Video: Police arrest Albuquerque firefighter outside ex-girlfriend’s house

FIREFIGHTER ARRESTED OUTSIDE HIS EX-GIRLFRIEND )S HOUSE. HE WAS CHARGED WITH D-W-I… BUT IT )S WHEN HE GOT MOUTHY AND CONFRONTATIONAL WITH THE OFFICER THAT LANDED HIM IN HANDCUFFS IN THE FIRST PLACE. NEWS 13 )S MARISSA LUCERO HAS THE VIDEO. 01:47Officer Good evening. Crews Excuse me. Who in the f ( (k are you.”01:50 THE ALBUQUERQUE POLICE OFFICER ONLY GOT TWO WORDS IN BEFORE RANDY CREWS JUMPED OUT FROM HIS TRUCK. 01:50Officer My names Officer…. Crews Should I pull my gun out? Officer Hey. Hey. Chill.”01:53 THE OFFICER IMMEDIATELY GOT CREWS TO THE GROUND AND IN HANDCUFFS. 02:05Crews”I just saw a flashlight, I was all, who in the f ( (k are you.”02:08 Officer”I )m the Albuquerque Police Department. What )s your deal?”02:11 Crews”I don )t know man.”02:12 CREWS SAYS THE FLASHLIGHT STARTLED HIM… 05:39Officer”I )ve had two calls tonight of a guy, in this truck, in this front yard, pulling out lights, throwing rocks around, moving trash cans…”05:47 AND POLICE SAY HE MATCHED THE DESCRIPTION. BUT THE 48-YEAR OLD TELLS OFFICERS HE )S A FIREFIGHTER WITH A-F-R AND HE )S NEVER BEEN IN TROUBLE. 05:20Crews”Dude, I )m in f ( ( (ing sandals. I )m sitting here. I haven )t done s ( (t.”05:23 04:44Officer Do you know him? Woman — BLUR HER”Yes. He )s my ex over a year ago and he )s been calling me all night and he )s been threatening me and I haven )t been able to come home.”04:51 AS POLICE CONTINUED TO ASK CREWS WHAT HE WAS DOING THERE… THEY SAY OFFICERS COULD SMELL BOOZE. CREWS FINALLY ADMITTED TO HAVING A FEW BEERS EARLIER IN THE NIGHT. 02:37:09Officer”Was it at a bar our your house? Crews No. No. At my house.”02:37:12 DURING SOBRIETY TESTS CREWS HAD A TOUGH TIME FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS… 02:42:18Officer”You see my finger, what I )m going to have you do, is I )m going to have you follow it with you eyes and just your eyes.”02:42:22 02:42:33Officer Watch my finger Randy. Crews No. I )m watching you. Officer No, you got to watch my finger. Crews No, you told me to watch you.”02:42:38 ONCE HE REALIZED HE )S GOING TO JAIL… 02:05:18Crews”Can you call my chief?”02:05:19 MARISSA LUCERO 02:08:41Crews”20 years of not getting in trouble… 02:08:43 KRQE NEWS 13 02:08:43Officer Unfortunately Mr Crews, alcohol makes us do silly things, Crews Yeah and ex )s.”02:08:49 POLICE SAY CREWS BLEW TWICE THE LEGAL LIMIT. HE )S CURRENTLY ON ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE. THE VILLAGE OF LOS LUNAS IS ASKING FOR YOUR HELP

11 thoughts on “Video: Police arrest Albuquerque firefighter outside ex-girlfriend’s house

  1. 20 years as a fireman and he's showing NO respect for a cop, i.e. what was in his hand, behind his back?!!!!! he's lucky the cop didn't blow his head clean off!

  2. What Happened To The Gun Going Off? Pale Officers Are Selective! Whats The Odds Of Being Shot As A Socalled Blackman?

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