UW Superior: Waste Not Wag A Lot

Sandy Thompson, Sous Chef, UW-Superior: My boss asked me to do some front-of-the-house education with the students to try to minimize front-of-the-house waste and I stumbled upon this ‘Waste Not Wag A Lot’ program I thought well this is perfect. I started collecting the leftover food excess from
say the breakfast lunch or dinner service: quinoa, farro porridge, leftover
roasted sweet potatoes. When I have three or four buckets of excess food then I’m
able to make the dog treats. Sheila Keup, Director, Douglas County Humane Society: Hey let’s behave. Stay down here. Sandy Thompson: I visited the Douglas County Humane
Society, thought it would be a great thing to donate proceeds to them for their
shelter. Sheila Keup: I have one lady that bought a bag at an event we were at. Her dog is
very picky wouldn’t eat anything else… the dog loves treats so she came back
and bought like another ten bags. It’s kind of like people, you know, we know
it’s better for us to eat all-natural fresh ingredients, that type of thing,
it’s the same for the dogs. Who’s a good baby? Sandy Thompson: I personally have not eaten them but they smell, especially when I have a lot of leftover sweet potato, it smells
like I’m baking pie. So it smells wonderful! Sheila Keup: Hey buddy! If they’re going to eat a treat here you know it’s something… they
get so nervous coming in. There’s all these strange smells and a lot of dogs
just refuse everything when they first get here. I haven’t had a dog refuse
these yet, so it’s great. Sandy Thompson: You just think about the people in the community
families who don’t have enough food, food insecurity, and so you know if we could do our little part here, and if everybody did their little part, we can make a
huge difference.

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