Walmart Could Be in Hot Water over Haircare Products

So a woman named Essie Grundy, Essie
recently filed a lawsuit against a Paris, California Walmart store. Alleging racial discrimination after she
noticed that only the African-American hair products were locked up
behind the glass at their store. Grundy, who is being represented
by famed attorney, Gloria Allred, claims that hair products for
other races were easily accessible. In fact, she shot video in the store
as proof, check out the video.>>As you can see, they’re all locked up, all the way down,
even the hair dye is locked up. But you come around the corner, you
come around the corner, and guess what? None-
>>Ma’am, do you know which one you need? Because I’ve got a line
waiting on me over there.>>None of the Caucasian
products are locked up at all.>>Grundy also alleges she was accompanied
to the cash register by an employee when she wanted to buy a $0.48 comb. And was not allowed to touch it
until after she had purchased it. When asked for comment, Walmart
issued a statement saying, in part. The decision about which items are subject
to additional in store security is made on a store by store basis. And often at the discretion
of the store manager. Ladies, do you see this as
a form of racial profiling or is the store just trying
to protect their products?>>So your store manager
is allowed to be racist?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>How does that work? Because if it’s by store, by store,
so I can be a store manager and just decide, I think that these
would be safer behind the glass. That’s just crazy, this is absolutely
discrimination, in my opinion, and I think that it’s not fair, and
I know what that feels like. A lot of us have experienced going into
a store where someone is following you and you are like, work,
I’m not trying to steal anything. And that really happens.>>Let me ask you a question
on that example, really quick. So, it’s not right that African-American
products, solely, are behind the glass, yes, you’re absolutely right about that. But let’s say you’re the store manager,
and you notice every day, that those particular products
are being stolen off your shelves. That exact one, not the Caucasian, or
the Hispanic, or the Asian products, but those ones,
what would you do as a store manager? Because you also have to meet quota
with what you’ve bought in, and what needs to sell, what would you do?>>I think, then, lock it all up.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That’s it, lock it all up.>>So lock up all the?>>Yeah, it takes just as long time,
it takes just as long time, if somebody needs something,
the razors are locked up.>>So I was going to say,
I live here in Los Angeles, and my razors, Gillette razors and
contraceptives, are locked up.>>So is the Sudafed.>>And I know, yeah.>>[LAUGH]
>>I just happened to notice that when I see them locked up I’m like,
damn, people be stealing this.>>Electric toothbrushes
are locked up in my area. Well, this is what a Walmart store manager
told Business Insider that some products are kept in a locked case
due to high theft issues. Adding that it is not
a racist act by the retailer. If it was me, what I would do is I wouldn’t leave
the store until they told me why.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I would ask to see the manager and be like, okay, if that’s your policy,
I would like to see proof of that policy. I would make sure that I would get the
answers I need before I left that store.>>Yeah.>>Yeah.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>And she’s obviously taking it a step further,
even now that she’s left the store, she’s still like, that’s not cool.
>>Yeah, I would want to see it written down,
because they can say this, obviously, but I would want to see the facts.
>>How about you just go to another store?>>[APPLAUSE]>>That will give you, I go to Target, okay, they don’t lock
up everybody’s stuff. So, the whole point is, we live in a capitalist society, that means that
there are laws against discrimination, that shouldn’t happen.
But if you feel like you’re not being treated
correctly, don’t go to that store, don’t support it.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>That’s, I mean, that’s all I can say, because people do steal.
And I have to say something, everybody steals, white people,
Asians, Latino, everybody steals. Don’t put it on just black people to steal.
>>I have record that I have stolen in my past so it does, it’s anywhere.
>>[LAUGH]>>Do you guys remember the movie, there was a movie, Don’t Be A Menace To-
>>Yeah.>>South Central While Drinking Your Gin and Juice.
>>[LAUGH]>>Remember there was a whole scene->>That’s a long title.>>Where the black guy, well, obviously, they go in and they’re like just walking
around and they, sorry, Jeannie.>>[LAUGH]>>The Asian woman is like, hurry up and buy.
Hurry up and buy, you guys don’t remember that?
And the white guy was the one stealing everything and nobody was watching him?
>>That’s why I’m saying, go to a different store, honey, that’s it.

