Walk to Raise Awareness & Support for the National MS Society

[Music] the National MS Society wants us all to come together and walk and with each step the organization gets closer to their goal a world free from MS here to talk today about the MS Walk happening here in our area we have Clair Marnie and then Nita here with us today thank you all for coming I think Daniel thanks for having us back so Marnie we’re going to start with you and we want you to explain a little bit about what is multiple sclerosis multiple sclerosis is a progressive the disease of the central nervous system which affects your brain your spinal cord and your optic nerves and it is actually we are referring to some of Blair’s awesome air view the other day and she referred to it as a snowflake disease because there is there’s no two people that are alike most people to know wouldn’t know that I’ve had it for ten years but there are some silent you know there are some silent symptoms like vision changes weakness numbness imbalances that we can experience it is also diagnosed in two or three times more in women than men most people will be diagnosed between the ages of about 20 and 40 I was actually diagnosed five years after I should have my gotten them up to my hips it was kind of just told that oh you had a swelling in your spine five years later it was my I actually was diagnosed with optic neuritis I had a grayish tannish cloud kind of over the bottom half of my eye and my doctor at the time my doctor said 40% of people that got diagnosed with optic neuritis either had MS or got diagnosed with it later in life and he got me with who I needed to I got the spinal tap and all that fun stuff and I have you know thankfully I’ve got some great doctors that have been you know holding my hand through this way but I’ve gone on different you know thank goodness because of this money that we raised you know I’ve gone through three different medications and now I’m on one I take one pill a day it’s wonderful there’s some not many side effects and I feel better and I had no thanks to the support from the National MS Society so it like um Claire tell us a little bit about the National MS Society and of course the Walk MS that you guys have coming up so walk Emes we’re very excited to come back to Roanoke again we’re gonna be here April 13th the campus of Holland University some venue change but we’re excited about it walking this is really where we bring together the community to support friends families our loved ones who are living with MS this is not an easy disease to have it is not an inexpensive disease to have so we raise money and awareness like Marnie referred to the selma Blair interview has really just done you know that it’s really that’s what it’s about it’s raising awareness in the community along with those funds so that we’re able to support the people who are living with this absolutely well Anita how can people get involved with this specific event that’s coming up and of course with the MS Society reaching out to the National MS Society is a good way to get involved and I’ll let them know the area that you in okay social media is a good way to get connected to and getting getting your family and friends involved it’s a good way to do that too absolutely so we want to remind people the details of the event it is coming up in April um and they can sign up where should they go to sign up and find out more information so it’s very easy you can just go to WWE mascot org okay I’ll ask you to put in your zip code and I’ll find the walk near you perfect thank you guys so much for joining me make sure you I think it online and sign up today

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