Version 12.2 – Improvements to Membership Reports

The Version 12.2 update of PowerChurch Plus included some changes to reports in the Membership module that we’re going to take a look at in this video When you run a Selected Visitations report from the report menu there are selections by date, who visited, etc. but there isn’t a way to include only one specific family On the Integrated Data Entry screen on the Visitations tab there is now a Print Report button here at the bottom right click that and it generates a Selected Visitations report that includes all of this family’s Visitation records Now let’s take a look at the Selection Criteria screen in Personal Profiles reports There is a new age range selection here Previously, that would have taken some calendar math to figure out the birth date range if you wanted a report of 18 and 25 year-olds you would have had to figure out what is the earliest birth date that a person could have and as of today still be 25 years old Then do the same calculation to find the latest birth date that someone could have and still today be 18 years old The Age range selection eliminates the need for all of that at least in the birth date field Let’s take a quick look back in Version 11.5 and run the Selected Dates report in Personal Profiles The selections here on the Report Options screen allow you to choose from named date ranges formatted as full month, day, and year or by selecting only the month and day These controls are repeated for each of the 12 date fields. The only other selection you have here is the Personal Status code Now back to Version 12.2 we will run the Selected Dates report again and here we’ve got the Selection Criteria screen that we were looking at before on the other report Here we also have so many additional selections to choose from not just dates and Personal Status codes That gives you a lot of flexibility and more options to get the results that you are looking for While we’re here on the Selected Dates report I want to explain the way these selections are working As noted here in bold across the top of the screen, the more things you change the fewer results you will get in the report If you limit the Personal Status codes, Gender, and Age range to be included you will only get people on the list who match all of those selections If you choose October 1 to the 31st in the Birth Date and then also choose October 1 to 31st in the Married date you will only get people whose birthdays and anniversaries are in the month of October What you are likely looking for if trying to run the report this way is the Birthdays & Anniversaries Report in Personal Profiles If we close this out and run Birthdays & Anniversaries Here you can select a date range and it will show you people with birthdays OR anniversaries in the date range Even though it is phrased as This month or Next month showing the full month, day, and year it will select only on the month and day ranges The Birthdays & Anniversaries Report was added back in Version 11, so it isn’t a new feature in Version 12.2 but I thought it would be useful to compare to the Selected Dates report while we were here As always, thank you for watching and if you are a PowerChurch Plus Version 12 user and have yet to see the free 12.2 update you can get that started by going to the Help menu and selecting Download Maintenance Release If you are still using Version 11.5 or prior, visit or give us a call at (800) 486-1800 to get up to date

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