100 thoughts on “Walmart Could Be in Hot Water over Haircare Products

  1. In a poor, black area, black products are going to be stolen. In a poor, white area, white products are going to be stolen. This isn't a race issue, it is a high unemployment rate issue but for SOME REASONNNN, poor white areas are never policed like poor black areas. Black people are therefore always given that ugly stereotype of being thieves and criminals because no matter what white people do, the blonde hair and blue eyes just doesn't raise the blood pressure of a white supremacist capitalist system. Sick bastards! Please let's all stop shopping from these people. You don't have to be black, you just have to be human to realise that this is wrong and stop giving your money to these bastards!

  2. Stores lock-up products that get stolen the most. This is why every store you go to will have different products locked up. It's not a race issue. It's just a preventative measure for stores to protect their most stolen inventory.

  3. The retailers in South Florida where there’s a heavy population of Haitians, Cubans and other Blacks versus others parts of Florida with much larger dominant White populations do the same thing to Teeth bleaching stripes, Gillette razors and those Tide pods and sometimes other detergents, which are always locked up or placed on shelves behind the register (in the case of Walgreens and CVS) in Questionable neighborhoods areas to protect the merchandise.

    These Same products are often accesible from their aisles freely by anyone without being under lockdown or placed behind registers on areas like Orlando because there’s no theft rings of such products. This is a store-by-Store basis policy. Each store is tailored to theirs respective market.

    South Florida has a really high statistic of theft among Blacks and certain Latinos for these products. The same with Black hair products at this Sacramento Walmart. It’s not about judgment of Blacks, it’s all about statistics and ensuring there won’t be any shrinkage that happens to be at a much higher levels involving Blacks.

  4. Not only do people steal the ethnic products, they also steal by the bundle to resale in the streets. Walmart is a gold mine

  5. This is the reason why we should suport black owned buisnises. We need to stop forcing people to accept us and suport people who celebrate us

  6. I would of not thought racism,,I would of thought those products were pricey and they were just trying to protect them

  7. Being a Walmart associate it’s not about racial profiling it’s simply about making sure we aren’t shrinking too much. They wouldn’t lock up everything including items that aren’t being taken unless necessary because that causes even more customers to have a longer wait time. Corporate office wants to see improvement and if that means they lock up that particular section of hair care that’s what they are going to do they are a business

  8. Stop with the bullshit, the hair products are locked up because of huge theft issues. PERIODT folks are junkies and steal, I'm sure

  9. this isnt a race issue, this is a theft issue. Folks are junkies and have been stealing products, theres nothing more to it not a race discrimination just junkies fault.

  10. These products are locked up because people steal it. It doesn't mean that Black people steal them. Walmart it's still a business. This topic is stupid

  11. As a former Wal-Mart employee, I'd like to explain how the system works. Every time an item is scanned through our registers it is automatically put into a system for ordering more of said items. It's all done automatically. During inventory, if we notice that a certain amount of products are not on the shelf and we have no records or receipts showing that they were purchased….we are faced with two conclusions. One, the item was not properly scanned under the right UPC or it was stolen. Camera footage is the final deciding factor of that. It's not a race thing you guys. As a black women, I promise you it's not. I've been to Walmart's that have the candy aisles locked up. It's all based on the amount of theft being shown through EVIDENCE of camera footage, for said items. I can understand what Adriane is trying to say, with the whole "lock them all up" thing but it's just not that serious or necessary. Walmart having to lock up a certain departments items is a lot of work for not only the store, but the employees. You're constantly being called to that department…with your key to unlock the doors so a customer can purchase their items. It's A LOT. In the case of this topic, locking up both types of ethnic products just so it doesn't "look bad" or to ensure it appears "fair" is too much. It's not that deep. The only way I can see the lady who recorded this footage's point of view is if the staff had an attitude of discrimination. Other then that…girl buy your Mango Detangler Cantu Spray and keep it movin'

