Vice-Versa en 5 Minutes

Go madam! We push ! Go ! Yeah! Bravo, I see the head! Oh, she’s a wonderful little girl! Oh that’s cute ! Hello everyone! My name is Joie! Finally, that’s not me, the little thing pink disgusting, it’s not me! I am in! Zoom, zoom she does not have a head a little weird ? Oh at the same time, from where she comes from, it could be worse *Crying baby* hi my name is Sadness. Woah, are you fucking crappy, then? Can you clear, please? Hum … Get out. Pull yourself out … Get out! But move your ball away! This is the first time she’s watching TV so we’re really going to pay attention to what she’s going to watch OH NOT MY GOD AAAAAAAH HELP (Hi me it’s scary and I’m here to protect her, the little Riley!) Push yourself, push yourself! No, what are you looking at ?! (Hi me it’s disgust and my taf is that Riley is a girl too hype, what!) Huh no, but what is this heap of vulgarity and fake fashion? No, but I can not understand how Rile’s parents can leave watching such a big shit! Okay ! TV takes us for idiots. But we are not stupid! (Hi me, my name is Anger and I am always worshiping! At the same time it’s normal, considering the crappy society in which we live!) Here are Riley’s personality islands. * Stephan dying in the background * And hop ! The house is sold! Fear, Sadness, Anger, Disgust: AHHHHHH Joy: Okay. Our life is going to be shit now. AAAAAH Disgust: But green like that, it makes me sick! Fear: There are carnivorous plants, I’m sure! Sadness: It’s sad to leave … Anger: Shut your mouths! Father: And here is the most beautiful piole I could find The rent is very expensive! Joie: No, but now he’s sucking his mouth Father: Actually Riley darling, if you find a pristine knife of blood, do not touch it ! It’s up to the former owner! Sadness: Knowing that there was a death makes me sad … Anger: No but me all that, it makes me even more venerated! Disgust: Big problem of anger management. Father: Yes hello? Random guy: Yeah Roger you bring your butt to the table right now! Father (so Roger): Yes, we just arrived in our new house all rotten after tearing our daughter to his wonderful life and I will come to work directly. So, I will be able to leave my family. Absolutely. Yes Yes Yes ! Mother: Well … you’re breaking, huh! Father: You understood everything, my dear! Disgust: But it’s disgusting to do that in public! Fear: Ah, but that’s love! Mother: In fact your father, he has a rotten job because he was not attentive to school! Riley: Well, when I grow up, I’ll be youtubous beauty! Joy: Ah our dream, friends … Hi my little darlings! Welcome to this video! I will show you how to be beautiful like me! So, it takes a lot of materials, huh! Especially shaving foam because I, in fact, I have a lot of beard! I do not know why ! * laughing despair * Fear, Joy, Disgust, Anger: Huh? Riley: No, but what am I thinking of? It’s not going to help me in life … Joy: Sadness! But what are you doing ?! Fear: Ah my God, she touched the ball of hope! Sadness: Sorry … It was brilliant so I wanted to .. Joy: Not your mouth! Sadness: … put a stroke of paint … Joy: No, no! Shut up ! I do not want to listen to you! Fear: Hah be careful! Do not break it! Anger: Oh well, we can paint it in red! Joy: No! In the script, it was written yellow! Disgust: Listen, Joie. If you want my opinion, Riley is already disgusted with life. ‘Must be ended. Okay? Sadness: It does not matter! It’s not like it’s really achievable to become youtubous beauty … Nowadays, it’s so mainstream, you see? Anger: Oh yeah? How does it work for cosmetics and easy money? Disgust: And for the clothes, too. Joy: No, but! Who really needs money in life? Disgust: Hey Joy! Stop the drugs! There you do one. Bad. Trip. Joy: Sadness! But what are you fucking, seriously! Did not you understand that you should not do that ?! Sadness: But it’s my ball to me … Disgust: Oh no! Riley has no personality anymore! Joy: I’m going to throw this thing! They are dead Disgust: With all the data we have, there I think they are dead. Anger: No but serious, Disgust! She can not be dead! It’s not possible ! Disgust: Anger, you must mourn. Fear: Or, they may have been in the long-term memory without blunder, right? Disgust: No I do not think so. Now shut up, I’m taking control. Mother: So, Riley, how do you find your new life? Riley: As exciting as a vlog on my hemorrhoids! Fear: What? But what is she saying ?! Since when does she have hemorrhoids? Disgust: My cabbage, that’s puberty. Fear: Serious? Father: Eh bah. I know that you are a teenager and that your body changes but it does not mean that you have to talk about disgusting things at the table! Riley! I deny you! Go, go! Casseuh! Riley: CRAH! Strip of … Disgust: Mess. They messed up their role as parents. Anger: Go, we will stretch the little wolves! We will go where the wind will carry us! Fear: The bus will be easier, right? Anger: It’s a metaphor! (Riley: It’s the beginning of a great adventure!) (Disgust: What’s this rotten time ?!) (Fear: It seems a little dangerous, too huh!) Anger: This is the station. Now we will take the bus without paying … Fear: I keep telling myself it might be a bad idea, friends. It would be better if we returned. (Anger: no no no, we have no choice!) (Disgust: Because now that joy and sadness are dead …) (Anger: Well, little girl Riley, she’s depressing! (Fear: OK, so what does that mean?) Anger: It means we’re in a big shit. *sad music* Fear: Why is it blue and slow? Disgust: And with a sad music hyper mainstream? Anger: I think it’s the stuff of life that is going on in front of the eyes. Disgust: How ?! What does it mean ? What does it mean ?! Anger: Well, I’m too sure maybe that means she’s remembering all the cool stuff in her life … And here, friends! I hope you enjoyed this video! If so, thank you in advance for sharing it on social networks and elsewhere! What I hear is to go to a friend and you make him “Dude, I discovered a great video!” Ah ouais ?” “C’est un mec qui a DETRUIT Vice-versa et qui a traumatisé pleins d’enfants !” “EH T’AS VU ON A LA MÊME CASQUETTE !” And if you’re still not subscribed, do not hesitate to subscribe, it’s nice. At the moment there is a little less video is park-what at the moment I am training ambulance as some know And last week and the week before I was in the hospital I assure you it was not for me I was in hospital internship J’ai fait le SMUR j’ai fait le brancardage et le je suis en plein dans les urgence I did the SMUR I did the stretcher and I am in full urgency So I do not really know what I can tell you what I can not tell you When I get to that point, what would I say to you? But there are some things to say there are pearls In any case, as I told you earlier, I hope you enjoyed this video! In any case, I was happy to do it! Other video are coming soon, in any case I hope it will be soon Because here I really expect to be able to give a movie in 5 min before doing something else Park I know you love movies in 5 min On this pass a good evening or a good day depending on the time you will watch this video I love you thank you for being so much It’s super fun, see you soon friends (trad DRIDRI909 SKULL)

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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😂😂😂😂

  2. Le meilleur moment c'est à 3 minutes 13 mai te pose la tête de joie est impossible à ne pas rire c'est hyper marrant. 😂😂🤣Elle est en mode. 😱😋😍😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  3. Mon expérience
    Au début😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    A la fin:😱😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌧🌊

    Signé Mattia

  4. "Le vert ça me rend malaaade"
    "Y'a des plantes carnivores j'suis sûr!"
    "C'est triste de partir…"

  5. Le bruit de klaxon me fait toujours hurler de rire 😂😂😂
    Oui ça fait 3 com que je lâche sur le klaxon à la suite. MAIS IL EST GÉNIAAAAL! O¤O

    Moi plus tard je serais youtubeuse beauté 🤣

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