Village Board Meeting Oct. 8, 2018

[MUSIC] [President Pfannerstill] We will call this meeting to order may I have a roll call please? Here if everyone would rise our pledge of allegiance will be led by trustee [All recite Pledge of Allegiance] Anybody want to speak are there any public comments for items not on the agenda? There’s not with that. We’ll move on to First item on the agenda consideration of a motion to approve village board minutes from the September 24th meeting [Trustee] I so move [Other Trustee] I second. It’s been moved and seconded discussion [Trustee Wallschlager] I would like to have my comments about the Humane Society added in. The way of the non treatment of animals when they’re brought in. Mine specifically, thank you. Any other discussion It’s been moved and seconded discussions done all in favor aye [Trustees] Aye All opposed? That motion is carried with the corrections or additions I should say Next item on the agenda is consideration of a motion to approve the Vouchers for payments in the amount of one hundred sixty one thousand three hundred seventy two dollars seventy three cents [Landwehr] I move we pay the bills for $161,372.73. It’s been moved and seconded discussion All in favor? Aye. All opposed? [Trustee] Abstain. That motion is carried. Next item on the agenda we have a consideration of the first reading of bill for an ordinance number 10 – 08 – 2 0 1 8 – 0 1 Amending the quorum requirements for the Delafield Hartland Water Pollution Control Commission I’ll second it. It has been moved and seconded discussion [Admin Cox] It is your first reading technically it doesn’t need a motion unless you intend to Suspend the rules and adopt but So now that notwithstanding. Yeah. Thank you so as a chair can deal with that even though a motion has been made and it was seconded because we are working within the Rules there will be no vote Well now I can make a vote same reason attain your rule is what your fancy. Thank you you would have to do those in the reverse order, but because you could probably You probably disposed of the motion as being out of order and then If you wanted to entertain a motion to suspend the rules you could Because you made a motion that we are what it is is that typically it’s three times that it’s supposed to be read That’s my fault for not grabbing it catching it. However, so with that the motion itself By me not grabbing it catching. It was out of order because of our rules that we are operating under currently So at this point we are back to square one and we are taking up we have a consideration of a reading the first reading of the [Admin Cox] And just as a reminder Most many of the board members know this those of you that sit on Dela-Hart know what we’re talking about here This is just a change to the quorum Requirements there those of you that attend those meetings can explain it more We will have a meeting member, okay. It was just the fact that years ago We had at four or four and then we’re in right So and I know we’re not necessarily really in discussion, but is it going to have an adverse effect on that board And where you guys are trying to get to no No, no passed the first reading right now. We are at square one. If someone decided to you know, we are yep Let me need a motion guys. I’ll remove the emotion No, you seconded the motion. I do you second did it we removed your second out. Thank you Saw the motion in the second. Not only that but it is a not a word of motion So that has been induced completely as trustee Landwehr points out. There is no real urgency here you could certainly hold this at least till your next meeting and follow your more common procedure of waiting as a second reading though, but that’s why we So we’ve been through the first reading And thank you for jumping in there Next we have a consideration of village board representation and discussion with the police union for its contract renewal There was some information in your packets So just as a matter for the Village Board to consider the police union Represented by the labor association of Wisconsin’s contract comes up at the end of this year in the past the Village Board has Met in closed session to discuss any issues. That might be coming up on the meeting or any issues that the board needs to provide direction on and then The Staff, primarily me, have have met with the union and Disposed of the matters and then brought it back to the Village Board for a rule This body is just having the opportunity if you want to put a person on that group and meet with the union along with me If you want, so it’s just bringing it up for your consideration. You don’t have to do anything You can certainly appoint one of your own members if you wish [Landwehr] This may be a good one for somebody to get involved. I think it isn’t it [President] I haven’t had a member that has reached out to me of the board here trustee. D’Oro has reached out Obviously I put this in front of a board as we’re in discussion here, but I think that with her showing that that want and obviously, you know You’re wanting to be involved. It’s good. They have a representative there even though I know it may not have been done It was different, oh no, that’s fantastic. We adjourn at five o’clock last time So Randy… Dick and Randy and myself have been on the board over the years, okay, I Was moving up to the board. I mean, uh, I’m making a motion to appointing so I guess I’m making a motion It’s been moved and seconded, okay, here’s something to do with that any other discussion on that All in favor of trustee Dorau for being representative of this board on that committee [Admin Cox] Okay, thank you [Pfannerstill] Next item on the agenda we have is a consideration of a library board appointment as represented by Myself the village president. This is for a citizen appointment the library The president of the library board has made recommendation to myself. I hold a lot of weight with that I did get off the phone with this person today. I would like to appoint Lee Bromberger to that board he’s familiar with the library has worked with the library quite a bit and the Certain people within the village in the library that I’ve talked to seem to think that that’s a good appointment and I lean heavily on those opinions, so Second it’s been moved and seconded to approve that appointment of Lee bromberger to the citizen position on the library board. So Any