VIDEO: Human Trafficking Sentencing

MOBILE AND BALDWIN COUNTIES HAS BEEN SENTENCED TO TWO YEARS IN FEDERAL PRISON. 22-YEAR-OLD TEE- HENRY WULU CURRENS KINDAPPED A PROSTITUTE FROM JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA AND DROVE HER TO MOBILE FOR HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND PROSTITUTION PURPOSES DURING THE MARDI GRAS SEASON. SHE MANAGED TO GET AWAY ON MARCH SECOND WHEN CURRENS STOPPED FOR GAS IN ROBERTSDALE. WE TALKED TO THE CLERK WHO WAS THERE THAT NIGHT. she had ran across the parking lot she was running away from him when she came into me she was shook up I mean she was distraught, she asked if i could call the cops for her she didn’t tell me why or nothing like that. heard her tell the cops everything about her being kidnapped and things like that so i told her don’t got outside. TO SEE OUR FULL STORY FROM MARCH… GO TO OUR WEBSITE WKRG.COM AND TYPE IN HUMAN TRAFFIKCING. TONIGHT — WE’RE LEARNING MORE

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