  12. Jeannie you’re Asian. Just shut up and stop bc y’all are the most racist people besides whites when it comes to African Americans

  13. Natural hair care products are expensive so I can believe they were stealing those products. I do not think it has anything to do with race whatsoever

  14. I am black and I work in that Paris walmart in California. It is not a racial issue those products are the ones that are getting sold the most frequent. I'm sorry the blacks that go to that Walmart are low-income and they do steal a lot.

  15. I was gonna say price. But they had hair tools like driers and straighters were out and hair dies so idk

  16. I wanted to buy some clothes at small clothing boutique and was followed around the whole store then when asked to try the clothes on the male co owner wanted to hand me the clothes as I was trying them on. I told him hell no! I don't want you that close when I am changing. I was definitely discriminated against. But since it was privately owned, I just grabbed my stuff and stormed out of there. This happened back in 2005 and it still stays with me.

  17. As a black woman I'm not offended, retailers lock up products that have high shrinkage, so if those products are locked up that's what's being stolen. The Walmarts near me none of the black hair care products are locked up so their must be high shrinkage on those products in that store.

  18. Now that i see it again I'm wondering if they are probably worried about people stealing i think Tamara is right to cause i agree with her cause I've had problems with friends that have stolen stuff out of stores to and they think that it's funny to do it. I've tried to help them so they don't get in trouble but they just won't listen.

  19. Some people really make everything about discrimination even when sometimes it’s not. Certain products are being stolen therefore they need to be locked up🤦🏽‍♀️

  20. Locking it all up costs money, so IF those products are being stolen then I would lock up those products not the others. Switching stores is smart

  21. Wal-Mart I went to had a usb card locked up just to where u couldn't take it off the hook.. And it was a $ 50 usb card… someone just ripped it and took out the usb and left the packaging😂😂 salty af

  22. Just go to the dollar store where themfor products are easily accessible, all black folks don't steal, it's weird how the caucasian products were accessible, that was offensive.

  23. Sometimes it comes to the point where being woke is exhausting. I wonder if the plantiff would have that same energy if she had to buy baby formula? Hell imagine needing to buy formula early in the morning or late at night and the section that holds the key is closed? THAT'S when I wanted to contact someone! But I take the Lonnie approach. I don't have to shop at that particular Walmart. I'd go miles out the way just to spend my money and get what I want without asking permission. And guess what? The Walmart location that was the worst about baby formula in Dallas has just closed 🤷🏾‍♀️

  24. Rite aid does the same time. I that just happened to be but it wasn't a white person. Some minority races do that in blacks.

  25. I agree lock it all up. But dont be ignorant and say the store manager is RACIST. stop throwing the f ing word around like water. Its rediculous. And yes Jeannie I agree. Those are clearly products that are constantly being stolen and not the others. Unless youre in retail management and have ever dealt with this or being threatened everyday when you approach, cant say it. But yes lock it ALL up to avoid the ignorant statements.

  26. I never seen anything in any Wal-Mart I been 2 like that only stuff I ever seen locked up was electronic stuff computer games game systems cell phones things like that but like hair products no never seen that

  27. This isnso stupid. Does clothing in department stores not have security tags???? Its the same f ing. Its called LOSS PREVENTION! practices. “So your store manager is allowed to be racist”?? f ing ignorance

  28. I live in Paris downtown and since 10 years, medium and large groceries started lock alcool (champagne, whisky, etc.), then the razor and shower gel, soaps, condoms (???) . So I only buy few things in the 20 stores around my house, but I go in another store to buy razor, shower gel, champagne etc.

