UWM 2018 Spring Commencement Black Ceremony

(audience chatting indistinctly) – [Man] All repeats are good. All repeats are good. We may need to go back to the beginning. Okay. Or we may fade out. So just watch. Be very clear. We have procession almost ready to go too. (inaudible) (audio cuts out) – [Announcer] Have completed work on their Bachelor’s degrees, and nearly 900 have reached the conclusion of their work on their Masters and Doctoral degrees. (“Semper Fidelis”) Welcome to the May 2018 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Commencement Ceremony. Please direct your attention
to the floor of the arena. Our procession today is led by members of UWM’s distinguished faculty. They represent the more than 1,300 faculty and instructional staff at one of America’s top
research universities. Today, UWM celebrates the graduation of more than 3,300 students who have completed their studies. Of those eligible to graduate today in our two ceremonies, well over 2,400 have completed work on their Bachelor’s degrees. And nearly 900 have reached the conclusion of their work on their Masters and Doctoral degrees. (“Procession of Nobels”) – Good morning. Welcome to the members of
the University of Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Class of 2018. (applause) I’m Mark Mone, Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I’m delighted to welcome our students, family and friends to our
118th graduation commencement. Thank you all for joining us. Will you all please stand
for the National Anthem? We will be led by Jennifer Grokowski, who graduates today with a Master of Music from
the Peck School of the Arts. (“Star Spangled Banner”) ♪ Oh say can you see ♪ ♪ By the dawn’s early light ♪ ♪ What so proudly we held ♪ ♪ At the twilight’s last gleaming ♪ ♪ Whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ Through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ O’re the ramparts we watched ♪ ♪ Were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ And the rocket’s red glare ♪ ♪ The bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ Gave proof through the night ♪ ♪ That our flag was still there ♪ ♪ Oh say does that star spangled ♪ ♪ Banner yet wave ♪ ♪ O’re the land of the free ♪ ♪ And the home ♪ ♪ Of the ♪ ♪ Brave ♪ (applause) Thank you, Jennifer. And also, thank you to
the UWM Wind Ensemble, conducted by Professor
and Director of Bands, John Climber. (applause) Twice a year, the University
of Wisconsin-Milwaukee celebrates graduation day. For many, these are once
in a lifetime events. For others, this commencement ceremony might be the second, third, or even fourth degree. In all cases, this commencement
is an important event for you and for our state. I cannot stress enough the impact that you and your fellow graduates have. As Wisconsin and the nation grapple with societal issues and an urgent need to amplify innovation, UWM alumni, scientists, researchers and students are
filling the talent pipeline, creating solutions through research and unleashing
entrepreneurial new products. We’re one of America’s top
115 research universities. This is quite remarkable when you consider that there’s 4,665 universities and colleges in the US. Our neighbor to the west, UW-Madison, is the only other university in the state to hold that honor. And we share the same
top level research status as MIT, Stanford, Michigan State, Harvard, and Yale. What does top tier research
mean in our everyday lives? Let’s think back to when we were kids. Many of us dreamed of becoming explorers, curing a loved one’s disease, or inventing the first
cars that would fly. Not so far fetched today. The great thing about
being at a university is that we help dreams become realities. At UWM, our students learn right away how research leads to discoveries and solving problems. One example is Nesrit Pandey, whose story we shared at
Monday’s Honors Convocation. He remembers frequent power outages in his childhood home in Nepal. His family wanted to try solar panels but learned that buying them would eat up almost 60% of their household income. A desire to solve this problem is what inspired Nesrit to work toward the engineering degree that he will receive today. Another example, is a group of students, faculty and staff from the Arts, Physics, and other areas who worked together on
using virtual reality to help teach complicated subjects. Their Dark Side of the Moon
virtual reality simulation helps explain the highly complex physics behind the different phases of the moon. The simulation puts people into space and lets them move the moon around. Controlling the mechanics in such a way makes it far easier to understand. The potential for this kind
of technology development is boundless. And one more example is Chia Vang. She was a Hmong refugee from Laos when she came to the United States with her family at the age of nine. Today, she is a senior UWM administrator and a Professor of History who, through her research, is among the world’s leading experts on Hmong refugees. Dr. Vang’s personal refugee experience made her want to learn
more about the lives of displaced Hmong people worldwide. Her research sheds light on the ways people manage to survive and rebuild their lives after being forced from their homes and their countries. These are just a few of UWM’s, few examples of UWM’s people who are making a profound impact through their collaboration and research. Why does this matter? Well, as our city, state
and the nation face challenging societal issues that require urgent innovation
and problem solving, it’s our students, our faculty and staff from all walks of life
that are working together to create solutions. And you know, our campus is the only urban public research university in the state. As a public university, we’re unique in that we have a dual
research and access mission, offering the greatest possible
educational opportunities and support for all students, not just those with great resources. This diversity of backgrounds, thinking and life experiences brings out ideas that
change people’s lives. So today, at last count, almost 3,400 people were
eligible to participate in today’s ceremony. Each person has a remarkable story. And I sure wish we had time to hear each one. What we did do is we invited those who are graduating today to tell us about their experiences so we could capture a
few of them on video. We received more than
100 pages of submissions. So let’s take a look at just a few of the stories. ♪ All our troubles ♪ ♪ We’ll lay to rest then ♪ ♪ We’ll wish we could
come back to these days ♪ ♪ These days ♪ (speaking foreign language) ♪ These days, these days ♪ ♪ These days, these days ♪ – Coffee. ♪ Theses days, these days ♪ ♪ All our troubles ♪ ♪ We’ll lay to rest ♪ ♪ We’ll wish we could come back to ♪ ♪ These days, these days ♪ ♪ We’ll wish we could come back to ♪ ♪ These days, these days ♪ ♪ These days ♪ – These are just a few examples of the many thousands of fascinating, life changing experiences
for our students. We hope that as alumni, you will tell your stories
often and with pride, like some of you are doing
right now on your phones. (laughter) We hope that you’ll share your posts using hashtag UWM grad. Now let’s focus our attention
on how our graduates are aligned and adorned in the room today. Those seated closet to the stage currently have, or soon will be awarded, their academic hoods, the colors of which signify the area of their Doctoral
or their Master’s degree. We recently marked the 50th anniversary of UWM granting it’s first doctoral degree. A little later in today’s ceremony, Distinguished Professor of Economics, Mohsen Bahmani, will escort his 51st and 52nd doctoral students across the stage. This is a remarkable
number of doctoral students for one professor to mentor over the course of one’s career. Let’s hear it for Mohsen. (applause) In the middle and back of the arena floor are the bachelor’s degree recipients. Among them are scholars
wearing pewter colored stoles who have completed their degrees
through the Honors College. There are 56 students who earned the pewter stole. Six days ago, we awarded gold Honors cords to bachelor’s degree candidates from our 10 undergraduate
schools and colleges. More than 700 were eligible. Students wearing our pewter and gold cords have maintained a GPA of 3.5 or higher throughout their academic careers. Will these undergraduate honor students please rise and be recognized. (applause) Thank you. You know, on Monday night when we have the Honor’s commencement, you don’t know if all those students are going to be there because their final exams are still going. So the most studious
students might not show up for something like that because they’re that
concerned about their grades. So thank you. There are also 12 students among those earning bachelor’s degrees in this morning’s ceremony who are academic elites. Each maintained a perfect
4.0 grade point average throughout their entire career at UWM. Please hold your applause
until all the names are read. From the College of Nursing, we have six students
earning a perfect 4.0. Kristy Dollinger, Denise Herriges, Chelsea Linsmeier Angela Rintelman Keelyn Wallenfang, and Katie Zerbe. (applause) We have four students from the College of Letters and Science. Andrea Ballard, Mike Hendrickson, Abbey Palmer, and Ben Stege. (applause) There is one student from
