Virgin Galactic Challenge – UCL Space Society

Imagine yourself hovering above the Earth… You see a pale blue dot, suspended in the void… the infinite of the cosmos… You notice how thin and fragile the surface is how exposed we are to the reaches of outer space… You realise that national boundaries have vanished and suddenly, you become aware of the fundamental interconnectedness of
our civilisation and environment how everything that we know is encapsulated within
this beautiful biosphere of blue and green… This phenomenon, known as the “Overview Effect”
and experienced by many astronauts has the potential to completely change
one’s perspectives on human society creating a paradigm shift in our philosophies and inspiring us to make the world a better place… Our idea for how space exploration
can help life on Earth is simple: Develop a fully immersive virtual reality environment which allows anyone to experience the Overview Effect and at the same time expose
them to all of the problems and opportunities happening on
the planet’s surface below As an engineer, I’m always looking
for solutions to specific problems our concept would provide a digital overlay on Earth which would show the potential of innovation
and collaboration within various industries The overlay would provide education through virtual mapping, key statistics, progress measures, and outline future problems within these industries Examples of these industries
could include medicine to law-making for example in medicine we could use our concept as a tool to analyse and
prevent potential disease outbreaks in engineering, we could show how new and existing
infrastructure is affecting economic development and in scientific research we
could show how existing technologies such as nuclear energy and wind farms
are showing improvements in sustainability around the world and as
well as potential experiments such as the Large Hadron Collider’s scale and future impact Finally for law-makers, we could show how interconnected climate change really is and how specific pieces of policy-making,
such as the Paris climate agreement may have an effect on the world visually But we’re not only limiting ourselves to these industries we’re trying to impact everyone and we can do this true through showing the public how human rights is being affected
and the global stability of the world through the destruction of
wars or democracy indicators around the world to UN violations There’s two ways we could make this happen the first option is to send CubeSats
to space with a 4K VR camera payload the second option, would be to put that same payload on a Virgin Galactic spacecraft,
under the Galactic Unite project At the UCL Space Society, we
take an interdisciplinary approach which connects all of the
different topics in space together so we’re very excited to see this kind of initiative Thank you for watching, we hope this will
inspire millions of students and leaders to get involved in areas like science
and environmental studies and of course peace and human rights and just like SpaceShipTwo’s
historic achievement this week we welcome you to space…

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