VLOG#1 | Cross-Cultural Communication (1st Ever VLOG!!!)

okay welcome to my first judgement and for my friend Douglas for today I'm good so the cross-cultural permutation soul these fascinate of communication where we are entering a communication with other people who have different cultures with others and I like this is a macaque very complicated the female my and the other Korea now that's the Etrian brilliant that priya person-specific knows how to speak English and so he might actually or she might actually say one word for describing by Jeff don't we hit our marriage I could not understand it he or he that okay so by defining it what cultural for many is communicating with someone with have different structural detector just what like I said genereal two persons a America in a non America non-american can pick English because he doesn't know the American and English for one single however there are actually ways that you can survive in hostile even costly to television they're actually three outcomes of trust which a communicator the first one is oxygen binding of attitude you have to gain yourself confidence as a non English speakers so as a non English speakers if you don't understand being English have to have a copy now look you don't want to get decide on that person if you can't take just he second one beef with easier as you who understand English someone you have to balance or you have to adjust their company best person to have to like a be properly or what what the prison were talkin about so what it means is that you have to be a person because just and the third one is invalid by dint of knowledge happy correct that person he he for he is broke for rank because in that way the next thing he would communicate with you he will be independent again and it might be where he will we reply you hurry that how knowledge to have that person I stuck it from I drug it should click the Help button subscribe and I hope after next party bag sorry for the

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