the School of Education, Savanna Henningfield. (cheers and applause) And, there’s one student from the School of Information Studies, Nathan Robertson. (applause) There is another group among our graduates that I would like to recognize. Our university has over 1,100
military veterans on campus, which is more, by far, than any other campus in Wisconsin, and more than in any in a six state region surrounding Wisconsin. So you can recognize our veterans today because they’re wearing
the red, white, and blue braided cord. Let’s give them, and all graduates, all in the audience– I’d ask you all to stand if you have military experience, are a veteran, please join us in recognizing your significant service to this country. (applause) Another outstanding group among our graduates today are our McNair Scholars. These are future leaders who are the first in their
family to attend college and who come from diverse backgrounds. These students have completed a selective and rigorous research program that prepares them to
enter graduate school. You can recognize our McNair Scholars because they’re wearing
the black and gold stole. So, let’s give them a round of applause and ask them to stand as well. (applause) So as I’m sure that you’ve noticed by now, I’m not alone up here on the stage. Later in today’s ceremony, you’re going to meet the
deans of our academic schools and colleges, and other contributors to our university. The other remarkable people on the stage are here representing
important areas of UWM, and they’re attending to witness the conferral of your degrees. Please allow me to introduce that latter group. I ask the audience to hold their applause until all individuals are standing. Kris O’Connor, Chair of the University Committee. Sue Cashin, Chair of the Academic Staff Committee. Jim Hill, Associate Vice Chancellor
and Student Affairs Officer. Dave Gilbert, President of the UWM Foundation Board. Michael Doylen, Associate Vice Provost and
Director of the UWM Libraries. Nancy Nelson, Deputy to the Provost for
Continuing Education & Outreach. Lillian Paine, UWM Board of Visitors. Tom Luljak, Vice Chancellor for University
Relations and Communications. Joan Prince, Vice Chancellor for Global
Inclusion and Engagement. Trudy Turner, Secretary of the University. Patricia Borger, Vice Chancellor for Development
and Alumni Relations. Laurie Thibault, Classified Staff Advisory Council. And Robin Van Harpen, Vice Chancellor for Finance
and Administrative Affairs. Thank you for joining us today. (applause) One more way that UW
Milwaukee provides access to higher education is through our Accessibility
Resource Center and it’s Deaf and Hard
of Hearing Services. Our staff sign language interpreters for today’s program are: Kate Block, and Jill Kenehan-Krey. Let’s give them a round of applause. (applause) You might have noticed
several people today are wearing gold gowns. These individuals are the hardworking UWM Commencement Marshals. All are staff members who have volunteered part of their weekend to help coordinate our ceremony today. They are led by Chief
Marshal Seth Zlotocha, who is the University’s Registrar. To all our marshals, thank you. Please stand and be recognized. (applause) So, I’m delighted to
have one of our students offer greetings today. Emily Kuester is graduated from
our Peck School of the Arts with a bachelor’s in film studies. She came to to UWM from a small town in Wisconsin and became a leader on this campus. Without stealing Emily’s thunder, I’ll just share a couple of things. She served as one of
our orientation leaders for a few years. And this year as President of
the UWM Student Association, Emily helped lead the way
on important initiatives such as student food insecurity, and moving UWM toward a smoke free campus. Without further delay, will you all please join me in welcoming Emily Kuester? (applause) – Hello everyone. How is everyone today? (applause) Okay, that was decent. Alright. Well thank you all for
just having me here. In preparation for this speech, I really didn’t know how to write it or what 200, 300 words could really sum up the
last four years of my life. And so I really only got through like the word “wow”, and then I stopped writing. So, as Mark mentioned, my name is Emily Kuester. I am a film major with the Peck School of the Arts, and I am graduating today as well. And, I really wanted to capture so much in my
formal, final address to UWM and to the graduates, my fellow grads. And I wanted to say this mic dropping– I’m sorry, okay. This is really nerveracking. There’s a lot of people in this room. (laughter) So I would just like to– (cheers and applause) Thank you. (applause) I’m gonna pull it together. So I wanted to come up here, say this amazing speech. Obviously, I’m already
struggling through that. So I’m just gonna keep moving forward. First of all, I wanted to thank the professors, my professors, all of the professors, the teaching staff, and everyone who is
really employed by UWM. One thing that I didn’t really realize in being student body president, that I would learn, is
that there are people that work on this campus that are so passionate, and so, so, ready and love the students so much. And it’s so hard to put in words, but I’ve never seen that
on any other campus, as I visited other UW campuses throughout my term as president. There are folks on this campus that truly love working here and love working with our
students, specifically. And I think that’s so magical. So to all of the professors and all of the employees of UWM, I think you so much. Your hard work is definitely loved by all of us, and we would not be
here without all of you. Thanks. (applause) When I started my journey
at UWM four years ago, I certainly did not see
myself standing here. But I really wasn’t sure what
to expect out of college, what to expect graduating college. And I can say that one
of the biggest things that UWM gave me was courage and the ability to be proud of myself, which is something I didn’t realize I really didn’t have until I got here and I met all of these amazing people. And I had people in my corner every day who just wanted to see me succeed and wanted to do everything they could to support me. So to my fellow grads, I hope all of you had a similar experience and you found your home here no campus. UWM is really a community
that is like no other and I’m so thankful to have been able to go to a university where I feel like I
could be exactly who I am and that was totally okay. And I don’t think that
there’s a lot of campuses in the country that
gives you that feeling. So, I’m very thankful for that. To my fellow grads, congratulations. I know how hard each of you worked. And I know that it wasn’t always easy, it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows, so I thank you all for your hard work. And I hope that you are
all as ready as I am to enter this crazy world and become real adults with real jobs, and all of that fun, great stuff. So again, thank you to all of you. Thank you to everyone in the room who took the time this weekend to come out. We all really, really appreciate it, and it’s such a magical and special day for all of us. So thank you to everyone in the room. And thank you all for being here for one of my final “Go Panthers”. Thanks. (applause) – Thanks Emily. We’re going to miss you, and we know you’re staying here in town as a great graduate of the
Peck School of the Arts Film program, contributing in so many ways. And look forward to seeing you still in the community and on campus. Today’s graduates are about to join the very distinguished
UWM alumni community. Here to tell you a little
more about the people our graduates are joining is Brentell Handley, Treasurer of the UWM Alumni Association. Brentell is Vice President of Business Banking at BMO Harris Bank. Please welcome to the podium, Brentell Handley. (applause) – Good morning. On behalf of more than
183,000 living alumni, and as a proud member of class of 1992, I offer my congratulations. I also warmly welcome you
to the UWM alumni family. Upon graduation, each of you automatically becomes a member of our dues-free Alumni Association. We’ll share more information
with you via email welcome this week. The UWM Alumni Association is pleased to give all graduates
who cross the stage today a commemorative class of 2018 coin. Congratulations. (applause) Lastly, we want to keep tabs on how you are doing. So later today, you will receive a survey from our Career Planning
and Resource Center and ask that you please complete it. To the newest members of
our strong alumni network, best of luck, keep in touch, and welcome to our
family of proud Panthers. I also want to give a
shout out to my niece, Chardonnay Hunt, who’s graduating today. Congratulations, Chardie, job well done. (applause) – So graduates, soon to be alumni, what are you hearing? The work doesn’t stop. So, thank you, Brentell. As I look out over this audience, I see countless faces of support. Isn’t it great to have so
many in the audience today? This is wonderful. (applause) So I know that our graduates have received a great deal of non-academic support and
inspiration on their journey to get here today. It’s come from parents, spouses, children, friends, colleagues, and family, many who are here, and many who are far away. But they’re beaming their support. So class of 2018, to recognize everything
that’s been done for you in the audience, and those who are here to
support and inspire you, which led you here today, I’d like you all, bachelors, masters, and PhD students to please rise and give your parents, family, friends, and other supporters a
