Vatican review pushes for shift on gays, lesbians 바티칸 동성애에 대한 변화 제안

And shifting to Rome.
The Vatican has released a report that calls for the Roman Catholic Church to adopt a more
accepting stance on homosexuality. Paul, this marks major shift in tone for the
Vatican. What′s been the reaction to this call for
reform? Well, Catholics around the world have expressed
mixed feelings. Catholic gay rights groups have hailed it
as a “breakthrough,” while conservative ones are labeling it a “betrayal.”
The assembly of 2-hundred bishops released on Tuesday, the report… which calls on Christians
to be more open about gay people, unmarried couples… and children from unconventional
family settings. Sohn Jung-in has more. It is being described as a striking shift
in tone by the Catholic Church regarding gays and lesbians.
Following a week-long, closed-door meeting, the Vatican released a preliminary report
Monday, which showed an unprecedented openness to accepting the relationships of same-sex
couples. It said they had gifts and qualities to offer
the Christian community. While no doctrinal changes in the Church′s
condemnation of homosexual acts or gay marriage were proposed, the report said it should recognize
the positive aspects of civil unions and couples who co-habit.
The document summarizes the ongoing debate between Pope Francis and 200 bishops on traditionally
controversial issues such as divorce, birth control and homosexuality.
Bishops said although Catholicism does not support same-sex marriage, they must find
ways to make gay people feel included. It′s language that is less judgmental and
more compassionate than previous statements under different popes.
Roman Catholic gay rights groups around the world hailed the review, describing it as
a breakthrough and a major step forward,…. while conservatives within the church rejected
it, calling it a betrayal of traditional family values.
With the basis of the preliminary document, the bishops′ assembly is due to continue
this week with a final draft expected to be issued on Saturday.
Sohn Jung-in, Arirang News.

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