UWM’s student investors help Elmbrook Humane Society thrive

Most of the money that student
investment programs manage is internal to their university or it’s a donor’s
gift and that money is not one that can run out the door if you do a poor job. But
in the Elmbrook Humane Society, this is a one-year contract that is renewed. It has
been renewed each year. So not only does it provide a real meaning because you’re
helping someone in the community — but you know you can be fired. And as part of the coursework we’re helping analyze the performance
of the fund, the asset allocation, creating an investment policy statement. We have
an investment lab — it’s called the David O. Nicholas Applied Finance Lab. David gave
$2.5 million for that. It’s endowed — that means we’re actually
going to have that lab forever. Having support with gifts hasn’t just
changed the program — the program could not be around without it. I am so grateful
for the people who have supported this program, which is making such a huge
impact on the students, who would then go out into the community and make a big
impact on the community. And guess what, then they give back to the students
again, and it just continues on this wonderful feedback loop.

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