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previously on okay guys we're trying to contact our Audrey if there's been no contact from her guys this next villain is the toy collector your secrets will be uploaded no the toy lectures gonna do they're gonna make us I think we need to find her diary before yeah we clicked her because look it says soon I will have her diary so I'm thinking let's get to her room and get the diary before they get it come on let's go back okay tight brilliant check that the journal was it up here down here down below yeah why it's numbers okay Oh journal good news now we just need rescue Audrey get it on the box place it on okay how do we continue to save Audrey Audrey Audrey hey man Code Red don't hear something Audrey Code Red Audrey please respond hurry I would just it just died I thought I heard your voice I just can't figure this out I don't agree I don't see any clues why would we get the walkie-talkie and it doesn't do anything I think audrey has the other one miss Audrey we missed something I don't know what this is I looked through the video ten times I haven't seen any clues you know what though smelly belly TV and shot the jaegers have had villains show up at their house did we miss something I mean what is their connection is their link so let's think about it what what villains have shown up that are the same so we all had the dollmaker because all the dolls showed up and we were all able to defeat him even though I think he's probably coming back then we had granny showed up on smelly belly TV and ours show the jaegers had the lava monster as well as the Grinch I don't know we can't figure out what we're supposed to do and I'm afraid that there's three boxes to choose from him we've choose the wrong one Audrey's gone and she's not responding this is so frustrating like I just can't figure this out and it's driving me I you're not supposed to touch the bar did we get the right box well you luckily you touched one that doesn't have a checkmark but what does this mean usually something happens nothing happened forever now did you guys hear anything that was an accident are they your theme she's never seen anything like this before what crazy things are happening now where is that dog is the I'm going to take yeah what's that what was that big safety first kids [Applause] the grinch terzaghi's car wait the Grinch maybe that's the new villain and they took Audrey's car guys I think we need to follow him to get his car back what are they doing with Audrey's car on your keychain there's a tracker we can know where the Grinch is going that's a good idea guys let's go track the Grinch follow the Grinch Grinch I gotta get my keys go where let's go we'll never catch him on foot hey guys which way do we go which we did the Grinch go and I can't believe he took Audrey's food it's time to lose them see if they can keep up okay keep your eyes out you're getting poster where is the Grinch mom I think I see him go faster mom Audrey look for clarity but I have her debit card oh good boy what's up there's a gas station over there here I go the goods will get the clothes to the villain oh oh okay um everyone keep your eye out okay there's a gas station nice I'm gonna have to get gas right here hi was it Oh guys I think we found him Oh guys I was definitely him standing guys do you think he saw us um I don't know we found him at least uh let's keep tracking and find out what he's up to okay we're waiting for him to plot at the gas station and then we're gonna follow him but right now I think we're pretty hidden so we should be okay hopefully okay there he is oh my goodness okay we just barely saw him past where do you think he's going he's like you just went to the gas station and got a lot of gas so a lot of that's really suspicious I don't know what's going on why would you need a lot of gas it's just so weird yeah we got to definitely follow him because we don't want him doing anything crazy he has on his car I'm just gonna come back home and realize that the Grinch Stole her car and she's not gonna be happy probably get the keys out you can't come home until we complete all the liens that's true we just got to make sure that we defeat the Grinch so we can get Audrey back the green just take it all right sit here right okay no speed but I keep on the lookout and remember which ways he goes to remember all the turns so right okay the Grinch is going like somewhere into the filled bike all right we don't wait did we pick up we follow the car are we it's nothing we just lost the bridge guys we just right I think it's got the wrong car you get the tracker bow gonna track her back any doggies car back open up come on okay guys I've got the tracker I see the dot you guys see the dot on there oh well where'd the dot go the dots gone I don't know if he if he when he had the hood up if he was disabling the tracker on Audrey's car or what but oh no it's back again okay you're heading the right direction turn left Katie go left we're gonna get the car back I think we're on the right car turn was left last he could have but keep an eye out and see if you can see any of any cars that might look like Audrey's I know her car is very familiar but we'll find it we'll find it you're in the right direction according to this Audrey's car is right in front of us like about half a mile so let's catch him I don't know if that's the Grinch coming up the street right now is that Audrey's car nope that's not it that's a different white car close it says bring me the tracker we are on the right path guys we're on the right path guys I just saw some of the reasons of why the villain might want Audrey's car her parking passes are in there and they would have access to Park in her parking spot and nobody would know and if they took her identity by getting the DNA then they could clone her then if they had her passwords in her notebook for her laptop then she could easily be looking like she's going to school and stuff like that and also get into her banking information this is crazy guys this this villain is super smart like they are totally getting everything about Audrey the good thing is is we're staying one step ahead and getting it all back before the villains can get it but I have a bad feeling that this car with the Grinch it's gonna be tough