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hello and welcome to well hoping and exciting episode where I can actually go through the process of finally explaining lke xe a executable phoned in as part of the rustic VCDs installation I remember who the original developer wise I mean because even rustic action mix actually gives credit to this individual so when I find out I'll actually posted it up in the comments but in the interim right but in the interim there is yes oftentimes I get a get get a question asked what is l codec see and how do you use it ok so when you install VCDs from the raw specs site you will actually have L Co ml code as a let's say and executable to help with a long coding process now I'm using a Windows Adele windows-based tablet PC because I don't have my laptop today which I don't have a keyboard at all so I'm just going to use a no since when fingers rub it on the flat side so on the C Drive you would have your rostec folder which that the default typically the default installation location like you're recording this in a parking lot right now so folks are looking make that may kind of weird as to why I'm narrating and doing this so an Ofsted folder you have your CD s and in the root of the folder you will have yet here we go Elco de Exe you double tap to open it and here you go so it's empty right now because there is no there is no label file loaded North is there any actual coding now the coordinates you put your paste in in this field up top that's feel number one top credit a point with my stylus here you'll paste your process patients either from obd 11 that's your existing code now as it relates to loading your notes or having also having a bad call today the read info text file this is where you'll actually find your label files from now your label files will actually correspond to the actual modules that you have installed in your vehicle so here you will find a folder called labels i've had several instances of VCDs installed before hence reason why it's automatically called old older and oldest but label files is the current one the most recent one available via from the rostec page so any label files folder you do have all these wonderful they developed labeled Sam from from rostec themselves the ones with the CL be at the arm extension are unfortunate so I really can't help you with those for the traditional ones that make these label with the LBL so our phone is kind of out of focus at the moment using a camera phone at the moment to do this right the LVL files you can open them with any text document but in this case you want to actually open it with you really want to open it with the with elko here so it's read info text file right so they give you that is a disclaimer blah blah blah right so read info text file and you browse to the actual file that you want of course you can always you can always choose between these two options in your case you're going to want to go use the LBL so once you once you've loaded that you'll be able to see what the actual modules themselves are doing and then from here you can simply do you next recording that's ticking checking and unchecking the the text boxes as needed tick tick tick for argument's sake tick tick tick and what you will notice is that the coding up top actually changes this coding number one this coding number one you will simply just copy and paste back this coding that you get here back into obg Levin whether you want to type it out manually that's all the way up to you but whichever waited them whichever way you do it yeah that's they are really very much up to you however you want to do it all right I forgot to mention the label files then label files will actually will correspond to the particular hardware that you have or you're trying to code at that point in time you will see it when you go under hardware ID where it will say something along lines for like bargman sake of an example anything for the mark 5 mark 6 will typically start with the numbers 1 K is 0 so some of those modules you'll find in that range so on and so forth you can see you have the AP AP here when you open them you'll actually see what the various modules themselves actually what use action what some of them actually do which is actually quite quite cool in my opinion but yeah that's literally about it and I think 9 C 0 if I can scroll ok so this is the 1j for the 1 J chassis right so the mud yeah so the the module that you'll be looking for the part number you'll actually find that in your copy of obedia levin when you have to do this scan I hope that this is actually you know informative or has helped clear the air on some issues the important thing for you know is just to set a correct label file that's first that pertains to what you want actual code at that point in time any problems of this let me know and I'll either clarify or reupload a new video that explained that for much better explains stuff but it is right now I don't have a tablet I mean I don't have a laptop computer on my person at the moment and I'm this in the parking lot just doing this recording and using this pen with a little stylus again so that my flat fingers do not block doesn't block away yeah to just do this upload oh yeah sure city for book to both the rostec and Obi 11 team I mean both have done a very good job very very good job alright so Joe

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  1. Don't mind what that guy said sir, the sound is very clear and screen also (if you watch on 720p) but for a noob like me on VCDS, can you please guide me to how to code anything using the VCDS? i mean where i can find a good VCDS tutorial even if i will purchase it!

  2. could not see the screen with that reflection. learn video lighting and you may consider to have someone else to translate what you are saying

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