Valentine’s Finger Puppets : Valentine Finger Puppets: Accessories

Step six, our puppets still need a little
more pizazz so right now I am going to add a bow-tie to our boy and a hair-bow to the
girl and the way I am going to do this is simply by punching two holes in the upper
corner on this puppet and two holes
just below the smile
on our boy puppet. Then I am going to take my red curling ribbon and I am going to weave
it right through these holes and I am going to just fold the edge of the ribbon like so
to make it little bit easier to weave through and I am going to do the same thing on the
other side. Do the same thing weaving the ribbon through the bow-tie area for our boy
puppet. We are going to tie bows in both of these and they are going to look very, very
well dressed.

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