Venus Saturn aspect in natal chart, transit and synastry

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  1. Transit Venus conjunct Natal Saturn (at 0 degree)/Natal Uranus square Transit Saturn/Natal Pluto oposition Transit Chiron/ Transit Chiron square Natal South and North Node = the end…

  2. Hello Veerle! Just catching up on your videos! Cute: your car! Important for Venus/Saturn car it looks cared for.

  3. What about venus quintile saturn? Can it be seen as venus trine saturn or it is completely different? Thanks for the info it was very interesting to hear.

  4. Hello Veerle! I've just found your videos on Saturn. Interesting Input from the male listeners. Quite a bit of suffering is to be heard. Men don't easily admit defeat. So it looks like the videos are opening doors for them!

  5. My Venus conjuncts Jupiter and my Midheaven in Gemini (3'), opposes my Moon in Sagittarius on the IC (2'), and sextiles my Saturn in Leo (3'). How do you interpret it when planets are involved in multiple aspects like this? Is there a way to tell if one of these planets colours the others more strongly? Thank you in advance! 🙂

  6. When Saturn was conjunct my Natal Venus I dated an older man. My Venus is in Gemini and we met over the internet. And it was a long-distance relationship. He had his Natal Venus conjunct Natal Saturn and Moon in Sagittarius. This was over a decade ago but you remind me of it with the information in this video.

  7. What about Venus Saturn Mutual exchange Saturn in Taurus Venus in Capricorn. Capricorn 8th house Taurus 11th house with Saturn?

  8. I find this video difficult to listen to. First there’s echo. Then there are lots of err err erm erm err erm err erm

  9. Venus Opposes Saturn, but Mars Sextile Saturn. Attracting women isn't hard, but I've never been in a serious relationship and I'm 32.

  10. When I was younger back in grade school I would wear my cloths in a very systematic way but your right i have a lot of v neck shirts that i wear i have venu s in Leo squared Satan in torius and it is hard for me to be social and talk to people i do get lost inside my thoughts

  11. I have Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces trine Neptune in Scorpio. I wear black everyday , working in dayspa settings I am aloof and distant with most, lost in my thoughts.Thank you for the info, very accurate for me 🙂

  12. i have Saturn square Venus. You're right about the formal dress thing. When not in uniform of some sort I dress very neatly in suits or good quality clothes and footwear. One thing an astrologer told me years ago about this aspect is that is causes trouble with women and that's true. My mother was a narcissistic sociopath who tried to kill me. My sisters used to beat the hell out of me as a child. All through my life almost all my problems came from women setting me up, lying, cheating and abusing me in one way or another. After 40 though this stopped because I just don't accept or practice any abuse, even the most trivial, especially from women. Thought I'd mention that since you don't cover it. Saturn square Venus for men is serious woman trouble and I mean serious

  13. Venus in Scorpio 4th house trine ……..Saturn in Pisces 8th house. I'm very very serious about my friendships…and who I let in and who I don't let in. I always feel as if I know who will have an impact on my life…good or bad.

  14. Venus 0°29' Я Cancer, in House VII
    Sun conjunction Venus orb +4°41'
    Venus opposite Ceres orb -0°30'
    Venus conjunction North Node orb +1°36'
    Moon square Venus orb -4°39'
    Venus inconjunction Ascendant orb +0°35'
    Venus sesqui-quadrate Neptune orb -0°01'
    Venus trine Saturn orb -4°32'
    Venus semi-square Jupiter orb +0°19'
    Venus quintile Pluto orb -0°44'
    Venus semi-sextile Mars orb +0°51'
    Venus sextile Uranus orb +5°56'

    Also my Saturn is retrograde .. and my Neptune is ret in the 12 H … and my Juno is retro in the 12 H sign of Scorpio

  15. Hi… Thank you very much for sharing such a deep analysis. I have Venus – Saturn on same degree in 4th house Scorpio. You said perfectly right about quality and quantity. Can you please tell me what can we predict for wealth with this conjunction? cause more than relationship, Wealth and luxury interest me lot more.

  16. Hi!! If saturn transits venus in capricorn how the transit is going to be? Is it still going to have a testing aspect to it since its saturn after all or since its passing its own house its going to treat venus better ?

  17. In Magi Astrology, Venus Conj Saturn in Synastry is negative… is there any one here ,who has been together for ever with his/her spouse with that aspect between them?

  18. I have Venus in Scorpio in the sixth house trine Saturn in Pisces in the 10th house. I have a Gemini ascendant. What would my sign and house placement signify ?

  19. I have Saturn in Libra sextile venus. It's so painful. I can't imagine living like this till I'm 50 or 60 🙁

  20. Hi Verlee,
    You mentioned that it is ok for people with aspects Venus-Saturn to find love, but just that it is harder, unless they have other harder aspects with Neptune for instance.
    I got Venus in Gemini Square Saturn in Virgo AND Opposite Neptune in Saggitarius. "Seeking" love is being a constant and hard battle for me. Am i really "doomed" with such aspects?? Do you do readings focused to these "love" aspects with predictions? Thanks

  21. Hello Veerle, I am wondering about a Capricorn, with 3 Saturn Conjunct Venus transits in the next 12 months, and looking far into the distance (Apr/13/2016) a  Uranus Square Moon transit. I am wondering if this is an unusual thing ( to have 3 in a row) and if a pattern like this is strong and meaningful – even to the stubborn old goat?

  22. What about Venus conjunct Saturn in Virgo in the 5th house and also has Venus square Jupiter (Jupiter is in Sagittarius in the 8th house if it matters), does that combo matter? Sorry I am not sure if my question makes sense, but would you think of these aspects?

  23. Is this staying bad for my relationhip? al the time i feel like my boyfriend is not giving enough love, while he thinks i constantly nag/controlhim. (my saturn squares his venus) is there a way to smoothe my harshness on him?

  24. Venus conjunct Saturn in 5th house and also Saturn conjunct Uranus in 5th house where 5th house is Sagittarius. Does it mean something unfortunate or there is something kind of good about this combo? 

  25. Love your videos. I don't have this aspect (well, a small aspect… I have Venus quincunx Saturn… but my Saturn is conjunct Mars… so a bit of a mess there). I have known people with Venus/Saturn and Moon/Saturn and your description fits them quite well. Can't wait for your Mars/Saturn video. Your videos are very helpful. By the way… I see a lot of Cancerian energy in you, but in a Saturnian way, it's weird cause they're opposites

  26. I have the dreaded Venus-Saturn square in my birth chart (Venus in Capricorn, Saturn in Libra). Explains a lot about my personality. Great explanations as always, Veerle 🙂

  27. You keep saying "Venus Saturn" without specifying which aspects you are referring to: conjunctions, oppositions, trines, sextiles?  All of them? Some of them?   

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