Vishen Introduces Chapter 1 of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

In this video I’m giving you a quick idea
of chapter one of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. So, I love chapter one. I
rewrote it multiple times because I wanted to get it just right. Chapter one is about an idea called
‘Transcending the Culturescape’. First, let’s start with that word – Culturescapre. Culturescape is that tangled web of beliefs, ideas, habits and rituals that human society creates for meaning, to allow us to live a safe yet often mediocre and
boring life, and chapter one is about being able to see these rules, see these
rituals and it’s an interesting chapter because I share a story about being at Bill Gates’ home, and a realization I had there. I share a conversation I had with the one
and only Elon Musk and what I learned from that. We show some interesting graphs on how most people live and how life should be lived. The chapter ends
with a dire warning of why you should not read the rest of the book because if
you do. you’re going to end up questioning a lot of things about your
life that many people may not be ready to question. You might question your
relationships. You might question your career. Or the business you started. Or the people you surround yourself with. Or your daily habits. Or what you eat. Or even your spirituality. Chapter one opens you up in a way where it gets you to question all those things that you have blindly followed all your life. And it’s why many people, after reading chapter one, are either going to dive into the rest of the book and truly love it, or they’re going to decide that this is simply a little too dangerous. Let’s see what you think.

11 thoughts on “Vishen Introduces Chapter 1 of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

  1. It's amazing, reading that part made me to question everything I do and I love that feeling of questioning becoz we surely ended up being what is real and what is not. I am more fascinate to read rest of the book. Thank you

  2. It's amazing how people get similar thoughts about culture – your first chapter resonates so much with a blog post I wrote on 3 different levels of Truth – societal truth, personal truth, and spiritual truth.

  3. I am midway through the book. I have a few comments. Not sure if Vishen bothers to read through these comments but I am going to say what I think anyway 😀. So there is an ancient Hindu book, probably 5000 years old, that has a concept/thought whatever you call it where it says (paraphrasing here) – maybe 'god' created humans or humans created 'god', We never know. It blew me away. Fundamentally different than every popular religion out there maybe except Buddhism which is a subset of Hinduism anyway. So it really makes me sad when certain influential people put all religions/philosophies in one basket and give out superficial and generic comments on them to appease the masses. Philosophies especially non-proselytizing ones are completely different from proselytizing religions.

  4. Hinduism does not have a rule banning the consumption of beef. The problem is people in the west try to draw parallels between their religions (Abrahmic) and other religions by asking about the rules or the main rule book for that religion which many ancient religions do not have. And people make assumptions from that and run with it. I totally agree with the concept of culturascape but do not agree on simplifying religion nuances to make that point. On a global level this causes more misinterpretation and that propagates and so on.

  5. Finally, there are several Hindu communities throughout India who consume beef. I am not taking into account the socio-political environment that influences these things. I am just talking about the nature of the philosophy in its truest form without outside influences. It is similar to many Buddhist communities all around the world and their meat consumption whereas Buddhism advises non-violence even towards animals. So there is a big difference between certain religions advising/recommending certain things and certain other religions having actual clear cut rules.

  6. thank you  Vichen   🙂   you are a remarkable  man 🙂    I bought your book !  can hardly wait to receive it   ….  Namaste  '3

  7. Hi Vishen, I am a great fan of Mindvalley, and I am looking forward to reading your wonderful book. God bless you.

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  9. Just finished 1st chapter. Makes total sense to me. Stop living inside the box and being governed or influenced by the culturescape.

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