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what's up YouTube today I've got another review for you guys we're gonna be taking a look at the IPV aspect pods go check out the unboxing video which I also put up earlier this week this awesome little pod is actually going to be released on the 18th of February so a little sneak peek for you guys let's jump straight into it and have a chat about this awesome little IPV aspect pod a recently IPV have been kind of revamping their brand from the Pioneer for you logo to the new IPV logo they've also been coming out with some pretty unique designs with mods featuring yeehee chips now the special thing about this little aspect pod is that this is the first pod system with a yeehee chip inside inside is the AES xk1 chip that powers this little IPV aspect now with the aspect it's actually variable wattage thanks to that yeah.he chip and another little surprise that this one also has adjustable airflow I believe it was about November last year when I first saw some of the images of this aspect spot and some of the marketing material so I've been quite curious to try this one out the aspect spider has a really attractive design you've got this cute little sort of rainbow colored inlay in here and it's quite curved so it fits really well in the palm of your hand it is a little bit bigger than some of the other Pods though it is about roughly the same height as the smo ns8 to give you guys a comparison so what's really cool about this is of course the yeehee chip that's inside as well as the battery capacity with that 750 million our battery you're getting double the capacity compared to other pods with this size and that battery is huge four and a half days on a single charge almost exclusively vaping on this at the moment I've got a 48 milligram Nick salt in here killer custard it puts out some pretty impressive clouds for a pod system you have four little LED indicator lights in the front here which can indicate to you how much battery you have left when it gets down to about one you will notice it's significant drop in power and that's a good indication of when you should charge but for four and a half days this thing just kept going I was wondering when it was actually ever going to run out on that single charge I actually refilled the pod to meal pod cartridge in here twice one of the things I've loved personally about the aspect pod is that my nicotine cravings were really satisfied I mean obviously with a 48 milligram that's pretty strong anyway but I've tried 48 milligram in my other pods and it just wasn't giving me the same satisfaction that the aspect was now because of that I really think this is going to be a great pod for smokers to start with when they're getting into vaping the you he sxk one chip is the first yeah.he chip we've seen inside of pod the aspect pod has the ability to switch between two different wattage modes by simply clicking the power button five times so at the moment I've just put this one over into high wattage vaping mode and puts out some decent clouds so pressing the fire but another five times puts it back down to medium wattage baking mode still some pretty impressive clouds in high wattage you've got a range of 7.8 to 13.7 watts and a medium range you've got seven point eight to eleven point five watts as I mentioned this does have adjustable airflow but where this is located on the actual pod is quite interesting it's on the actual cartridge itself there's just a little sliding thing here which you can use to really restrict that airflow or have it wide open like I have at the moment so if you're someone that's more of a direct lung vapor you probably are gonna really appreciate that it also gives you some control over it so you can really restrict that drawdown which means this would be really good for a smoker now as you can see the cloud production from this aspect pod is really impressive and it's also unique that they've used the stainless steel 316l someone did point out to me this week that there is another company that's done that with the lost faith Oh Ryan that uses a stainless steel coil in their plugs as well but it's not really all that common so in this aspect pod they've used that stainless steel and it really does make a difference the flavor on this is actually the best I've ever had from a pod no joke now I do say that quite a lot because the pod technology is getting a lot better in the last 12 to 18 months and flavor is also improving as a consequence but the choice of using that stainless steel coil in here it really makes all the difference I think to the flavor as well as the cloud production the overall design of the aspect pod it just is absolutely stunning and this has been designed in California just like they did with their vit mod kits that recently came out I love the little attentions to detail down the bottom here you actually have a little area so you could wear this on a lanyard or a chain and the little inlay here which is kind of like mother-of-pearl but probably fake it just looks really cool it's available in a few different colors there is a little sort of rose gold pink one in there as well which looks really pretty but yeah it is definitely a really attractive looking pod one of the things I love about the aspects part is that this one stands up with no problem quiet what I really love about the aspect spot is that you can stand this one up without it falling over because it does have a very wide base this is great because it means you're gonna have less leakage that is one thing that does happen with pods when you lay them down you are going to get a little bit of leakage so the fact this can stand up is really cool the pot itself only weighs about 90 grams so a little bit heavier than some of the other pod systems I've reviewed recently but you really don't notice it too much and it is worth it to have that extra battery capacity in here another great design feature is the way we have these little windows