Victoria National prepares for the Korn Ferry Tour Championship

3 RANDALL PROFESSIONAL GOLF RETURNS TO VICTORIA NATIONAL NEXT WEEK….. THE WEB.COM TOUR IS BACK…. NOW UNDER A NEW NAME…. THE KORN FERRY TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP…. POWERED BY UNITED LEASING AND FINANCE….. THIS IS THE TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP….. SO IT’S A HUGE EVENT NEXT WEEK AT VICTORIA NATIONAL…. THE COURSE…. FILLED WITH ACTIVITY TODAY…. CONTINUEING TO PREPARE FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP…. HOSPITALITY TENTS ARE GOING UP…. AS WELL AS LOTS OF SIGNAGE…. VICTORIA NATIONAL DIRECTOR OF GOLF OPERATIONS TOM ROSE TELLS US…. THE COURSE WILL BE READY TO GO….. 3 (TOM ROSE)”Really exciting for us. We are hosting the major tournament, all the builds that go on, from the structures to behind us here to all the vendors all the spectators that come to the tournament. Exciting and as they call it for us advancement week. A lot of planning, we start planning this going back to last winter and to see everything come together. It’s an exciting week and hopefully your weatherman will tell us about nice weather and it looks like its going to be a great week for us.”RANDALLPRACTICE ROUNDS BEGIN ON MONDAY…THE 1ST ROUND WILL BE NEXT FRIDAY…. 3

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