thundering round of applause. (cheers and applause) Now, let me share a few
comments about Peter Feigin, who is our esteemed commencement speaker. You may have heard of the Milwaukee Bucks. You know, there we go. You know that pro basketball team that had the Celtics, the Boston Celtics, on the run during the first
round of the NBA Playoffs. So Peter is President of the Bucks. And, he has enlivened this city in so many ways since arriving here in 2014. Most people don’t know that
becoming President of the Bucks was kind of a happenstance for Peter. A native New Yorker, there’s no doubt that he has the chops to lead a large sports enterprise. Yet, the genesis of Peter becoming the leader of the Bucks was at a school, the Trevor Day School in Manhattan where Peter’s brother, Dan, is the Assistant Head of School and Director of the Upper School. He’s joined us here today, by the way. Two of the Bucks’ co-owners had children attending the school and Peter’s brother
connected them with Peter to do an analysis of the team from development and sales perspective. And the rest is history
as the saying goes. Peter’s professional
background includes roles as the Chief Marketing Officer and Revenue Officer for the Deluxe Entertainment
Services Group, Vice President of Marketing
and Business Development with the Madison Square Garden Company, and various roles with the
New York Knicks, among others. What sets Peter apart, and it’s not that his brother, Dan, is the identical twin– By the way, how many of you knew that? Not a lot. What sets Peter apart is what I call “Big Hat Thinking”. He has completely reimagined
a new future for the Bucks with a vision of a
championship team playing in a state-of-the art facility that is the nucleus for partnerships, community-building and economic growth that is so critically
important to the future of Milwaukee, as well as Wisconsin. Clearly, we have seen this
expansive thinking in action. And now, it gives me great pleasure to turn things over to
our Commencement speaker so that we can hear his
energy and insights. Peter. (applause) – Good morning Panthers! Chancellor Mone, faculty, friends, family, and of course 2018 graduates, it’s a privilege, it’s an
honor to stand before you. I can’t thank you enough
for this invitation. I’m humbled. I’m grateful. I’m a little bit sweaty, but I’m beyond appreciative. So thank you. Why would UWM ask me to speak at this important, most momentous event, your commencement? I can only think of a few reasons. One, is I am sure to make this short. You see, I suffer from an attention issue, maybe not suffer. I call it ADA, Attention Deficit Advantage. (laughter) No one is going to fall asleep. I might swear, but I promised my mother I would drop the F bomb no matter what. (laughter) I love life, and after 48 years of it, I have collected a few tips that might come in handy for you guys. I have a simple story. I have had the good fortune to work for several visionary leaders who not only want ed to
buy an NBA franchise, but wanted to transform the city of Milwaukee in the process. We have spent the last four years reinvigorating a team, growing a business, building a world class arena in district, and redefining what corporate citizenship and responsibility can be. I simply have the greatest job. I have a job that allows
me to do what I love. You can carry that as
one of your themes today. And now I’m here to tell you, you can do the same in whatever future you choose after UWM. Your story, kind of simple, kind of scary. You’re all about to enter the workforce or continue your education. And whether you go into accounting, zoo keeping, teaching or anything in between, there are things you can do
to make yourself successful, and make the world a better place. At the Bucks, we’ve
defined eight important guiding principles for success, and bettering the world. These principles are in no specific order. They are simple and self explanatory. So because we’re at a
commencement address, I will put them in order, and explain them. (laughter) Let’s start. Your number one principle, be present or don’t show up. It’s very simple. I’m sure you understand what it means. Give your best, or nothing. Just being present is not existence. You must engage. Number two, and really important and Chancellor Mone
has helped me, guide me through this as we’ve
mentored through these last four years, set ridiculously high standards. Beyond being early, beyond proofing your work, beyond getting your work done, reimagine the possible. Create goals and roadmaps that
people haven’t seen before. Be curious. Keep investing in yourselves, and then accomplish them. Set ridiculously high standards. Number three, and this is important, and this is a theme that’ll go on as you guys are all texting and snapping and tweeting, include everyone, people first. Inclusion, over communicate, what are the importance of one on ones, what are the importance of informing. At the Bucks, we have
this incredible thing that happens at an exit interview when people actually leave the company. I can’t believe people leave
the company, but they do. They tell us that one of
the most important things of their experience at the Bucks are our monthly company meetings. And I can tell you why, because they’re informed. Informed people are productive. Be inclusive. Understand that culture happens with or without you. Number four is very important. You have a decision to make in whatever environment you’re in. You can choose to engage
and effect your environment, or you can choose not to. If you choose not to and just stand by, you have no one to blame but yourself. Choose to engage. Get involved. Other very simple, and I’m sure
my parents’ parents’ parents and everybody else has said this, and you’ve heard this, make sure your words match your actions. Talk the talk, then walk the walk. If you promise somebody
a response in time, fulfill it. If you say you’re going to do something, actually do it. If you’re going to be late, make sure you know that and
overcompensate for that. You have to make sure your
words match your actins. Number six, and we go
back to this because of the millennial nature you guys are in. The most effective form of social media is a face to face relationship. I know that sounds challenging. (applause) I know that sounds challenging as I watch you all tweet, as I watch you text. Some of you taking pictures. I’m sure maybe a few hundred of you are checking your Facebook page. These are all supplementary to direct personal relationships. They are not replacements for them. You’ve got to proactively develop your personal relationship skills. Do not run away from them. And here’s why, these personal relationships
establish with your clients, your colleagues, your friends, your business partners will carry you through the rough spots, and more importantly, enable you to carry others. Number seven, this is another simple one, but boy we don’t really get to it. Don’t be a jerk. (laughter) (applause) Yeah. Be nice. Be nice, it takes about
the same amount of energy. Great leaders and teammates are almost never jerks. Always maintain a sense of humor. And remember, life has enough drama, don’t add to it. Self awareness and
lighthearted self-deprecation always beats self promotion and taking the situation
or oneself too seriously. Be nice. And finally, number eight, which is the most important one. Work your butt off. (applause) I can tell you, I’m not an analyst of human nature, but I’ve been around enough I can tell you the one thing, the one constant of
every successful person in whatever field they’re in is they work harder than 99% of the rest of the population. And the good news is, you guys can control that yourselves. Work your butt off. So these are simple, right. I’ve reduced them down to eight. But they are incredibly difficult to follow consistently. And I know, because I’ve
failed at every one of these principles at one time or another. More good news is following any one of these principles, will make you more successful. There is winning and loosing. There are always and always
will be bumps in the road. Important thing is not how far you fall, but how fast you pick yourself up and how strong you are at finding solutions. Be solution oriented. It will change the world. (applause) In closing, I’d like
to say thank you again for this opportunity to pass along any bit of advice that might be useful for you in the future. I’d like to thank my team, the Bucks, the Bucks’ owners, especially Marne Lauer McDunnah, a PhD student at UWM who helped me create this speech. I thank her very much. To Bruce Block, John Cheska, my entire family and especially my loving wife. Please remember to always thank your wife when you do things like this. (applause) If you haven’t already, and I know we stood up and waved and thanked them and clapped for them, thank your parents over and over again. Thank the countless people who helped you get here. Appreciation never goes out of style. And if you remember anything
out of this whole address, I hope you remember these nine words. Work your ass off, and make this world better. (cheers and applause) Congratulations. You’re all graduates now. Now get to work, and change the world. Go Panthers! (cheers and applause) – Thank you, Peter. And I can tell you, for all in the audience today, one of the distinguishing qualities of UW Milwaukee Panthers is their work ethic. Absolutely. (applause) Peter, thanks again. Those are some pointers