and both sides of the pod so you can see how much juice is left in your pod you don't need to keep pulling out the cartridge to check and it's fairly sort of not too opaque so you can clearly see the cotton through there as well when you go to charge the pod there is a little LED indicator on the side where your USB charge port is here and that will display red and once it's fully charged it will go off charging takes roughly about an hour but the fact that that battery lasted four and a half days is absolutely amazing if you're someone that's a fairly heavy pod vapor or a smoker just starting to vape you're really going to appreciate that you're not going to have to charge these multiple times a day if you're using it that heavily now the actual pods for the aspects are really really made from a high quality plastic they fit very comfortably in your lip and there's no rough edges cons it was really hard to think of any so here's something that I wouldn't mind seeing a suggestion rather than a two mil capacity let's go with a larger capacity like we've starting to see in things like the lost vape Orion and I think their cue device that they're coming out with that has a larger capacity as well – Mills is kind of average now I think people are kind of starting to expect more so I'd love to see a pod with a slightly bigger capacity it would be good if you included more than just one pod cartridge in the little kit I can't wait to see them actually start appearing in stores because I know I'm gonna burn through this one pretty quickly I suppose one little con I could add in is that I found it a little bit messy trying to refill this now of course you do have a bottom fill system on this one with a silicon stopper which is attached to the pod I just found it a little difficult to fill this you have to do it very very slowly because the air does get real sort of trapped in there and it can start to sort of that flow on you so it's a little bit annoying to feel and it also is slightly due to the fact that the cotton is right next to that fill hole so it kind of starts getting backed up and overflowing and that's something an issue that I had with a couple of pods recently but let's talk pros a huge Pro is that the aspect has a variable wattage as well as adjustable airflow it's not something you often see in a pod and I think it's really good that more pods are starting to come out with this another Pro is that the aspect is really really well designed and it's a really stunning looking pod something a little bit fancier I like it another big Pro is the huge 750 milliamp hour battery four and a half days on a single charge what can I say that's amazing I love the little window design and the fact that you don't have to keep removing your pod to check your juice level awesome I like the shape of this it fits really comfortable in the palm of my hand and the fact that they've included a gap here so you can wear it on a lanyard though it is over 90 grams so I don't know if you want to go wearing this about your neck but it's that you had that option another big Pro favorite production on this and that flavor honestly this is the best flavor I have gotten from a pod yet and I am not exaggerating here I love my smelling ese I also really love that Lambo series pod but this one does beat both of them on flavor I haven't tried the smell and carrot yet that one's meant to be pretty good on flavor and of course I haven't myself tried the LOS vape Oh Ryan I've heard that's really great on flavor as well but for a pod that is only roughly around gonna be retailing for about $30 and the heart is pretty amazing definite big Pro that they've used the stainless steel 316l coil bottom line so I really can't find any negatives in this pod other than the fact that filling it was a little bit messy but that's just such a small issue to have but when everything in this pot is just so perfect I love the cloud production I love the flavor I would like a big of capacity because I am choo introducing here so quickly I've never used a pod and enjoyed a pod so much and that really is no exaggeration I just love the experience I get from this I think this pod is going to be perfect for smokers the fact that you can adjust that airflow down to get a really really restricted mouth along here you can almost erect lung hit this with the amount of power it puts out in vapor production all the way up to 13.7 was so that's quite a little bit higher than many of the pods that are our and the 750 million power battery yeah can't rave enough about that having a battery capacity like that in a pod is exactly what I've been waiting for this one really has pretty much been my main all day carry for like the last week I just can't seem to put it down flavor is so good I'm absolutely loving that killer custard salt in here yeah more advance papers are gonna really like this one as well you're not feeling like you're stepping down a heap in power as the battery does drain you are going to notice a little bit of a drop in vapor production but that really doesn't happen until you're down to only one LED light on here at that point it will shut off because you do have all the protections in here of course with that yeehee chip but when it gets down to about one and you notice about the drop plugging in for a charge less than an hour to charge it and you're back to having a pod that lasts for four and a half days maybe less for some of you that are heavy vapors but I've been using this pretty heavily this week trust me and it's still going it just provides a really satisfying nicotine here good job anyway thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this review make sure you do go check out my unboxing so you can have a closer look at the pot itself but yeah thanks for watching if you liked the video leave a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe and hit that little notification bell keep it cloudy YouTube you

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