  29. Funny, Jeannie and Adrienne have been arrested for stealing Hello Kitty and make up+hair moisturisers !!! $o they playing "when the employee follow you, WTH ???"

  30. In the nicer parts of the city nothing is locked up. The other areas everything is locked up and security is following everyone around.

  31. If those are the items being stolen, then of course they should be locked up… people are sooo sensitive always making it about race😂

  32. Maybe people need to stop stealing and nothing would be locked up. At a Walmart I went to the baby formula was locked up. Like really now I gotta hunt down a worker to get the stuff I need.

  33. Look at all the poor helpless victims. The best way to solve that is to be a bigger victim. That was sarcasm. Stop being dishonest. Stop fitting the stereo type. This isn't proof of racism. It's proof that there is a problem in certain communities. How about we all work on improving ourselves, our communities and stop being helpless useless victims. If you are caught up in the middle and feel it's unjust then improve your surroundings. Bring the standards up not help bring them down.

  34. They protect the items that got stolen the most, that's it. If she's offended by it, she's the actual racist because she's offended by black people.

  35. Lol y'all me 4ft even, black deep brown ebony, 2puff balls on my head just cutie

    My white friend competely crazy & back by crazy cool family goofie, but strange forward, goth Mohawk , baggie clothe pants w/ 100 pocket, vengeful, & very very opinated

  36. Her name was Christina yo I told her I didn't want to go in because I'm black she'll follow me black= 5 finger discount & she didn't believe me so … She even bet money on it long store short I made $10 & about $60 something in beautit items beause she filled all pockets

  37. I'm so glad somebody said something because I was going to write a letter about this myself. Plus, they separate the products and label them "ethnic hair products". Like, WTF?

  38. I agree with these ladies that was stupid how that stuff was locked up and the other stuff wasn't that sounds like rasist stuff to.

  39. I say one bad apple spoils the whole bunch! Regardless if it's just the African-American products being stolen, you don't want to make an attempt to only target just their products and not all the rest. That's exactly why and how that Walmart is sitting in hot seat now! So, it was just safe and better off to go back to the old saying that one bad apple spoils the whole bunch! It doesn't matter if it's only African-American products being stolen, if you're going to to make an attempt to lock up their products, then you should consider all!!!! It's either you lock all or don't lock none at all. Again, ONE BAD APPLE SPOILS THE WHOLE BUNCH!!!!

    So just lock up all…it's the correct thing to do!

  40. All the beauty stuff at my local walmart is all in lock-up with cameras in every aisle. I live in a kinda bad part of town and most beauty products can be easily hidden in pockets and purses, but they should have locked up everything instead of just one half aisle.

  41. wow… Talk about OVER-priveleged-vagina (syndrome). You can ask your egotistical (& ENTITLED-persona) questions but, expect to get shown to tha dorr. LOL

  42. Shrink matters- it’s REALLY unfortunate but if they have proof that the product is frequently stolen then they do have the right to lock it up. It’s unfair but working in retail- I deal with this.

  43. This is the same point of the #CANCELED movement. Dont support products or ARTISTS that wouldn't SUPPORT YOU!!!! PERIODT🙅🏾

  44. Don't want it locked up stop stealing!
    Items that are locked up when loss prevention sees its being stolen the most.

  45. If I was the manger I would put the alarm sticker on the product and add extra cameras around that area

  46. I just went to my Walmart today and the diapers and formula were locked up and also the pads/tampons and it made me so sad because while I think the store is correct there’s really women who can’t afford necessities for their bodies or babies and I think there should be free diapers and pads even if they are those cheap pads from public bathrooms or cheap diapers, these are necessary needs and it’s so sad that not affording them is so common

  47. I do understand that there are stores that put certain products behind glass to stop people from stealing them…sometimes it was raisers, condoms or even some medications. It just looks bad when they put products for black people behind glass but they don't do the same to the rest of the products. Defiantly gives off the wrong impression.

