Value-Pledge: Responsibility on People and Society

Imagine a place where people with a special need for support would have an opportunity for an equal and good life. Where we would focus on people’s strenghts where prejudice and attitudes wouldn’t stop people from using their skills and opportunities. Where we would build pre-conditions for a good life with customers, their families and the employees. Communities, that would be based on respect and unique encounters. Sounds impossible? It’s not. Already there exists organizations that have taken the societal good and peoples needs into the heart of their action. Who solve societal challenges and create possibilities for their clients to live a full life, accoring to their wishes. A life, where everybody has a say in their own matters and a chance to realize their dreams. VALUE-PLEDGE Responsibility on people and society The purpose of social enterprises is to create human and societal good. The Service Foundation for People with an Intellectual Disability and Tukena Oy offer homes and services for
people with need for special support. The purpose is to advance equality and create
conditions for good life. Get to know the Value-Pledge and the companies that have signed it:

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