Vid sociology

so for this week I decided to answer the question that address what would happen if you went to a party with a group of friends and then left without telling anyone would they worry about you and what is the significance of your gender on the reaction so normally normally I don't really go out with friends I'd say I'm most likely I go out with my brothers and family and even with that it's there with their girlfriends or there with some like just me or a family that like female family members um usually like because of the whole gender role thing they would have to be masculine and they'd have to like they would worry they would be like okay like where is she somebody could have taken her she could have gotten raped a dude could have picked her up it's always big and like the thing that a man has to do something bad to me or to any of the females like around me and generally they always come to think of that would they worry about me most definitely my previous experiences going out with my brother and like and if I just go to the bathroom I'm okay like I don't feel like I don't need to tell people when I have to go to the bathroom because you know it's like dude you a twenty-something you don't need to tell people all the time well yeah they my brothers do freak out if they're with friends like a Bears and they're due it's like yeah they freak out too like hey we're sewing so little sister or whatever what is the significance of your gender on the reaction so be sorry because I have a female they like I said they think worst-case scenario they think because women are supposed to be like in the Articles that stated like ones are supposed to be gentle and kind and nurturing and like because of the stereotypes and the roles that come on some women about being like not even gentle and kind and like trying to you know like everything that's what said they think worst-case scenario like a something's going on something's happening and that's the significance birth gender that's just you know but if like I don't know and the second question that he decided to answer was what are the dominant expectations of men and women in your family and how are these expectations communicated to you do you agree with the traditions and views of your family or do you challenge them so with my family I actually have two different types of sets of expectations and the right as I was like maybe up to like about eight years old when my dad was living in the house with me and my family the expectations were actually to like the traditional Mexican household to serve the male to clean up after the male to clean up after the kids which I was the kid but in in this situation it just comes to show because I was the actually the youngest of three kids I had two older brothers I have two older brothers and I'm actually the youngest of three and I was expected to cook clean and manage a household while my mom was at work because um there was rocky patches between our childhood which kind of really comes to show like what was going on in this house um and the expectations for the men were to work come home and literally just eaten go to sleep and watch TV like typical household for any other situation for the kinaesthetic family um do you agree the traditions I don't agree with the tradition so see what happened after about to eat after I was about maybe nine or ten um my dad actually did leave the household for reasons and my mom stepped up and she began working so that kind of like for the most part of my life like I was used to seeing that I wasn't so much used to seeing like my dad around her because he was always working but um so I actually don't agree with the traditions and like in the beginning I actually did break away from them and I am the first of the family to go to college and so yeah I like it I do challenge them yeah so it just caused a lot of confusion on me so I fought the expectations and broke away from the whole sex role theory of the whole women are the wives and the caretakers and men are the breadwinners and um I don't agree with the typical Hispanic household a typical Mexican household I don't agree with it you know

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