Villains The Next Level Ep. 5 The Annoying CLOWN / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

previously on Adri Adri cobre this is so frustrating like I just can't figure this out under keychain there's a tracker we can or the Grinch is going that's a good idea guys let's go track the Grinch follow the Grinch it's time to lose them see if they can keep up okay yeah let's go let's go let's go okay there they go okay guys we see Audrey's car I don't see the Grinch yet we're hiding behind trees Jordan I can't tell us anyone's in the car not I'm not sure you won't see he won't see no he's got the keys though okay she did it keys yeah let's put him on the box yeah go that works jerk mark was there something in today's chase where the playground okay we were in the car we would think it's you and me we were there what's the clue and what do they want Audrey Audrey this is a Code Red please command please come in Audrey Audrey Audrey is that you talking I heard something you can't figure it out please give us an answer that we can figure this out okay we have been thinking for a long time and we cannot figure out what was the clue in the last villain we are down to two boxes we don't want to choose the wrong box I almost made a mistake before I don't want to do that again we cannot pick the wrong box we have a blue and silver box and then we have a silver and blue box what wait I think I know did you wait wait okay wait mom remember when we got the car yeah I grabbed something on the dashboard and it was like fuzzy it was like a wig it was very colorful do you remember that I mean I guess you wait if you grabbed a fuzzy wig like there was just stuff like all fur like the top yeah wait not right half that in that car though I don't know I described injury to the back but what it this is what I'm thinking what if that is the clue because it is very colorful and it was like a big wig what if it means to take the colorful box because right now we have the silver or the blue box and the silver isn't really that colorful it's pretty plain there's like the very comfortable blue box I had like tons of colors I remember well I I don't know do you think that's it what do you think guys literally the only thing I can think of what do you guys think probably right because I don't remember see anything in that last video what should we do to tie same you should take the blue one go with the blue oh no why don't we choose the wrong box we're down to two are we sure about this I have no other clues any other ideas no other ideas what do you think she's always like the crazy part is to the boxes if we touch it in the wrong order we're out there are no hints or anything on these boxes nothing at all okay I say Jordan you saw okay oh my goodness are you guys ready to start another round of villains we I mean we have to do this to save Audrey Audrey let's do it for Audrey hey hey right now the other box disappeared okay I mean eyes okay do you hear anything nothing's changing oh I got some good tricks at my 3 normally like stuff happens like what's happening there's just the Box guys whoa hey what is that a red balloon a red balloon a rebel air be a red balloon coming out of the ball but we didn't finish all six so that means like is it a celebration like we completed the villains that one can't finish this one no red balloons oh that's so strange I don't know like this is a balloon are we done guys are we done I don't know there's no checkmark I am worried that we picked the wrong one and this is like the swamp Brown Jimmy what are we supposed to do at the clown waiter house guys it's a clown even as one that's like happy it's in our house though hey it's your room boy what is going on okay I don't want to play with I don't think I want to I said it's so annoying how annoying is that one is way annoying that clown has been here for like what 30 seconds it's so annoying and I don't know if I could handle the whole day with the clown okay guys we need to get this clown out of our house because what is going on from it's your Audrey oh good that's good and it's gonna come out you guys be careful the clown is coming I will keep listening for more information how much now awesome message the clown guys what if that clown was trying to drive her insane and like make her crazy why would or us – what if it's trying to distract us because we're almost defeated the villains and we almost got Audrey back what if it's trying to distract us what does that mean the master villain is getting desperate probably this is good that means we're almost ready I'll be back yeah okay so we need to figure out how to get rid of this clown how do you get rid of of clown how did you defeat a clown let me google it I don't know I figure it out I don't know how much more I can take of that that horn we got to get that away from that clown how do you defeat a clown what oh the annoying cloud how to defeat a clown search Oh [Applause] serious high-five good boy stay stay yeah rollover the cloud took Logan from me okay he totally abandoned me ready guys ready okay pictures and today we're going to be playing side [Applause] this phone is driving crazy it's getting louder and louder it videos nor video business a post no we got to figure out what to do with this clown or else we're done and Audrey's gone and the villains will win how do we get rid of this clown guys we have to figure this out now I know there wasn't no there is nothing on Google about like defeating a cloud let's sing so the clown is trying to make us miserable should take little bit on the clown and try to make the clown let me see the cloud let's copy the classic we try to annoy the cloud yeah give it a taste of its own banks we don't have anything else me right now we're the victims so let's push it back [Applause] it's working it's working she's hurting away let's keep this up let's keep it up [Applause] [Applause] okay all right I think it's working well I just got a message from Jordan saying that the clown looks really sad because it was unsuccessful and annoying her this is awesome Katie Katie Greek Newsies Martin said the clown really really sad I think we're gonna okay [Applause] this is guys all the boxes are back oh wow they are okay so the clue for the next box said what is it what was the clue that Club is so annoying I couldn't even think tom is very distracting we do know what boxes what could be in the box who was the villain and what's it going to try to do is the last village No

28 thoughts on “Villains The Next Level Ep. 5 The Annoying CLOWN / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

  1. How would you stop an annoying clown? We only have one mystery villain left before we hopefully get Audrey back! Who do you think the next villain is? Did you see any clues?
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  2. Guys what do you think the last (hopefully) Villain is. Make sure to like if you agree. If you have an Idea please reply. Thanks.I cant wait!

  3. I know I am a bit late but I can't wait for the last episode and hopefully u guys make this we really want Audrey back

  4. solve the plobs and you well be ok hehe just kidding we well aways come back ment we just want to play with you 976546

  5. I think it's ghost in the graveyard next because, the clown was invisible in each room he/she went in, and I think the silver box is supposed to represent a ghost

  6. Can you make two vids in one day please and thank you so much for all the vids you guys have done for us fans and please do another villains today~ your biggest fan but I’m not h

  7. I'm really surprised I even clicked on this video because I have coulrophobia, fear of clowns. But when the clown appeared, I realized it wasn't a killer clown. Well, I didn't pay attention to the title.

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