Virtue Social Enterprise Group

There is everything in forest. There are bamboo shoots, mushrooms, vegetations, and herbs. A fertile forest is an abundant source of foods, and generates happily livable community and beautiful environment. This fertile forest in Doi Pha Som has been seriously and successively maintained and overseen for more than 6 years by the collaboration between monks and local people who are grateful to nature. The nature is like a giving-birth mother. We cannot cultivate rice without a forest, earth, and water. Everyone owes a favor to the mother of earth and the mother of water. When the concept of ‘generosity’ is used to change our thinking process, changing the agricultural productions with chemicals use to non-chemical use and applying the basic sufficiency economy philosophy toward our life. use to non-chemical use and applying the basic sufficiency economy philosophy toward our life. When we become self reliant, our community can further developed and elevated into the level of progressive sufficiency economy. We could find support and sharing within this Virtue Social Enterprise Group, which is called in Thai “Ka Buan Boon”. In addition to a fertilizer of Ms. See, a naturally produced garlic of Ms. Sommai, and a delicious preserved-fried banana of “Kunnatham” Farm of Ms. Nong, other local products are “Pu-Roa” rice of hill tribe community under our network, which different types of “Pu-Roa” rice are sold i.e. fine-polished Rice, Brown Rice, and Germinated Brown Rice, and the products of multi-purpose detergents, shampoos, and herbal soaps supervised by Ms. Kaew. With their faith, they intend to perform and share works through their dedicated hands and their meticulous mind in order to bring all productive works into part of this Samaritan Social Enterprise group. Every week, Doi Pha Som’s products are delivered to Bangkok by Ms. Aoey and her friends who worked voluntarily in the community for small dam constructions many times. They help “Ka Buan Boon” (Virtue Social Enterprise Group) to distribute Doi Pha Som’s products in various markets. As monthly company’s activity for offering monks with rice and dried foods is arranged today, Doi Pha Som’s food and good products are sold significantly. Plus, a project of “Three to the Power of Virtue” appeals to a lot of people to offer the merit, and this adds a much longer line of “Ka Buan Boon”. Buying Doi Pha Som’s products has several benefits; firstly we support the community; secondly, we can consume them by ourselves; and thirdly we can use them for making merit that will be beneficial to other people later. Therefore, we name this as a “Three to the Power of Virtue” project. We spend the income from “Ka Buan Boon” for maintaining the Doi Pha Som forest, building small dams, planting trees, and putting out wildfire. Since people from Bangkok depending on water and forest have not been in Doi Pha Som, they are aware of these natures; thus, they help donate money. Sureerat Buapetch said, “We cannot help them directly but we can do it indirectly.” Sirirat Kusol said,”Please help local people and help reduce global warming.” Wantana Losakulpaiboon said, “If we can help with the money or help buy Doi Pha Som’s products, we are willing to do so.” That is “Ka Buan Boon”, which cements pure heart of many people towards country lifestyle to city lifestyle or vice versa. Wherever you live, everyone can take part in “Ka Buan Boon” which in turn helps maintain the forest and restore the nature. And the virtue we have done brings about our happy mind, making our community strong and healthy, along with our fertile land for today and the future.

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