Veterinary Technician – Wisconsin Technical Colleges

(Maggie:) You want to do your best. You want to provide great service
to your clients and their animals. (Ashley:) With animals, learning how
to handle them and getting used to, just getting comfortable with the animals. (Maggie:) People come in and they say they
want to be a vet tech because they love animals and you need to love people too because
that’s basically who you’re gonna deal with. You have to be able to work with a
variety of different personalities. (Ashley:) There’s animal care and management,
animal biology, clinical pathology, surgical nursing, veterinary
office procedures, animal diseases. (Maggie:) When you’re in school those
two years, you cover so much material. It’ll be worth it; it’s a great job;
it’s fun; you meet a lot of great people. (Ashley:) It is a very, very popular program.

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