Voices Nationwide: Hollie on Family | Nationwide Building Society

I remember that feeling that nothing would
be the same again The pain lessening but the responsibility
as they placed you in my arms A terrifying shock
I remember that feeling that I had never known what freedom meant until
you fell asleep until you went to feed entirely dependent on my chest
I remember the hospital gown, the dry toast, the total tiredness, the scared
senseless, buried in the bundled blankets they wrapped you in
You looked at me, eyes squinting, at a world too bright for you to make out still,
and I admit, my stomach churned Love mixed with claustrophobic bounce, elation
mixed with fear as your face faced that first morning sun Six years later now, six years of being mum,
six years of endless days and waking cries, And eyes so red, rose-tinted lies, of up all
days and up all nights, preplanning, every inch of every day, each
penny earned each penny saved, each decision based on you. Your name is there in flashing lights in everything
we do. And I admit, sometimes it’s too much. I’ve locked myself in bathrooms, just to
get some space away. You came to work with me today and then I
took you to the beach You swept your feet without me seeing, wrote
I love you Mum across the sand You asked me if I liked it, licked the ice
cream Dripped upon your hand and watched me melt
as fast It’s those little things you do that melt
my heart

4 thoughts on “Voices Nationwide: Hollie on Family | Nationwide Building Society

  1. These poems are utter dog shit. I would avoid your business at all costs JUST because of these horrible cringey adverts.

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