anybody seen it yet okay we have been following this GPS tracker and we are getting close but it looks like The Grinch has stopped driving obvious car so it is right it says it's only like 40 feet away so keep an eye out the tracker does not show up moving so I think it's this one straight ahead I think here pull over here pull over here I think it's it guys that looks like Audrey's car does anybody see the Grinch there's two kids on bikes I hope the Grinch doesn't get him that is Audrey's car right there guys okay now that we've found it what is our strategy I say Jordan and I sneak up and we can hide and one of those bushes are behind the trees and just like make sure that I don't know like I don't see the Grinch in the car but he's got to be around so maybe if we hide and just wait for a minute okay how about this great idea Jordan and Katie you guys go up there and scout it out Jake Ty and I will stay in this car in that way if it has to do a quick getaway you guys just run out to the street jump in here and take off so we'll be ready okay all right Jordan you're good at that okay yeah let's go let's go go okay there they go I hope the Grinch doesn't get him either but they can get Audrey's car we'll beat this villain this will be awesome they're heading off to the left I wonder if they saw the Grinch I do not see him this is getting kind of scary guys they're running again they must have seen him oh no they're splitting up to split up they're hiding they must have seen him okay guys we see Audrey's car I don't see the Grinch yet we're hiding behind trees Jordan I think we should move to the bushes let's go go go go right there those bushes does it'll give us a better view I can't tell if anyone's in the car or not I'm not sure I don't see anybody in the car I'm thinking the Grinch is around here somewhere so I feel like yes we just need to see and we need to find an opportune moment to grab the keys get Audrey's car and get out of here I don't know how we're gonna spot the Grinch stuff because literally everything is green here and he is green now think about that like the grass is bring the trees are green everybody's creaking haridas behind David and the boys are back there but uh they're just waiting for us so that they can take our vehicle we'll grab Audrey's vehicle and run yeah okay any signs happy to see that wait why is he sticking around this area either something good happy because he's still Christmas but like it's not Christmas so I don't know what he's happy about like do you think you guys done something bad is he gonna fit down that slide what well the Grinch is going down the slide guys Oh the Grinch looks tired whoa so tired the crunch going go go go go just a low you won't see you won't see right there we can't see us be right here where we're hiding I think he's wanted to meet someone wait that's the keys he's looking for somebody Grinch was going to give the keys to somebody who would he try to give the keys to oh no he's got the cute though okay we wait do you hear that okay well he's asleep so like we can take the keys but the only problem is is that they're on top of him so like if we try and grab him he's probably gonna wake up because Jordan since you're a faster at running I see you go for the keys I'll sneak around if he tries to make a lunge or anything I'll grab him from behind and then we run to Audrey's vehicle and we take off okay let's give this signal boy okay the boys say go for it okay okay yep david says do it now okay I'll go on the one side so I can't applicate and as soon as I grab the keys we both run to the car right yes we've got a run okay he's asleep so we can okay she did it oh my goodness she kept the keys she got the keys Scouts bikinis hurry hurry take this Emma Wow oh my goodness Rogers car yes we need to follow the boys huh okay let's go okay go guys go let me actually got the car that was so close do you see the Grange coming up on us one okay I got the key show the doors or what we're good okay okay I got the keys we just have to place them on the box right behind me and he was running and he disappeared I don't know what happened yeah disappeared we didn't look happy either what if it so did you think the Grinch was following us yes he was definitely he was running down our street like yeah here like I just pulled in here running down the street are these all just keys yeah let's put them on the box yeah go that works check mark the check mark we beat the Grinch we like to muscle up to boxes yeah no more and agreed she didn't get us you did not get us you do not get arteries car like that ain't no thing just to be sure cuz I don't know I'm kind of nervous yeah good check there that was so good because I didn't even know which box I was choosing I thought I chose the wrong one and Audrey was gonna be like go on forever you're so I was so worried that I messed it up and I was gonna be the fault of why Audrey was gone hey guys let's think let's recap here couldn't get Audrey's laptop you see him usually the villains go away as soon as we finish he's gone finish the box you should be gone so no laptop no DNA no keys what was the fourth one diary the diary right secret so what would they want to take next of Audrey's what was the clue in this video was there something in today's chase where the graduating actress that we would have seen a playground okay we were in the car we wouldn't think it's you and me we were there what's the clue and what do they want you

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  1. We are getting closer to finishing the next level of villains! What villains do you think are coming next? Did you see any clues?

  2. What happn😯😯😯😯😯😴😮😮😮😮😮😮

  3. its probally lava monster ,because there was the playground and shot of the yeagers had the lava monster as a villian too

  4. I think the next box is blue because the portal was blue and purple
    Turn this blue if you agree

  5. I think you should pick the white box because the grinch stole the Audrey's car which is mostly white but I don't know the next villan

  6. I knew it was the grinch before because silver and green are Christmas colours
    Love the series❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💩❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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