discussion on that all in favor? Aye All opposed? That motion is carried. Where that person is appointed? Also along with that I’m going to throw in there because it was asked of me I have asked And I have told the clerk an administrator now that I get asked that a volunteer It’s a middle for perform be submitted so that we have it. I’m recognizing my profiles With that we are two announcements I would make three I Don’t have any I I don’t have any I don’t know how to address this We have one email that went out and I’m hoping that you can address that one or whatever updates you may have them do shit Yeah trust okay three Oh, perfect that’s I had a feeling that’s we didn’t get a chance to talk before the meeting So I said going off of like reading mine sir. Those are my three [Admin Cox] Trustee Myer asked a couple of questions. I will answer I will provide you a brief update related to the Zion Church And then I will ask Mike to come up and hit the other two items regarding signs and striking Zion Church While I was away last week at the end of the week the appraisal form came from the appraisal came back to the village so we have that now I’m working with the Attorney’s Office to finalize a Concept of a contract to offer to them to if you will buy us time So I hope that we can schedule a closed session with the village board for next meeting that you can look at that Affirm that that’s okay with you and then I can get it to the church and offer that up to them with some Excuse me direction from the village board. So that’s kind of weird. It’s just to just the end of the week we got the appraisal back and [President Pfannerstill] Since we know that there’s a special or there will be a closed session coming that will be a special Meeting to have that closed session. Is that be part of the regular meeting part? Okay or the regular mean? [Admin Cox] So that’s all I’ve got on Zion and Mike if you could just fill them in on the trick on the signs rather describing [Mike] the blue Parking lot signs were delivered Friday I will be going out to mark locations and call locates so that the underground is clear and it’s expected They’ll be installed within three weeks The downtown street striping I’ve met with two companies Neither of which have had an interest in doing the work So I am currently trying to find someone that will do that work for us this fall As soon as I have that I’ll move forward and let the board know [Pfannerstill] Okay, we had originally received bids on it but now they is that kind of what happens when I [Mike] They were proposals and when I brought the company and they were only interested in doing They weren’t gonna do waterborne. They were just gonna do the epoxy. Okay, they don’t do waterborne like that Yep, so and they gracefully bowed out. Okay So that’s where those two items are. All right. Thank you [Trustee] Where are the parking signs going to go? Have a map and there’s several locations depending on No, no, we’re gonna have to put some new posts in That’s correct two points both ways, yep, there’ll be two on North Avenue pointing towards the parking lot coming from both directions They’ll be I believe Two on in front here going into the the lot across the street and I believe two are on Cottonwood pointing down East Park and there may be others. I have to pull…. [Trustee] What about the trees blocking the signs? They’ll have to be trimmed And Mike had provided you a map Locations at one point and I have that map and we’re gonna look at the locations and make sure that they’re still viable Because there are some issues with cars parking and blocking signs because they’ve got their big old bigger vehicles They are We are Well, we’re gonna take the green ones down. We may be removing posts. We may be putting them on those posts. We may be adding other posts Whatever makes the most sense to be most visible Thank you, awesome, thank you. Thanks buddies [Landwehr] Hey, I got one quick question sure if I can just ask Dave As you come up Peppo drive and turn on Long Street there. That is black I Know where it is But I had some other the neighbors come up and you can’t see that corner and people are coming down Capitol Drive in the town with their lights on It’s just maybe if the electric come here a little bit there lighting on that corner Capitol Drive at Church Street, you mean? No. The next one he said long I don’t mean ya know Next one over next one. That would be Nixon. I think it’s Nixon. Know if you’re talking about you go from Maple We’ve know we’re now traveling west from Maple you get to Church Street, then you come all the way into Goodwin First one would be Nixon You know, yeah, the first one will be Nixon east of Maple and then the next one There isn’t anything until you get to Merton Nixon and Capitol [Cox] We’ll look. The question of extra [Fire Chief] Time for my announcements? Good Friday I believe Dave, is pizza day this Friday at the library. Yes creative I just wanted to put a plug in for that. I can’t remember the time. So I apologize. I 11 to 1, come and try some pizzas at the library. I know the fire department is submitting a pizza recipe for flat flapjack pizzas see how that goes because the following day on the 13th Saturday to the 13th the Annual pancake breakfast is at the fire station serving Fantastic food from 7 a.m. Till noon fresh flapjacks and all the fixings. It’ll be a lot of fun Tours of the fire station survive a live house, blood pressure screening, and flight for life. We’ll be landing at 11 And. You can donate some blood. They’re going to land between us and the softball diamond. That was too windy that day, ok, so they were a little hesitant to land. Dry up that field a little bit And get blood we don’t donation hours for blood our 8:00 a.m till noon so it’ll be a great time to Help others in need and as the fall approaches we seem to see a increase in the need for blood donations Not to be outdone, but then the following week October 17th and 18th We will be hosting our annual Pizza Delivery fundraiser will delivery fresh pizzas from Endter’s Via fire personnel and a fire truck and when we deliver the pizzas to your residents We will perform a home safety check smoke detector battery check and offer you a free battery if your battery is dead and your smoke detector is not working and Also recommend any additional smoke detectors that you may need in your garage or your basement Free