that we’ll all remember. And now, before you know it, today will be a memory to savor. our remarkable students and video team have created a little something to get us started down memory lane. Let’s take a look at these graduates as they take us on a throwback tour of TV shows that shaped
more than one generation. (“I’ll be there for you” by the Rembrants) ♪ So no one told you life
was gonna be this way ♪ ♪ Your job’s a joke, you’re broke ♪ ♪ Your love life’s DOA ♪ ♪ I never thought that ♪ ♪ It’d be so simple, but ♪ ♪ I found a way ♪ ♪ I found a way ♪ ♪ If you open up your mind ♪ ♪ It’s gonna take some time ♪ ♪ To realign ♪ (theme from “The Office”) ♪ Hanging out ♪ ♪ Down the street ♪ ♪ The same old thing ♪ ♪ We did last week ♪ ♪ Not a thing to do ♪ ♪ But talk to you ♪ ♪ Woo yeah ♪ ♪ I’ll be ready ♪ ♪ I’ll be ready ♪ ♪ Whenever you need ♪ ♪ Oh don’t you fear ♪ ♪ I’ll be ready ♪ ♪ Now this is a story ♪ ♪ All about how ♪ ♪ Exams turned my life ♪ ♪ Upside down ♪ ♪ So I’d like to take a minute ♪ ♪ Just kick it with me ♪ ♪ I’ll tell you how I became ♪ ♪ Princess of the cream city ♪ ♪ South side Milwaukee ♪ ♪ Born and raised ♪ ♪ On the playground ♪ ♪ Is where I spent most of my days ♪ ♪ Chillin’ out max ♪ ♪ And relaxing all cool ♪ ♪ And I was sinking three pointers ♪ ♪ Outside of the school ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ This is all that ♪ ♪ This is all that ♪ ♪ Now this is just an introduction ♪ ♪ Before I blow your mind ♪ ♪ The show is All of That ♪ ♪ And yes we do it all the time ♪ ♪ So sit your booty on
the floor or in a chair ♪ ♪ Ground or in the air ♪ ♪ Just don’t go nowhere ♪ ♪ Before I blow your mind ♪ ♪ Cause everything we do ♪ ♪ I’ll be there for you ♪ ♪ When the rain starts to pour ♪ ♪ I’ll be there for you ♪ ♪ Like I’ve been there before ♪ ♪ I’ll be there for you ♪ ♪ Cause you’re there for me too ♪ ♪ Hello Wisconsin ♪ (applause) Well, fantastic. Nothing like a combination of nostalgia and new adventures all wrapped into one. How about the production quality of Mary and Chris Bailor, and teammate Kyle, just putting this together. Let’s give them a shout out. (applause) I’m so proud of our capabilities. So I’m told that there are
some outtakes of this video. And if you want to see those, UWM’s Facebook channel, they’ll be featured later today. I’m a little bit afraid of some of them. Now, getting back to our ceremony. This morning, we’re awarding the 140th and 141st honorary degrees in the 60 year history of this campus. That small total should tell you a little something about the Honorary Degree
does not come easily. Such a degree is granted only after a candidate’s
nomination is approved by the UWM Honorary Degrees Committee, the UWM Faculty Senate, and the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents. It’s a long process. To help conclude this lengthy process, I call on Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Johannes Britz. – Thank you Chancellor Mone. I call upon Dean Val Klump from the School of Freshwater Sciences to bring forward Dan Egan. (applause) Chancellor Mone, the University
of Wisconsin-Milwaukee cites Dan Egan, influential author and
Great Lakes reporter. He has spent his career raising public awareness about the Great Lakes and water quality issues in the United States, as well as in Canada. Dan is a Milwaukee
Journal Sentinel reporter and has twice been a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. He recently published, “The Death and Life of the Great Lakes”, a book documenting ways to restore and preserve the Great Lakes. He’s also a senior water policy fellow at WUM’s School of Freshwater Sciences. As a graduate from the Columbia Journalism School, Dan has won the following: The Alfred DuPont
Columbia University Award, the John B. Oakes Award, as well as the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Kavli Science Journalism Awarded. Chancellor Mone, I present Dan Egan for the Honorary Degree, Doctor of Environmental Journalism. – [Mone] Wonderful. (applause) Upon recommendation of the faculty of the University
of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and by the authority vested in me by the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents, I am pleased to confer upon you, Dan Egan, the honorary degree, Doctor of Environmental Journalism. (applause) – Thank you. Thank you. – I ask Provost Britz to continue the Honorary Degree
segment of our ceremony. – Thank you Chancellor Mone. I now call upon the
Interim Dean, David Clark, of the College of Letters and Sciences to bring forward our second Honorary Degree recipient, Kenneth Germanson. (applause) Chancellor Mone, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee cites Kenneth Germanson, labor history educator and journalist. Kenneth is a lifelong Milwaukeean who began his 60 year career as a journalist at the historic Milwaukee Sentinel. He became actively involved in the labor movement and remains passionate community activist. Hey played also an integral role in the creation actually of UW-Milwaukee. When he enrolled at UW-Extension in Milwaukee in 1947, it was only a two year institution. And there was no four
year public institution in Milwaukee like there is today. Kenneth led a series of caravans right to Madison in 1949 as well as in 1950 where he and fellow students lobbied for a four year campus right here in Milwaukee. Those efforts came to fruition with the establishment of UW-Milwaukee in 1956. A history maker and a historian, Kenneth was also a character
and founding member of the Wisconsin Labor History Society. He is now President Emeritus. He is furthermore
recipient of many awards. I’ll just list a few. The Frank P. Zeidler
Community Services Award of the City of Milwaukee. Witness to History Award from the Milwaukee County
Historical Society, and the Eugene V. Debs Award from the Midwest Labor Press Association. Very impressive. Chancellor Mone, I present Kenneth Germanson for the Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters. (applause) – [Mone] Thank you Provost Britz. Upon recommendation of the faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and by the authority vested in me by the Board of Regents, I am pleased to confer upon you, Kenneth Germason, the Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters. (applause) We are now about to begin the most anticipated and important part of today’s program when we recognize our graduates. (applause) Four volunteers make up a vital part of this portion of the program. These are the people who
read graduates’ names. I’d like to thank our
readers for their help today. They are: Andrea Azarian, Colin Daly, Gabriela Dorantes, and Betty Warras. Let’s give them a round of applause. (applause) So a final word for all
ceremony participants. To make today’s program as meaningful to our last graduate as the first who walk across the stage, I request that after
you receive your degree, that you please return to your seat for the remainder of the ceremony. I must tell you, it’s rainy, it’s windy, it might even snow outside today. (laughter) Okay, just kidding, but snow
in May is not unheard of. Your fellow graduates
and I really do thank you for that consideration. So, now, parents and friends, these are the final words of instruction to all of you as well. You may have been asked by your graduate not to shout or cheer
when their name is read or when they come across the stage. Please know that a chancellor
outranks a graduate any day. So their request is herby overruled. Do not hesitate to show your appreciation, your pride in their accomplishments. (applause) Now, I call upon Provost Johannes Britz to begin the processing of awarding our academic degrees. – Thank you again, Chancellor Mone. I now call upon the dean
of the Graduate School, Dean Marija Gajdardziska Josifovska, who will present candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Nursing Practice. – Thank you. Candidates for the degrees Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Nursing Practice will please rise. (applause) Chancellor Mone, these scholars have devoted years of intensive work to graduate study and research. In addition, they have
defended dissertations that have been accepted
by faculty committees as substantial contributions to knowledge in their respective fields. Therefore, upon recommendation of the Graduate Faculty Committee and by vote of the Board of Regents, they are presented for the
highest academic recognition within this top tier
doctoral research university, the doctoral degree. – Well done. (applause) You have completed the requirements for your doctorate and on the recommendation of
the Graduate Faculty Counsel, and by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Board of Regents, I admit you to the
appropriate doctor’s degree. In testimony thereof, come forward at the
direction of the marshals with your escort and receive your diploma and emblem of your achievement, the academic hood. – [Woman] Terra Rasmussen, escorted by Leslie Harris. (applause) Amber Leigh Henson, escorted by Peter Dunn
