Video Clips from our Busy Saturday Work Day 07/27/2019

all the bees below the screen it's fresh foundation put in to maybe if maybe it's been three days ago fully drawn and full of honey automatic third locks well here's another heavy yard will be shining the bumper trying to get out of this one we have two two miles of back road back dirt road to travel so it's not like we're hitting the highway or anything she is fully loaded still got a room on the deck there so that's good the bees are going through the escapes quite nicely very well I always tell when there's a bit flow going on it was a good high because they'd route this wax up to the screen well–that's wait that locks very cool these highs are doing very well you see above the corn up there you can't so we had a queen get up into the honey boxes she laid out a nice little perfect nest up there where is she your hand separation somehow got through the excluder well she's going back down and we're gonna take all the immature brood from these two boxes and sort it down and then the mature brood we're gonna put back up on the honey boxes to hatch out and she's gonna resume her nest below they exclude her where she belongs so we are working as fast as we can here these little fives cranking up the honey that you're doing extremely well this year these were the first nukes we had made up and they are demanding space pulling down cappings from the top box here the canola field is done and it looks fantastic off in the distance we have some late seeded canola where they're just going bonkers over so we're setting boards in this yard just to try to relieve the congestion so they don't fill their bowl they won't be back throwing their nest because it will be packed little brood but they need space it is 32 degrees right now so that's a reason for some of those bearding knock so we got to work harder here my two fives coexisting you can see the Queen excluder separates the two units so the Queen stay in there is night outside but the bees can multiple boxes for honey so today we battled the heat and we set this yard and driving out I'll show you what I found kind of got lost in the grass through the busyness of the shuffle as we're picking up the nuke side of this yard you can see a little bit of long grass here this one just got forgot about so I'm going to load this nuke onto the truck and I have a spot that and one of my new cards as I was going through identified a drone laying nuke it wasn't it's kind of interesting when you see these nukes when they produce because they pretty much stovepipe right over top of the nuke they fill out Fulani and then they share then they started working back and forth so this one grouping was heavy honey heavy honey then absolutely nothing all the way down look down and there their drone there so what I'm going to do isn't gonna pull that drone layer out and drop this hive into its place

29 thoughts on “Video Clips from our Busy Saturday Work Day 07/27/2019

  1. Привет! приятно смотреть как пчелки работают. в Башкирии тепло закончилось, пришло похолодание. два корпуса на некоторых взял. Спасибо за видео!

  2. Ian, I am a beekeeper in the US, recently found your channel and have watched several of your recent videos. I have some questions about your procedures and what I have seen. It seems that you are running a single deep brood chamber with a non-bound (non-framed) excluder and 4 deep supers. Then you under supered with 2 additional deep supers while placing an escape board between the existing 4 and 2 new supers. Finally, it seems you are, at some point later, pulling the 4 supers above the escape board. Is this correct? Assuming so, 1. Did you initially super with 4 deeps or did you initially super with 2 and then under super with 2 more? (I'm assuming if it was the latter, you didn't use an escape board that time?) 2. When you did the under supering and added the escape board, how did you know that they were fully capped? (I didn't see you checking) 3. How long will you leave those 4 supers above the escape board before pulling them and do you have any pest issues with leaving unprotected honey like that? (While many beekeepers in my area prefer escape boards, they can be an issue due to small hive beatle.) 4. Do you always add fresh foundation in the supers each year and later render the wax, or do you super with some drawn comb? If so, what if the ratio of foundation to drawn comb? 5. Assuming you do reuse some portion of drawn comb, can you show us in a future video how you store it over the winter? 6. Do you have any bears in your area? Thanks

  3. Hello there I was wondering on your two 5's do you ever have the queen killed on one side by the rival bees? I was thinking about trying this next year on splits. Maybe just have them as resource hives at first.

  4. Amazing. These hives are packed with bees. Next year, my goal is to pay way more attention to my brood building in the spring.

  5. Hey buddy I’m from Guatemala 🇬🇹 I like your bees I have a question how many nucleus you use

  6. Curious what you do with the drone layers. We've reached a decision to just shake them out in the middle of the apiary. Have had no success fixing them.

  7. The flurry of activity from the bees is amazing and that lift you have fitted to the trucks is such a back saver!

  8. Your bee farming system amazes me sir. Thank you for sharing them in your videos. With all those honey are you producing enough or does your market requires more?

  9. How much faster are you with the mechanical box lifter than without it? It looks like that piece of equipment is the MVP of the operation.

  10. Amazing how quick these bees are building foundation an filling it. Any projections on the honey harvest this year?

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