UWM student investors manage $300,000

It just makes it a lot more real when you’re
actually managing real money and it’s not just paper money. I am a finance major and
I am also doing the Investment Management Certificate Program. It’s a program where
you learn by doing. We received $300,000 in gifts that the students manage and on top
of that the students have added $86,000 in investment gain. It definitely makes it more
real life because if you lose money if the markets down a day, you’re actually losing
UWM some money. You can only learn so much by reading a book. It’s one thing to do that
and write a report for class. It’s another actually to write a report, pitch it to your
fellow students, figure out whether buy it, and then literaly purchase it, put it in a
portfolio, and see how it returns, and then have to present in front of some very senior
professionals in a board meeting housing your performance. It’s just rigorous. It’s challenging.
There’s never a right answer and you just have to put a puzzle together the whole time.
It’s never going to be perfect. If it wasn’t fun for us, we wouldn’t be here doing the
work. I much rather work 60 to 70 hours per week doing something I love rather than work
40 hours a week doing something I hate. If you want to become an investment analyst,
it’s probably not a more competitive field to get in. There be 400 applicants for every
position yet our placement is 100 percent. After graduation, I’ll start working at Robert
W. Baird. The program basically makes you ready for any part of the investment kind
of industry. You’ll be doing basically exactly what you do in the program in your first job.
Accepted recently an offer at JP Morgan in the private bank department. I don’t think
any of that would have happened had I not been in the program. I give a lot of credit
to Dr. Spellman. He is very well connected and he really cares about all of us. I think
at the end of the day what he really wants is for all of us to be well placed when we
graduate. I actually told them, “It’s all right if you get a job to call your parents
first but I better be the next call you better not wait a day.” What really makes me happy
is when they call me first.

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