and Linda Whittington. (applause) Daniel Nealon, Daniel Nealon, escorted by Gerlinde Hoebel. (applause) Jessica Willenbrink, escorted by Kyongboon Kwon. Kai Tai Chen, escorted by Kyongboon Kwon. (applause) – [Colin Daly] Abby Zimmerman, escorted by Jennifer Doering. – [Woman] Rebecca Copeck, escorted by David Klingbeil. (applause) – [Colin Daly] Katie Gillespie, escorted by Jennifer Doering. – [Woman] Maxwell Long, escorted by Elise Frattura. (cheers and applause) – [Colin Daly] Susan Abraham, escorted by AkkeNeel Talsma. – [Woman] Theresa Decrat, escorted by Marty Sapp. – [Colin Daly] Ivan Katib, escorted by Larry Martin. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Nicholas Lambrue, escorted by Stephen Wester. – [Colin Daly] Michael Harmon, escorted by Tiffany Kodak. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Rayann Frye, escorted by Stephen Wester. – [Colin Daly] Samantha Bergman, also escorted by Tiffany Kodak. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Kaitlin Blair, escorted by James “Dimitri” Topitzes. (cheers and applause) – [Colin Daly] Natasha Wade, escorted by Krista Lisdahl. – [Woman] Thomas Caukins, escorted by Jennifer Jordan. (cheers and applause) – [Colin Daly] Laura Courtaur, escorted by Ira Dricol. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Martin Maynor, escorted by Scott Drewianka. – [Colin Daly] Elaine Mahoney, escorted by Debra Hannula. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Gabriel Corey, escorted by John Haywood. (cheers and applause) – [Colin Daly] Tara Miscovich, escorted by Christine Larson. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Jundra Muli Banjir, escorted by Niloy Bose. – [Colin Daly] Kevin Hayworth, also escorted by Christine Larson. – [Woman] Amid Adirkani, escorted by Moshen Bahmani Oskooee. – [Colin Daly] You-si Young, escorted by Christine Larson. (applause) – [Woman] Amir Hosen Mohamedian, escorted by Moshen Bahmani Oskooee. – [Colin Daly] Dednani Mujerje, escorted by Patrick Brady and Philip Chang. – [Woman] Carina Wills, escorted by Mike Allen. (cheers and applause) – [Colin Daly] Lindsey Cachellic, escorted by Julie Darmody. (applause) – [Woman] Jeremy Aldolphson, escorted by Nancy Burell. (applause) – [Colin Daly] Shaun Skirky, escorted by Julie Darmody. – [Woman] Mora Churny, escorted by Erin Ruppel. – [Colin Daly] Gabriel Acodo, escorted by Dr. Diane Shadowalt. – [Woman] Samantha Quinn, escorted by Erin Ruppel. (cheers and applause) – [Colin Daly] Mary Sales, also escorted by Diane Shadowalt. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Valarie Fisher, escorted by Lindsey Timmerman. (cheers and applause) – [Colin Daly] Ryan Fruend, escorted by Vipavee Thongpriwan. – [Woman] Josh Miller, escorted by Catherine Olson. – [Colin Daly] Elise Peters, also escorted by Vipavee Thongpriwan. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Sherry Hoffman, escorted by Greg Jay. (cheers and applause) – [Colin Daly] Sarah Slivon, escorted by Sandra Millon-Underwood. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Kristin Fay, escorted by Greg Jay. – [Colin Daly] Barbara Hazy, escorted by Theresa Johnson. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Bridgette Keys, escorted by Tammy Williams. – [Colin Daly] Laura Swobota, escorted by Peninnah Kako. – [Woman] Sarah Ohm, escorted by Alan Achwabacher. – [Colin Daly] Ann Santon, escorted by Peninnah Kako. – [Woman] Josie Korby, escorted by David Frick. – [Colin Daly] Dua Hafes, escorted by Kim Litwack. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Saidali Banisadar, escorted by Jung Chen. (cheers and applause) – [Colin Daly] Krystal Ray Evans, also escorted by Kim Litwack. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Ingrid Nordstrom, escorted by Mary Kelly Powell. – [Colin Daly] Alham Sadihi, escorted by Dr. Sneath. – [Woman] Danielle Devasto, escorted by Scott Graham. (cheers and applause) – [Colin Daly] Eileen Sherburn, escorted by Julia Snethen. – [Woman] Daniel Card, also escorted by Scott Graham. (cheers and applause) – [Colin Daly] Brittany
Ann Elizabeth Clug, escorted by Julia Snethen. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Louise Zamparuti, escorted by Shavon Watson. – [Colin Daly] Herbert Rash, escorted by Julie Snethen. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Catherine Sterner, escorted by Robert Jeske. (cheers and applause) – [Colin Daly] Lindsey Ray Emer, escorted by Lance Weinhardt. – [Woman] Elizabeth Spot, also escorted by Robert Jeske. (cheers and applause) – [Colin Daly] Maxin Ingochaira, escorted by Harvey Bootsma and Al Klump. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Lindsey Thorson, escorted by Patricia Richards. – [Colin Daly] Nyong Chuy, escorted by Richard Smiraglia. Ann Graph, escorted by Richard Smiraglia. – [Woman] Daniel Murray, escorted by Phillip Chang. Martin Feeton, escorted by Richard Stockbridge. (cheers and applause) Brian Peach, escorted by Craig Gilbault. (cheers and applause) (laughter) Song Pong Si Wong Sa, escorted by Yi Ming Zou. Yang Song, escorted by Woonsup Choi. Yui Hashimoto, escorted by Ann Bonds. Cary Smith, escorted by Joel Rast. (cheers and applause) Debra Blanks, escorted by Jenna Lloyd. (cheers and applause) Patricia Torres Nairez, escorted by Kristin Sziarto. (cheers and applause) Leigh Abbot, escorted by Andrew Kincaid. Onjalai Sing, also escorted by Andrew Kincaid. And Christopher Williams, escorted by Maurice Kilwein-Guevara. – Please give a round of applause to the doctoral degree recipients. (applause) Chancellor Mone, the Dean Marija will now
award the master’s degrees, and on education specialist degrees to candidates who have fulfilled the degree requirements. – Thank you Provost Britz. Would the degree candidates for Master of Arts, Master of Liberal Studies, Master of Library and Information Science, Master of Science, Master of Freshwater Sciences, Master of Nursing, Master of Public Administration, Master of Public Health, Master of Human Resources
and Labor Relations, and Master of Social Work, plus the candidates for the Education Specialist degree now please rise? (cheers and applause) Chancellor Mone, I present these candidates for a second, third or terminal degree
in their respective fields. Upon recommendation of the
Graduate Faculty Committee, and by vote of the Regents, they are eligible for admission to their appropriate degree. – Thank you Dean
Gajdardziskara Josifovska. You candidates have completed the requirements for
the appropriate master’s or specialist degrees. On recommendation of the
Graduate Faculty Committee and by virtue of the
authority vested in me by 6the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, I admit you to the appropriate master’s and specialist degree. In testimony thereof, please some forward and receive your diploma when directed by the marshals. Until then, please be seated. – The School of Freshwater Sciences. Samuel Posnanski. (cheers and applause) Makayla Barkovick. Brennan Dow. Jose Bas Aldua. Phillip Rouse. From the Joseph J. Zilber
School of Public Health. Shelby Fritch. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Helen Bader
School of Social Welfare. Brianne Jarrett. – [Colin Daly] Shamnan Nickraven. – Alison Santag. – [Colin Daly] James Grow. – Kellie Cullen. – [Colin Daly] Sophia Highly. – Nathan Fritchler. – [Colin Daly] Rachael Morgan. – Alexis Hoffmeister. – [Colin Daly] Kristin Comnick. – Jonah Riegal. – [Colin Daly] Audrey McGuire. – Brett Ling. – [Colin Daly] Chelsea More. – [Woman] Joshua Heinz. – [Colin Daly] Hannah Undurko. – Kaitlin Phillips. – [Colin Daly] Jacob Josevouski. – Hollis Zacore. – [Colin Daly] Christina Corrie. – Sarah Bowman. – [Colin Daly] Rashama Corine. – Brianna Catch. – [Colin Daly] Corolla Alexandra Ferisimo. Kelsey Dale. – James Oliver. – [Colin Daly] Jasmine Adams. – Anna Bulwork. – [Colin Daly] Michael Otzelberger. – Brianna Jones. – [Colin Daly] Brittney Goodridge. – Audrey Buchanan. – [Colin Daly] Omaborlar Ornularmi. – Tammy Gray. (cheers and applause) – [Colin Daly] Rabia Amjad. – Zoe Reinhardt. – [Colin Daly] Derick Lucas. – Taylor Leibfreid. Alison Ward. – [Woman] From the College of Nursing. – Ashley Cos– – [Woman] Jaime Antonio Castillo. (cheers and applause) Miranda Vandilou. – [Woman] Lela Marami. – [Woman] Elizabeth Campbell. – Zhua Zon. – [Woman] Anna Buckolts. – Vanessa Peters. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Abigail Colenburg. – Mark Yurkimivich. – [Woman] Sarah Bane. – Nadia Ramirez. – [Woman] Joseph Naurski. – Sabrina Es Lara. – [Woman] Michael McCoole. – Alisa Declean. – [Woman] Simran Coar. – Amy Lang. – [Woman] Abigail Jorgenson. – Garrett Kluthe. – [Woman] Katie Leigh Meyers. – Dominic Rakowski. – [Woman] Jacklyn Marie Ruiz. – Zach Sharfriede. – [Woman] Beth Anne Noak. – Derick Smith. Alexis Miller. – [Colin Daly] From the