  48. I've been to a walmart like that but it was a makeup section. I was like can I hold it? She said no we have to put it in a box and walk it up to the front with you. I was like okaaaaaay. Never coming there ever again….

  49. In my area it’s the higher priced items that are locked up. A local dollar general has laundry soap deodorant rogaine and shampoo and pregnancy test locked up because that’s what gets stolen the most.

  50. No Adrienne, they don't need to lock up all the products; they need to lock the products being stolen, end of story. Gosh, why is everyone so damn sensitive these days? Everything is not about race and discrimination. You can't do or say anything these days because someone is getting offended, someone is feeling oppressed, someone is crying. A store manager cannot even protect his store products they way the seed fit because someone will be gEttInG OffEnDeD boo hoo call my mommy. God damn it people we need to stop being such fucking snowflakes, not everything is about you and your race and your feelings. When did we become these weak? Why are we always victimizing ourselves?

  51. I actually have never seen that before. I go down that way to get products that fits best with textured hair because I have curly hair. I think that might just be at that Walmart but it could definitely be in other places but the Walmarts I’ve been to don’t have glass over the those products.

  52. Ah yes. I too get walked to register with locked up items. Walmart Locke’s those products up because those are the items stolen most often. It isn’t racist

  53. Being followed around is very annoying and I start to criticizing myself and questioning my actions “how do I look , do I look like a thief ?” Or “Maybe I shouldn’t stand this way because I don’t want them thinking I’m stealing “ .

  54. I don't think it's being racist. It's probably a high theft on those items. They lock up alot of stuff and I live in Oklahoma. Ours is laundry soap and baby formula. They lock up perfumes and cosmetics also. I've worked Walmart. I've got friends in loss prevention. The store is protecting assets. Not racial profiling. If that's the case, then people could sue over baby formula.

    Then when stuff isn't locked up. You start seeing posts on marketplace, Craigslist and other sale sites with people trying to sale large quantities of items. Please!!! That ain't all coupons. Or people at the Flea market selling that stuff. I can go buy a big bottle of Tide for $6 bucks if I wanted to, that normally is almost $20. Betcha that $h*+ is hotter than the devil himself. JS! 🤣🤣🤣

  55. Perris, CA has mostly white and Latinx people, so I find it hard to believe it was mostly black hair products being stolen. 👀

  56. Adrienne, stfu. Those things aren't cheap to get. If things are getting stolen, best believe they'll get locked up.

  57. If a certain product is locked up it's because people are stealing,why do people always have to make it a race issue? Just take your business elsewhere!

  58. I used to work at Superstore and we ended up having to lock up our mouthwash that contains alcohol. People were cracking them open in the isle and chugging them back.

  59. This is NOT racist. First of all, they lock things up according to the theft rates of items. I have noticed different types of items being locked up ,and it doesn't matter what item is locked up…they won't give It to you until its purchased..they keep it at the register for you. There have been several items I wanted to purchase but they happened to be locked up , and they wouldn't give it to me, they said it would be at the register..which only makes sense. If that item is high in theft rates why would they give you a locked up item? The lock wouldn't have a purpose then…they had to find a solution and it's only common sense!!

  60. I work retail and i agree if those products are being stolen and its a problem then do it 🤷‍♀️sorry not sorry

  61. As someone who worked in Loss Prevention, it all comes down to a spreadsheet. Jeannie is on point, when you see the same products constantly being stolen, you have to do something about it. It’s not discrimination, it’s loss prevention.

  62. It seems like there is so much racism going on in America than in Africa but people like to make it to sound like America is free and home to all

  63. At my walmart its Baby formula, Tide Pods, all contraceptives, beauty products like face wash stuff. This is just the nieghborhood market walmart. Winco doesnt have anything locked up and some of the stuff is the same with better prices.

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