Volunteering at the Humane Society with Amanda Malik- Livability Magazine

(calming instrumental music) – My name is Amanda Malik
and I help take care of a lot of the animals here at the Arizona Humane Society. I absolutely love animals
and this is something I’ve wanted to do since
I was a little kid. I clean their kennels,
walk them, play with them, give them lots of treats. Most of the time I end up taking the dogs out to the play yard to walk and play and give them lots of love. I usually end up doing a
lot of dishes and laundry which is always needed. I think it’s important
because the animals need help. They need enrichment and
they need to know that not everyone will mistreat them. – So we serve the Valley’s
sick and injured pets in the community, we take
in a lot of stray animals. And in fact, more that
half the pets that come to our shelter are in need of some kind of medical treatment. We have a trauma hospital
and we treat thousands of pets every year and give them a second chance at a good life. We do rely very heavily on volunteers to support the work that we do. They’re pivotal to our organization. Amanda’s a wonderful volunteer, we’re so lucky to have her
and as part of our volunteer pack or our team, she’s
always on time for her shift, she’s always here with
a positive attitude, and she’s eager to go
out and walk the dogs. She’s got this so down
pat and I can tell that she really likes working with the pets. She’s a very passionate animal lover and we’re really lucky to have her on our volunteer pack or team. – I’m Douglas West, Community
Living Options Coordinator here at Ability360 in the Phoenix office. I work with Amanda on
different independent living skills goals. One of her goals was to get a job, so I suggested that she volunteer to build some of her work experience. So, she began volunteering
at the Humane Society. Amanda has to work through cerebral palsy, as well as some cognitive delay. So, her and I worked on the follow-through on different tasks. Communication skills,
self-advocacy, social skills, all to help her feel more comfortable when she started to volunteer. Amanda has made amazing progress. She’s become a huge self-advocate. Her confidence has gone from 100% to 360%. – Volunteering got me out of
the house and it has helped a lot with my cerebral palsy and epilepsy. If I could say anything to
myself from three years ago, it would be, “Don’t worry,
everything’s gonna be fine.” Hi, my name is Amanda and
you can check out my story in the next LivAbility Magazine. (upbeat music)

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  1. Thank you so much to the marketing team! You all made this a million times better than I thought it would be! I had so much fun with you guys!

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