school of Information Studies. – Veronica Gartland. – [Colin Daly] Terry Ale. – Julia Lipscaoh. – [Colin Daly] Jessica McCall. – Amanda Rossman. – [Colin Daly] Benjamin Wilke. – Makayla Maygal. – [Colin Daly] Jennifer Puhawk. – Brooklyn Peterson. – [Colin Daly] Erin Murray. Kaitlin McCue. – Angela Deadlow. – [Colin Daly] Kimberly Hunter. – Brie Heilman. – [Colin Daly] Aubrey Huff. – Zoe Schmidt. – [Colin Daly] Thomas Campbell. – Kimberly Brand Hagen. – [Colin Daly] Heidi Anderson Ferdinand. – Haley Challener. – [Colin Daly] Elizabeth Jerabeck. – Abbey Van Boxtale. – [Colin Daly] Pamela Kinso. – Ryan Mallow. – [Colin Daly] Michael Peterson. – Allie Eichenhofer. – [Colin Daly] Erin Nectoline. – Daniel Lingin. – [Colin Daly] Chandra Moorehaus. – Parminderjit Sing. – [Colin Daly] Isabel Lipton. – Lisa Harris. – [Colin Daly] Clair Dinkleman. – Jenny Densmore. – [Colin Daly] Victoria Peters. – Erin Blathers. – [Colin Daly] Emily Voss. – Yomazi Brooks. (cheers and applause) – [Colin Daly] Mary Taylor. – Jasmine Whiting. – [Colin Daly] Scarlet Paris. – Tyse Bateman. – [Colin Daly] Gwendolyn Byrd. – Lissete Whitaker. – [Colin Daly] Johnny Vang. – Kelly Butler. – [Colin Daly] Sunsar View. – Rachael Rally. – [Colin Daly] Adriana Shue. – Linda Hang. – [Woman] From the School of Education. Angelo Cosmay. – Jennifer Savage. – [Woman] Paul Bitsen. (cheers and applause) – From the College of Letters and Science: Samantha Schwartz. – [Woman] Colleen Schultz. – Benjamin Fall Talsic. – [Woman] Rebecca Mankins. – Benjamin Formanic. – [Woman] Brian James. – [Woman] Michael Thousen. – [Woman] Sarah Diswarte. – [Woman] William Langhoff. – [Woman] Natalie Kubachech. – [Woman] Mary Chris Dansler. – [Woman] Lauren Faust. – Jennifer Fullhardt. – [Woman] Allison Foyer. – [Woman] Brendan Dorne. – [Woman] Jeanie Lillich. – Evan Britzman. Erin. – [Woman] Robert Kremel. – Erin Tenent. – [Woman] Katie Abbot. – Terrell Janet. – [Woman] What is this? Amata Soyka. – Michael Campbell. – [Woman] Elizabeth Baumgarten. – Benjamin Edlestein. – [Woman] Miles Hovick. – Jasmine Madlock. – [Woman] Jamie Gleasing. – Andrea Honor. – [Woman] Jessica Shuld. – Chelsea Peaka. – [Woman] Mackenzie Hoffman. – Gornor Zaycon. – [Woman] Marne Vara. – Peter Burris. – [Woman] Brianna Farrell. – Serena Skitchen. – [Woman] Margaret Flath. – Ray Sotiel. – [Woman] Nancy Keneck. – Christopher Connors. – [Woman] Kaitlin Mead. – Anna Ebner. – [Woman] Majorie Struck. – Samantha Hagal. – [Woman] Ashley Deluca. – James Lopez, Jr. – [Woman] Elisa Sanfilippo. Kaitlin Hackett. – Kelsey Rosma. – [Woman] Chelsea Showers. Chelsea Kealer. – Selena Urdman. – [Woman] Tenisha Showalter. – April Bena. – [Woman] Matthew Fairy. – Mohammed Eos. – [Woman] Hannah Grinkey. – Veronica Toff. – [Woman] Jenessa Patterson. – Victoria Underhill. – [Woman] Haley Deluca. – Amy Milson Clemer. – [Woman] Rachael Rochinski. – [Woman] Jared Glazer. – [Woman] Cho Chang Zhang. – David Christopher Bersianas. – [Woman] Laura Glowie. – Patrick Yutz. – [Woman] Joslyn Jones. – Denina Ogennades. – [Woman] Cassandra Benfield. – Sebastian Lynn. – [Woman] Linda Vang. – Robert Berg. – [Woman] Megan Reardon. – Stanley Porakan. – [Woman] Brian Summerfield. – Austin Wellhaus. – [Woman] Ariana Capricious. – Alex Rucca. – [Woman] Curtissa McMillan. – Christina Purlenburg. – [Woman] Shelby Gutoskey. – Derick Evander Johns, Jr. – [Woman] Keon Technique Curtis. – Jennifer Aoamonga. – [Woman] Christopher Fox. – Julie Hoffman. – [Woman] Erin Gray. – Katie Bale. – [Woman] Stacey Cortes. – Nevada Hessler. – [Woman] Laurence McGwen. – Jill Hoffman – [Woman] Scott Sailing. – Nicole Solakevich. – [Woman] Patrick Larson. – Rachael Scarsdon. – [Woman] Joshua Griffy. – Brian Trott. – [Woman] Tracey Wool. – Danielle Larson. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Melisa Tobias. – Caitlyn Fulton. (cheers and applause) – [Woman] Haley Lamere. – Kyle Caldwell. – [Woman] Kaitlin Bonner. – Margaret Gifford. – [Woman] Mackenzie Coogle. – Miranda Olson. – [Woman] Randy Kissner. – Samantha Classic. – [Woman] Joshua Brath. – Kimberly Gussey Forgackas. – [Woman] Deanna Windorf. – Gabriela Vanden Elsen. – [Woman] Brandy Weigert. – Sukina Alhabib. – [Woman] Nachia Moa. – Swuatie Sharma. – [Woman] Monique Porter. – [Woman] Christian Grim. – [Woman] Jakari Carr. – Alexander Crienbring. – [Woman] Michelle Glady. – Julien Dersh. Julia Valder. – [Woman] Ashley Marie Valentine. – Oliver Meister. – [Woman] And, Crystal Griffin. (cheers and applause) – Sophia Verdelweldweki. Leonard Coinzik. Mia Phieffer. (cheers and applause) Kayla McMann. Susie Nyoko. (cheers and applause) Gabriel Finuko. (cheers and applause) Lord Asante Hookawaki. Keenon Hassle. Kate Kegstand. Andy Wanta. Sheryl Stephenson. Chase Glenister. Madeline Salo. Elizabeth Baruki. Kenwan Flynn. Jennifer Keller. Marian Ex. And Andrew Martin. (applause) – So please give a round of applause to the master’s and
specialist degree graduates. (applause) So, Chancellor Mone, we now come to the part of the program that has been known to get rather loud. It is the part that recognizes the brilliant candidates who have completed their studies leading to the bachelor’s degree. (cheers and applause) I call upon Interim Dean Dave Clark of the College of Letters and Sciences. (cheers and applause) – Candidates for the– Candidates for the degree
of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in the College of Letters and Science will please rise. (cheers and applause) Chancellor Mone, these candidates have completed
their course requirements and upon recommendation of the faculty of the College of Letters and Science, and by vote of the Regents, they are presented for
their appropriate degree. Candidates, please be seated. – Thank you Dave. I now call upon Dean Tomas Lipinski of the School of Information Studies. – Candidates for the degree Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Technology please rise. (cheers and applause) Chancellor Mone, these technological innovators and candidates have completed
their course requirements and upon recommendation of the faculty of the School of Information Studies, and by vote of the Regents, they are presented for their degree. Candidates, please be seated. – Thank you Dean Tom. I call now upon Dean Kim Litwack of the College of Nursing. (cheers and applause) – Candidates for the degree Bachelor of Science in
the College of Nursing please rise. (cheers and applause) Chancellor Mone, these candidates have completed
their course requirements and upon recommendation of the faculty of the College of Nursing, and by vote of the Regents, the best prepared nurses
in the state of Wisconsin, are presented for their degree. Candidates, please be seated. – Thank you Dean Kim. I now call upon Dean Alan Shoho of the School of Education. (cheers and applause) – Candidates for the
degree Bachelor of Science in the School of Education, will you please rise. (cheers and applause) Chancellor Mone, these candidates have completed
their course requirements and upon recommendation of the faculty of the School of Education, and by vote of the Regents, they are presented for their degree. Candidates, please be seated. (cheers and applause) – Thank you Dean Alan. I now call upon Dean Stan Stojkovic of the Helen Bader
School of Social Welfare. (cheers and applause) – Candidates for the degree
of Bachelor of Science in the Helen Bader
School of Social Welfare, please rise. (cheers and applause) Chancellor Mone, these candidates have
completed their requirements and upon recommendation of the faculty of the Helen Bader
School of Social Welfare, and by vote of the Regents, are presented their degree. Candidates, please be seated. – Thank you Dean Stan. And now, will all the candidates
for the bachelor’s degree please rise. (cheers and applause) So Chancellor Mone, these brilliant candidates from several schools and colleges of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have been presented by
their respective deans for their appropriate degrees. – Thank you Provost Britz. You have completed the requirements of your respective degrees; therefore, upon recommendation
of the various facilities and by virtue of the
authority vested in me by the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents, I admit you to the bachelor’s degree appropriate to the course which you have completed. In testimony thereof, you may come forward
and receive your diploma as directed by the marshals. Until then, please be seated. (cheers and applause) (group chatter) – [Woman] College of Letters and Science. Natalie Schlacter. – [Colin Daly] School
of Information Studies, Adrian Kunda. – Benjamin Jerard. – [Colin Daly] Jeremiah Steitinger. – Samantha Finnegan. – [Colin Daly] Brendan Lensler. – Morgan Costerman. – [Colin Daly] Lauren Trotter. – Rebecca Farrell. – [Colin Daly] Matthew Boubolts. – Emily Kepsel. – [Colin Daly] Lauren Collenberg. – Ellison Patsa. – [Colin Daly] Monica Sharkey. – Dana Samuels. – [Colin Daly] Alexander Denson. – Joshua Valdez. – [Colin Daly] Dakota Caldwell. – Ian Shields. – [Colin Daly] Kaitlin Letterer. – Zoe Colip. – [Colin Daly] Morgan Heller. – Sebastian Black. – [Colin Daly] Collin Haun. – Stephanie Nordsith. – [Colin Daly] Douglas Kapis. – Winter Walber. – [Colin Daly] Desmond Jones. – Emily Betcher. – [Colin Daly] Mitchella Halava. – Kelley Stacey. – [Colin Daly] Chican Zhang. – Justin Longo. – [Colin Daly] Nia Zhang. – Jessica Petri. – [Colin Daly] Nick Lee. – Christian Balistrari. – [Colin Daly] Yang Zhang. – Adam Hussman. – [Colin Daly] Cody Passbreg. – Sarah Tie. – [Colin Daly] John Clockee. – Abbey Taylor. – [Colin Daly] Terrick Sour. – Amanda Nicole Grommin. – [Colin Daly] Douglas Warglet. – Zachary Maynard. – [Colin Daly] Alex Brene. – Kirsten Bower. – [Colin Daly] Franz Workmeister. – Daniel Anderson. – [Colin Daly] Adam Huseby. – Erin Peterson. – [Colin Daly] Michael Brown. – Erica Dresden. – [Colin Daly] Johnathan Pheiffer. – Christian Yumanis. – [Colin Daly] John Trout. – Christina Louik. – [Colin Daly] Jennifer Lambert. – Rachael Olson. – [Colin Daly] Lauren Johnson. – Kaitlin Stecklin. – [Colin Daly] Mara Figueroa. – Rebecca Silas. – [Colin Daly] Naoh Abadani. – Gregory Wisnuski. – [Colin Daly] Betsy D’genski. – Kaitlin Pauley. – [Colin Daly] Nuni Yang. – Kiera Ader. – [Colin Daly] Kera Scanador. – Jessie Hale. – [Colin Daly] Kelby Fritz. – Kevin Clark. – [Colin Daly] Vincent Mua. – Samuel K. Kafer. – [Colin Daly] Joseph Peters. – Michael