Video Can Create a Just Society

There’s a video that documents children being used as soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Those videos really convinced the international criminal court to convict a warlord. And it just became a very powerful addition to a criminal process. Witness is a global human rights organization and we exist to make sure that people can use video to tell their stories and to protect and defend their rights. If you think about, for example, in America, the police videos that are surfacing, that are very often shot by completely accidental bystanders, but what we’ve seen is that that doesn’t necessarily happen. Frequently it’s just an individual person who comes with a video and tries to go to their precinct or to tell a story. We help people bridge the gap so make
sure that your story can be trusted, make sure that the right people actually see it so that it can actually influence a judge or a decision maker, but also make sure even that your video can be found in a sea of videos. There’s a real need to understand how video can help people prove what happened. You have a right to film. And there are lots of tips about that, like
make sure you film details, We’re starting to see a bigger impact of video being used as a tool throughout to influence a lawmaker, or to influence a court, or to get a community to speak out against human rights values being violated. In the long run we do hope that video can
help create a just society.

18 thoughts on “Video Can Create a Just Society

  1. Damn the amount of times she says video.
    I remember a time when the world or Society was trying to erase the word VIDEO back in mid 2000s .
    2004 to 2008

  2. Omfg DRC my heart bleeds! Would rather see $10,000 smartphones than know thousands of small children are hand digging precious medals in dangerous conditions for the chance to stay alive…. Apple makes billions in VERY large part due to the risks these children(younger than 13) take just trying to sustain themselves. Would love for DRC to enforce absurdly high tariffs on all rare earth minerals being extracted. Now is the time for changes. Twenty years from now Apple will have extracted all their natural resources and they will be poor with no hope of a better future. #StandAgainstExtraction

  3. That's how — check out two documentaries Zeitgeist Moving Forward and Zeitgeist Addendum, the Culture In Decline series, the presentations/analyses "Where are we now?", "Where are we going?", "Social pathology" by Peter Joseph (the documentaries I mentioned, the series, and all of his presentations/analyses, really, all of them have great value, all available on YouTube and/or on TZM's official YouTube channel, in the playlists section), presentations by James Phillips, Ben McLeish, Jason Lord (The Zeitgeist Movement activists, so search their names in conjunction with words "TZM" and/or "ZDay")), Open Source Everything concept (100% collaboration, instead of artificially limited by capitalism collaboration, that we have today, which greatly, greatly hurts our own progress), economic inequality and how it is detrimental for a human society (it hinders innovation, makes us physically and mentally more ill), The Venus Project, Jacque Fresco, also materials on Natural Law are worth to soak in too (Mark Passio has a good presentation on this particular topic), Natural Law Resource-Based Economy, The Zeitgeist Movement.

    That's how "a video can create a just society."


  4. To all the trolls: seeing HELPS to contextualize. Video is just ONE of many tools. Did you even bother to watch and listen to the entire video or did she trigger you and you stopped and went on your senseless "we don't know what happened before" predictable rant? You want us to just take the word of people in a uniform for what reason? Yeah, that's real smart.

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