman could still get her face slapped for saying panties in public. Now people could talk about sex by talking about cheap panties! Women had panty modeling parties and men who wore panties went insane.

    Due to Walmart offering cheap panties to sexually inhibited puritan America it ushered in the sexual revolution, the women's movement and the gay rights movement.


    Wal-Mart greedy Walton family exposed + underground bunker!

    Alice Walton daughter of Sam Walton founder of Walmart was arrested for driving drunk. She was driving home from her 62nd birthday party in Weatherford, Texas with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit.

    She said to the cop: "Do U know who I am, Bitch?"

    The cop didn't know she was the 21rst richest person in the world or the 10th in the USA.

  55. @17:00…Scott, ceo of wally world….somebody get that frictionally addicted ghoul off of the ussa soil…will someone w some integrity please go get that f a g z and throw it in the JUNK dump.

  56. Yeah, walmart would be a great company—-if they weren’t screwing the shit out of their employees and suppliers on a daily basis

  57. Who are the people in the audience who are cheering CEO Lee Scott who is a ‘lover of the workers” at the beginning of the film? It must be the investors since they get all worked up about record sales and record earnings.
    I never go to Walmart. I can’t stand how they treat their employees.

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