Rader. – [Colin Daly] Daniel Regalato. – Emma Fiorita. – [Colin Daly] Samuel Gillingham. – Jessica Martin. – [Colin Daly] Joshua Vang. – Melissa Jacobs. – [Colin Daly] Noah Sullivan. – Melissa Behagi. – [Colin Daly] Michael Vin. – Grace Kish. – [Colin Daly] Joseph Zebao. – Makayla Martin. – [Colin Daly] Hosarme Jabardi. – Zachary Aspinal. – [Colin Daly] Jamie Yakman. – Eric Weber. – [Colin Daly] Marianne McLennan. – Christina Para. – [Colin Daly] Justin Moy. – Nicole Tom. – [Colin Daly] Alphonso Latuga. – Madelyn Decouski. – [Colin Daly] Peter Quantovan. – Samantha Dunn. – [Colin Daly] Rosio Via. – Charlie Goodman. – [Colin Daly] Michael Butchley. – Sarah Gilbert. – [Colin Daly] Adam Hunter. – Christ Shubusky. – [Colin Daly] Rodney Tapp, Jr. – Anthony Heffron. – [Colin Daly] Jordan Smith. – Margaret Rose Kennedy. – [Colin Daly] Justin Vavra. – Deanna Schneider. – [Colin Daly] Joseph Marino. – Jessica Coffee. – [Colin Daly] Roger Canfields. – Lou Greva. – [Colin Daly] Cassandra Pollock. – Trent Deoyster. – [Colin Daly] Ryan Subley. – Jacklyn Wokoyack. – [Colin Daly] Hassan Mertata. – Rachael Jane Lynn. – [Colin Daly] Allison Hecker. – Stephen Grillinger. – [Colin Daly] L’quan Bates. – Mackenzie Jollycore. – [Colin Daly] Jason Moore. – Mitchell Anderson. – [Colin Daly] Latrita Downey. – Brennis Stoddard. – [Colin Daly] Alexander Montosantos. – David Lopoor. – [Colin Daly] Jillian LaNobel. – Mary Garvins. – [Colin Daly] From
the College of Nursing. Keanna Avery. – Francis Perkins. – [Colin Daly] Tyranny Schmitts. – Samantha McMullin. – [Colin Daly] Lauren Token. – Lisa Thompson. – [Colin Daly] Morgan Roberts. – Austin Marie Taylor. – [Colin Daly] Hannah Horne. – Christine Ruth Jones. – [Colin Daly] Megan Williams. – Emily Gallagher Schmitts. – [Colin Daly] Haley Burgmeier. – Kelly Sutinnin. – [Colin Daly] Courtney Weary. – Tristan Freeze. – [Colin Daly] Hannah Lucas. – Tonya Millasovli. – [Colin Daly] Stephanie Castowitz. – Jabril Hammid. – [Colin Daly] Marietou Diallo. – Emma Woollacott. – [Colin Daly] Haley Bell. – Jessica Nune. – [Colin Daly] Chinese Markets. – Nicholas Patrinos, the third. – [Colin Daly] Jeanie Endris. – Arianna Isabel Ramirez. – [Colin Daly] Leanne Seiferts. – Jennifer Rick. – [Colin Daly] Nora Grosser. – Dylan Jordan. – [Colin Daly] Jasmine Zechie. – Benjamin Luvachecht. – [Colin Daly] Hadeel Namir. – Denzel Haynes. – [Colin Daly] Justine Sawicki. – Alex Scirvener. – [Colin Daly] Mariah Suflinski. – Elizabeth Lund. – [Colin Daly] Lauren Williams. – Andrea Ballard. – [Colin Daly] Alexis Williams. – Callie Hansen. – [Colin Daly] Marissa Worber. Susan Sclero. – Sherita Drinkwater. – [Colin Daly] Catherine Tourdoff. – Logan Shoyer. – [Colin Daly] Kaitlin Jolly. – Amanda Schmitts. – [Colin Daly] Brittney Heller. – Abigail Zuwicki. – [Colin Daly] Jade Sharp. – Benjamin Parr. – [Colin Daly] Catherine Neiberly. – Jason Vault. – [Colin Daly] Janelle Meyers. (cheers and applause) – Mary Beth Growth. – [Colin Daly] Cheyenne Rosenthal. – Sarah Layman. – [Colin Daly] Rachael Gildersleave. – Hannah Hutchinson. – [Colin Daly] Abigail Parr. – Whitney Ramos. – [Colin Daly] Kevin Rhymits. – Bailey Keller. – [Colin Daly] Allison Rabidu. – Desiree Sheller. – [Colin Daly] Kristin Yolk. – Wesley Cruz. – [Colin Daly] Michelle Adams. – Kaylie Zacker. – [Colin Daly] Theresa Evenson. – Nicholas Quant. – [Colin Daly] Haley Hardwick. – Herbert Kante Wonderly. – [Colin Daly] Alisha Engle. – Cody Brond. – [Colin Daly] Jessica Wilke. – Brooke Nagle. – [Colin Daly] Britney Ramirez. – Allison Kenny. – [Colin Daly] Carolyn Lyons. – Ashley Anderson. – [Colin Daly] Erica Books. – Austin Baldwin. – [Colin Daly] Victoria Navaro. – Sandy Arient. – [Colin Daly] Taylor Edder. – Jumana Al Juma. – [Colin Daly] Alexis Burgetts. – Eric Lira. – [Colin Daly] Caitlyn Fielding. – Rebecca Straceski. – [Colin Daly] Sara Mickolash. – Leah Ready. – [Colin Daly] Brian Lockamis. – Paul Dickson. – [Colin Daly] Mariah Salem. – Emily Nordlo. – [Colin Daly] Latoya Newell. – Gabriel Stoltz. – [Colin Daly] Juen Yuen. – Bennet Young. – [Colin Daly] Cherry Casanata. – Kiara Prossy. – [Colin Daly] Yvette Maseias. – Caitlyn Doleman. – [Colin Daly] Mary Vang. – Brandon Owen. – [Colin Daly] Cara Margelofsky. – Evan MacDonald. – [Colin Daly] Keniah Thurman. – Monique Amadon. – [Colin Daly] Lee Vang. – Alisha Arnt. – [Colin Daly] Gabriel Rasmussen. – Clair Freckman. – [Colin Daly] Robert Murphy. – Monica Skipper. – [Colin Daly] Derick Ziegler. – Natasha Frona. – [Colin Daly] Kang Moua. – Riley Crocomo. – [Colin Daly] Fatu Dugaray. – Alexis Luna Walker. – [Colin Daly] Ashley Shady. – Nicole Alsweiger. – [Colin Daly] Noel Arcand. – Omar Abuali. – [Colin Daly] Evelyn McGregor. – Matthew Wamser. – [Colin Daly] Amanda Stuark. – Madison Crouch. – [Colin Daly] Jessica Harbin. – Danielle Crowe. – [Colin Daly] Bailey Borgous. – Jennifer Howski. – [Colin Daly] Morgan Kaisley. – Benjamin Stege. – [Colin Daly] Casey Ramey. – Olivia Bauchum. – [Colin Daly] Caitlyn Snider. – Grace O’Neil. – [Colin Daly] Ashley Briggs. – Peter Shay. – [Colin Daly] Marissa Cartenaja. – Nora Johnson. – [Colin Daly] Michael Villarreal. – Caitlyn Pitts. – [Colin Daly] Lucas Larson. – Selena Nader. – [Colin Daly] Maggie Henning. – Timothy Trinklin. – [Colin Daly] Samantha Mitchell. – Petra Stevanovich. – [Colin Daly] Kendall Welton. – Sophia Helm – [Colin Daly] Jennifer Ann Duzack. Denise Leaper. – Ava Crawford Vukovich. – [Colin Daly] Lacrisha Chess. – Jeremy Weber. – [Colin Daly] Lissette Herrera. – Kaley Radoluvich. – [Colin Daly] Kelly Garcia. – Zoe Egaraga. – [Colin Daly] Nicole Wiggle. – Sarah Christensen. – [Colin Daly] Caitlyn Gibson. – Brandon Montgomery. – [Colin Daly] Jennifer Schwarz. – Nicole Gorlick. – [Colin Daly] Kristin Holland Honor. – Samantha Morgan Drisner. – [Colin Daly] Alyssa Santoro. – Sam Fuller. – [Colin Daly] Christine Mahallick. – Suban Fitzgerald. – [Colin Daly] Amber Bray. – Louis Deleon. – [Colin Daly] Kelly Estrada. – Emilio Newport. – [Colin Daly] Alex Shuball. (cheers and applause) Amanda Defasio. – Jenna DeRoshinski. – [Colin Daly] Eden Nackets. (cheers and applause) – Andrea Omentum. – [Colin Daly] Kerry Wicknick. – Brock Dole. – [Colin Daly] Ashley Swan. – Benjamin Slovi. – [Colin Daly] Mahogany Robins. – Kilan Vote. – [Colin Daly] Bruna Viera. – Jordan Kellogg. – [Colin Daly] Samantha McGrudder. – Naisha Stone. – [Colin Daly] Gabriela Villamora. – Sabrina Johnkins. – [Colin Daly] Jamise Curtis Sims. – Ariel Grobowski. – [Colin Daly] Anna Summers. – Madeline Macaulay. – [Colin Daly] Caroline Manringa. – Jessica Chinowski. – [Woman] From the School of Education. Andrew Knapp. – Alex Dedman. – [Woman] Joseph Menting. – Rebecca Holt. – [Woman] Robert McKennis. – William Prenuski. – [Woman] Jasmine Edwards. (cheers and applause) – Amanda MacDonald. – [Woman] Corey Bering. – Caitlyn Salter. – Eric Aguirre. – Ian Olsen. – Yuca Donahue. – Rebecca Rubinstein. – Mandip Corchala. – Jacob Jilbreth. – Caitlin Bucksbaum. – Abdul Azib Al Sharif. – Trevor Dirkson. – Lisette Frias. – Arlisha MacHenry. – Anthony Pulvino. – Dawn Bauers Winters. – Vivian Tenhaken. – Courtney Scroggins. – Anilisa Pusich. – Cassy Amers. – Nicole Bushman. – Gabrielle Zenoni. – Samantha Fletcher. – Latoya Demassis. – Pauley Lore. – Makayla Wagner. – Sarah Faline. – Susana Marine. – Marissa Massley. – Elsie Mercardo. – Brittany Cannon. – Jennifer Valdiva. – Ryan Venol. – Antonia Van. – Jacob Storm. – [Woman] Claire Dusold. – Christine Thompson – [Woman] Megan Borguart. – Shusie Kimberly Yang. – [Woman] Maria Del Carmen Gonzales Nunez. – Cole Shemick. – [Woman] Brody Astrack. – Austin Shib. – [Woman] Raim Hamed. – Nathan Fry. – [Woman] Janet Perez. – Cindy Berdloff. – [Woman] Marissa Meyer. – Santiago Diaz. – [Woman] Stephanie Schumacher. – Angela Youitts. – Martrias Heiler. – Amanda Bertrand. – Caitlyn Trocan. – Aaron Gash. – Kayla Los. – Natalie Newman. – Taylor Mary Hagan Brusher. – Kaley Langrin. – Jay Vandenlangenburg. – McKennis Skerhut. – [Woman] Grace Ports. – Haley Kilpatrick. – [Woman] Clayton Neal. – William Fiori. – [Woman] Hannah Bowlin. – Casey Ohalick. – [Woman] Abigail Loper. – Angeline Utley. – [Woman] Kayla Rahamman. – Gabriel Colbrant. – [Woman] Maria Marufo. – Madeline Day. – [Woman] Armani Stone. – Austin Mall. – [Woman] Mali Lore. – Allegra Wolray. – [Woman] Hania Chong. – Samantha Hein. – [Woman] Ci Yang. 