Victoria Foundation | Island Savings Business Member Profile

At Island Savings, we specialize in working with non-profit organizations, foundations here on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. We find out what’s most important to them so that we can help them
simplify their banking relationship and do what’s most important,
and that is helping our communities. Victoria Foundation has a very humble beginning. It started in 1936. It was one of the very first soup kitchens in Victoria, known as the Sunshine Inn. The people there were doing what you see
happening now in the community, delivering food to make people’s lives much easier. Through the generosity of our donors
we build a lasting endowment and it’s the value earned on that endowment that goes out to the community programs. But before we ever get to the granting process, it’s about learning and listening in our community. We have a tool called Vital Signs that really informs us and we work in collaboration with many partners to make sure that the grants that we put out are done in fair and equitable process. Our partnerships are a great value to us, and one partnership that we really value is our partnership with Island Savings. Over the last decade they have been there for us and with us, and we have shared values. The funding from the Victoria Foundation has helped us connect the sports community and make access and inclusion a priority in our community. Victoria Foundation today has grown incredibly. Just in this last current year, we granted out over $22 million to 450 organizations. That wouldn’t have been possible on our own. We live in a very caring, generous community and people realize that it’s not just about today but it’s about tomorrow too; how can we build a sustainable future?

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