ordering starts for that on the 15th at 4 p.m. Last year We did 92 pizzas sold out both days in about twenty-two minutes. So we are pushing this year We have a new ordering. We have a new option of take’n’bake. You can have a pizza all made up just not baked We can deliver it to your home. You can bake it at another time We’ll be able to hopefully keep up with the delivery schedule as it will be a lot of calls already on that So it’s very popular. It’s a very nice thing for us to do We like to get out into the community and and try to make their homes a little bit safer if we can and my last item is just we had a structure fire garage fire on North Avenue a couple Fridays ago and we ran into some issues with the final extinguishment of the building and we had contacted Kenny Weber truck service out of Pewaukee about 11 o’clock at night to Tow some cars that had been burnt he came out graciously towed both vehicles to the fire station and a holding place and sent us a Invoice Of total amount due $0. So hats off to him. I thank him when times of need in this village people come together and it is amazing to me It never ceases to amaze me how gracious people are and willing to offer their services so Kenny Weber truck service was was right on a spot, towed the vehicles away from a way for us and then we’ve contacted our DPW our DPW came in with the backhoe and loader and was able to help us get the hot spots and and removed some of the debris that was Causing us not to be able to finish the extinguishment So great example of working together as this community always does and so it’s a wonderful feeling It’s all I have enjoyed pizzas tomorrow where your pizzas and all for pancake breakfast [Board] Thank’s Dave. [Trustee Dorau] I probably should have done this in the beginning but my question is the sign like over by the village right up front here They have you have the pedestrian sign right in the middle of the street. You take out in the winter Could we get something like that for over by? Arrowhead where that car accident happened where those walkways are and the people were in the walkways maybe in the middle We’re be more visible. And I also think over by Palmers in downtown where people fly right through even though the lines are there I think of it standing up in the middle. Yeah, they’re more apt to notice. That’s a great idea Thank you [Admin Cox] Certainly, we can do them downtown a That’s a that is a town street. And of course the school in general is in the town I can certainly suggest it to Lauren. However, yeah superintendent Chief? All right, just two quick announcements Officer Luke Joswiak is gonna be receiving a life-saving award tomorrow at the PFC meeting so if anyone sees him or wishes to attend you are welcome to do that and then My first week on we did our accreditation mock review So every three years the police department goes through a full accreditation review It’s an in-depth look at all our policies and procedures just to ensure we’re staying current with best practices The mock review is always done Before the full review just to kind of give a quick review identify any problem areas if there are any So that we are in line with that full review and we did a really good job through our mock review And we will definitely be ready for the full review, which is a three day process and the first week in November [Admin Cox] Chief before you leave Luke is getting his life saving award briefly for what so In early September he was dispatched to a call for service where ultimately there was a victim experiencing symptoms of drug overdose Luke responded quickly provided CPR and ultimately provided a dose of narcan which we’ve been trained in trained in and able to provide immediately and He’s been credited for saving that individuals life Due to his efforts Thanks, thank you Until and that’s tomorrow that PFC meeting seven o’clock we’re right here right room right here in this room for anybody that would to attend off of it bakes and Well wishes for not only his act of his action, but for his award Thanks chief, thank you. Thanks [President Pfannerstill] To touch back on Circling back. I’m sorry. I’m just throwing in because I didn’t want to move over it too quickly. But what trustee Dorau had said? Us in the community also can reach out to the School to suggest I don’t know what the school is working on I don’t know if anyone here in the village has heard that they might do something extra. I don’t know [Dorau] I just notice that here in front of the village people tend to slow down and they see the walk because I think that signs they’re in the middle and you’ll see it so Having another one in downtown. Where’s another frequent more? Likely? Yes and people to zoom right by would be a really great I thought it’s a good idea for one.
[Trustee Meyers] I would disagree with that statement Asked Darlene how easy it is to cross over here. I mean it is this is I Stopped here and two people pass I mean, I understand we want to do it. I wish we could put some teeth in those things. It’s like Office staff is aware and we don’t certainly don’t take a walk of faith. We really observe what’s going on. Just keep going [Landwehr] You know what I do downtown and even right out here I don’t go under cross. I know I shouldn’t say that I go up the street because then people look at you, I mean you you can’t just walk out but you know, I We used to have a barrel there. Myself am observant but I’m very quick to get all moving on the road so that they know I’m even one of the people who paying attention they come down this hill and even everybody by Palmers there Yeah, I think it’s a ha Ya like it I’ll be honest here Working near the courthouse in Waukesha. Was and it works very well there. It really does everybody knows They do they do but that’s where I learned I always wondered why are those those big signs letting you know, the crosswalk is coming? That’s how I learned that you better slow down there’s a crosswalk coming So the pedestrian has the right-of-way to not just keep on going. But so I did it. It does make help. It’s a big help So thank you for bringing that up any other other announcements I’ll entertain a motion. I motion we adjourn. It has been moved and seconded that we adjourn this meeting all in favor aye this meeting is adjourned that is a record 34 minutes [MUSIC] [MUSIC FADES]

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