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(cheers and applause) – Mahamood Al Shama. – [Woman] Savannah Seepler. – Armando Baron. – [Woman] Sabrina Bookvich. (cheers and applause) – Abigail Trilk. – [Woman] Alison Annick. – Brooke Henning. – [Woman] Lauren Leverty. – Claire Shulmer. – [Woman] Taylor Danby. – Caitlyn San Fillipo. – [Woman] Sara Faust. – Cathleen Hurley. – Jennifer Rapst. – Erick Sands. – [Woman] Margaret Donaldson. – Catherine Kingsley. – [Woman] Ryan Thorn. – Eva Armor. – [Woman] Shannon Alioto. – Lisa Rofolski. – [Woman] Amanda Duranto. – Hannah Kursel. – [Woman] Heidi Kangus. – William Edmondson. – [Woman] Cole Chapman. – Saman Imran. – [Woman] Kevin Lamar Honey. – Ramsha Mugal. – [Woman] Sierra Cortin. – Tiffany Monteal. – Alexander Wellman. – Alissa Went. – [Woman] Michelle Steffan. – William Gamban. – [Woman] Yokan Yeun. – Kelsey Joan Wallace. – [Woman] Sydney Dyer. – Bilteu Humda. (cheers and applause) Tory Williams. – [Woman] Mary Alice Wise. – Josh Marquart. – [Woman] Kimberly Kramer. – Scott Litwin. – [Woman] Bianca Hill. – Keith Turner. – [Woman] Candace Johnson. – Kyle Carlson. – [Woman] Josephine Mickna. – Alisar Mugall. – [Woman] Lakeisha Banister. – Bo Bartholomew. – [Woman] Lucero Gonzalez. – Daniel Feeling. – [Woman] Clara Inez Madrigal. – Therese Thompson. – [Woman] Josefina Regalato Valdez. – Alison Schweinart. – [Woman] Tammy Meraschuski. – Scott Palace. – [Woman] Brittany Mitchell. – Trevor Browncocks. – [Woman] Monica Cornern. – Iyoung Cho. – [Woman] Marissa Elerkson. – Jack Moradine. – [Woman] Stelana Corb. – Johnathan Powell. – [Woman] Andrew Damond. – Carina Humphrey. – [Woman] Ariel Baseman. – Felicia Owen. – [Woman] Allegra Roland. – Julia Alacashio. – [Woman] Kelsey Tolar. – Gladys Love Freedmond. – [Woman] Jessica Ribeck. – Clair Langen. – [Woman] Brad Phempey. – Paul Williams. – Daniel Gifhorn. – Sarah Bean. – [Woman] From the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare. Jonah Kid. – Anne Weskey. – [Woman] Pedalin Suralay. – Teegan Har. – [Woman] Jennica Buscaslavic. – Haley Hornel. – [Woman] John Slavic. – Rihanna Davis. – [Woman] Wade Grosclaus. – Nick Ums. – [Woman] Blake Loffenburg. – Alec Checvala. – [Woman] Molly Krieger. – Kiayiya McElroy. – [Woman] Jenna Shilker. – Abbey Palmer. – [Woman] Ashley Sutter. – Michael Amanyas. – [Woman] Jacob Decker. – Sarah Murphy. – [Woman] Amanda Waterson. – Carly Phelps. – [Woman] Elizabeth Keen. – Erin Deisler. – [Woman] Sarah Lesniack. Allison Wear. – [Woman] Casandra Dominguez. – Sydney Stokes. – [Woman] Sophia Chavez. – Ann Ryan. – [Woman] Jessica Olea Gale. – Sydney Anderson. – [Woman] Callie Joe Lengling. – Heidi Bennets. – [Woman] Hannah Walters. – Harley Evans. – [Woman] Carly Wolk. – Shauna O’Keeffe. – [Woman] Dominic Osborne. – Anna Schmidt. – [Woman] Nathaniel J. Bell. – Esteban Contreras. – [Woman] Pang Yang. – Dakota Crawl. – [Woman] Jennifer Slizuski. – Wi Ju Moon. – [Woman] Paige Rice. – Matthew Grabawski. – [Woman] Brianna Nelson. – Mallory Porcaro. – [Woman] Courtney Linnel. – Yasmine Mohammed Amed. – Courtney Prince. – Moham Jawad. – Brianna Poke. – Alana Rogers. – [Woman] Joshua Jimenez. – Portia Montgomery. – [Woman] Danielle Duracey. – Aspa Shaw. – [Woman] Bria Ultamore. – Nicole Rice. – [Woman] Jacob Apazeller. – Grace Heffernan. – [Woman] Dryden Shillenberg. – Matthew Vote. – [Woman] Julia Zurflu. – Kayla Cuntney. – [Woman] Anne Sherice Brown. – Nora Hassan. – [Woman] Kim Sullivan. – Stephanie Seward. – [Woman] Danielle Bach. – Gabrielle Seleski. – [Woman] Kelsie Anne Solis. – Savanna Shuster. – [Woman] Anna Blizner. – Madison Baumgard. – [Woman] Rachel Lemkey. – Issac Herman. – [Woman] Amanda Herman. – Gus Greeling. – [Woman] Stephanie Pishki. – Stephanie Lagu. – [Woman] Mojirio Lawrence. – Daniel Sorrensen – [Woman] Dennis Ray. (cheers and applause) – Jessica Viola. – [Woman] Eric Rasmussen. – Alex Shane. – [Woman] John Yang. – Angelica Mattis. – [Woman] Diamond Malone. – Lucile Mendcowski. – [Woman] Kelly Lore. – Sarah Grow. – [Woman] Mua Yang. – Nora Plant. – [Woman] Joseph Thompson. – Madeline Kane. – [Woman] Jerelle Muse. – Simone Washington. – Maria Ferris. – Julien Broderick. – [Woman] Destiny Jones. – Patrick Begley. – [Woman] Michael Dunken. – Summer Alanani. – [Woman] Garrett Zenner. – Taylor Fable. – [Woman] Anthony Suzinski. – Lucas Basham. – [Woman] Melissa Curkoff. – Marisol Genett. – [Woman] Ryan Franken. – Carter Should. – [Woman] Marcos de la Cruz. – Hannah Sicorski. – [Woman] Jennifer Richards. – Alexandra Mocks. – [Woman] Cheyenne Cole. – Hunter Hanthorne. – [Woman] Estella Lopez. – Victoria Carl. – [Woman] Yangyua Yang. – Crystal Olsen. – [Woman] Warda Shodery. – Rebecca Driscoviack. – [Woman] Bashack Uninglao. – Robert Lindert. – [Woman] Margo Diamond Robertson. – Nicole Gabriel. – [Woman] Hannah Demon. – Christi Marie Louic. – [Woman] Desire Krieger. – Jamie Mason. – [Woman] Emily MacDonald. – Abby Roskowski. – [Woman] Sarah Smith. – Andrew Liteheiser. – [Woman] Alex Newendorf. – Kyle Cornfeld. – [Woman] Jeffery Bas Dubose. – Eric Epperhart. – [Woman] Jordan Wallace. – Timothy Schneider. – [Woman] Jenna Surwinski. – Luke Spinelli. – [Woman] Christi Ma. – Brianna Joes. – [Woman] Christopher Shauller. – Dakota Ratke. – [Woman] Todd Osborne. – Jacob Bihoff. – [Woman] Cindy Boajian. – Makayla Jack. – [Woman] Andrea Rodriguez. – Rikeshia Jewel. – [Woman] Kayla Nelson. – Gabrielle Naggle. – [Woman] Gabriela Via. – Ashley Meyer. – [Woman] Daisy Dominguez. – Heather Shogrin. – [Woman] Erica Evans. – Mora McMullen. – [Woman] Erica Traver. – Hannah Spindler. – [Woman] Katie Rachel. – Samantha Shelee. – [Woman] Kiana Ayala. – Nancy Segura. – [Woman] Brogan Etin. – Gabby Wist. – [Woman] Emily Hodson. – Mary Beth Nicolise. – [Woman] Samuel Barnes. – Christina Ma Vang. – [Woman] Amanda Sterno. – Jesus Marina. – [Woman] Elizabeth Beacher. – Madison Houchin. – [Woman] Mary De Luca. – Marty Lemensie. – [Woman] Tommy Newen. – Tiera Trummel. – [Woman] Jerry Morris, the third. – Bianca Fuster. – [Woman] Alejandra Tayborne. – Marisella Mercedes. – [Woman] Jeffery Johnson. – Chrystal Lugal. – [Woman] Corin Luzack. – Maria Huck. – [Woman] Megan Gulland. – Jayden Hansen. – [Woman] Brian Groshack. – Antoinette Jackson. – [Woman] Dunstan Huang. – Mitchel Yurkiwitz. – [Woman] Carly Tembe. – Parker Tripton. – [Woman] Sarah Bennett. – Caitlyn Walsh. – [Woman] Grace Levinstein. – Sarah Finn. – [Woman] Vanessa Heitala. – Abbey Nice. – [Woman] Kia Lee. – Madeline Hein. – [Woman] Fuchi Hang. – Joshua Taylor. – [Woman] Alberto Juarez. – Kaia Milstain. – [Woman] Courtney Jacobson. – Sydney Schwartzer. – [Woman] Molly Lund. – Jenna Von. – [Woman] Ariana Wuselka. – Mackenzie Wade. – [Woman] Cassie Cop. – Austen Postuma. – [Woman] Brett Hensel. – Nathan Durge. – [Woman] Jade Davenport. – John Watts. – [Woman] Parker Gilson. – Edmond Hippus. – [Woman] Jose Albrego. – Drew Whitaker. – [Woman] Jennifer Galendo. – Maggie Lesser. – [Woman] Sandra Placencia Gonzalez. (cheers and applause) – Natalie Megnan. – [Woman] Banez Greer. – Gabrielle Newman. – [Woman] Kaylie Walsh. – Alyssa Maldonado. – [Woman] Emily Gastro. – Charlotte Judarden. – [Woman] Makayla Climco. – Peter Bladie. – [Woman] Michelle Kittleson. – Nathaniel R. Bear. – [Woman] Tiana Gardner. – Zachary Meyers. – [Woman] Jessica Stacy. – Ariel Granda. – [Woman] Sarah Hindi. – Selena Gomez. – [Woman] Melanie Vidien. – Adrian Defagio. – [Woman] Taylor Chadborne. – Cadence Rumley. – [Woman] Elizabeth Elliot. – Gabriela Sanchez. – Shaquille Carson. – Ryan Litson. – [Woman] Alexis Priest. – Christopher Happy. – [Woman] Lashunda Carter. – Nash Frybach. – [Woman] Brianna Romero Eisner. – Nina Linero. – [Woman] Leah Hortman. – Sitari Sayan. – [Woman] Zoe Whoral. – Eric Singleton. – [Woman] Joanne Miller. – [Woman] Andrew Rosnowski. – [Woman] Chelsea Carter. – Jamie Harris. – [Woman] Yousra Eintea. – Maggie Sinta. – [Woman] Shana Dupar. – Joseph Robinson. – [Woman] Elena Donald. – Ca Tao. – [Woman] Dallas Turner. (cheers and applause) – Caozhan Tao. – [Woman] Shelby Miracle Harris. – Paul Smith. – [Woman] Michele Bogan. – Brooke Pinar. – [Woman] Brittney Wilkinson. – Ravaya Alam. – [Woman] Koana Young Sherman. – Elizabeth Winninger. Faith Bradley. (cheers and applause) Stephanie Maria Geisling. (cheers and applause) Chris Catrall. Kiana Leash. Nicholas Delon. Justin Vilar. Gina Ferrell. Alexa Emerts. Grace Tomace. Ashley Daybert. Rachael Sereo. Joshua Sereo. Olivia Clifton. Jimmy Cunn. (cheers and applause) Gi Gi Garcia. (cheers and applause) Rhea Riley. Jamie Baez. Emily Norman. Kayla Johnson. Lucero Gregoria Rocha. Andrea Del Socorro Los Ano. Samantha Steam. Angelical Evans. Lucas White. Neral Sausor. Yasid Kadadia. Osama Hussein. Omar Kareem. Manip Nuri. Shakai Reynolds. Erin Frank. Mahalya Livingston. Andrew Gertz. Emily Goodbear. Shelby Degrote. Shakina Cunningham. Gabrielle Stein. Ryan MacBride. Shringala Webb. Andrea Valero. Joshua Butts. Deanna Washburn. Eli Stregle. Michael Lassero. Ali Donner. Dylan Trap. Pwin Eslinger. Elba Gonzalez. (cheers and applause) James Cocroft. Shelby Sanderson. Sara Weiss. Chardonnay Hunt. Alyssa Chapman. Jasmine Garcia. Marian Malinik. Rudy Hauser. Alisha Harper. Jennifer Anderson. Mitchell Coey. Tamara Ferris. Zari Blackman. Ben Mueller. Carter Ginter. Sam Zerble. Lauren Trock. Ika Stuart. Ashley Banks. Samantha Foster. Hansu Lee. Tiera K. Duket. (cheers and applause) Iman Ashan. (cheers and applause) – Will all bachelor degree
recipients please rise. (cheers and applause) So tradition has it that until a degree is conferred, the tassel must fall to
the right side of the cap. Now that you’re graduates, that has changed. I call on all of our graduates, with the vocal support of
everyone gathered here, to please transfer the
tassel from the right to the left. (cheers and applause) Will all graduates, all UWM Panthers, please rise for the processional. (applause) I am amazed at the talent, the joy, and the pride. You should all feel incredibly good today. It’s the end of a remarkable journey. So this brings to a close the May 2018 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee morning Commencement program. As the platform party marches out, I ask the audience to
please remain seated, and that all graduates
please remain at their seats until directed by the marshals. After that, family and friends are welcome to joint their
graduates in the stage area to take pictures. Thank you all for coming. Have a safe and happy summer. And congratulations, one more time, to the class of 2018. (cheers and applause) (Wind Ensemble plays)

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