USM Research Collaborates with Humane Society of South Mississippi

For the past few months dogs from the Humane
Society of South Mississippi like Wagner have been participating in a behavioral study developed
by researchers at The University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Park campus. Dogs who work
especially hard at the research trials are featured as research stars, giving the dogs
a good outlet for play, while providing insights on the personalities of the different dogs.
Anything like that that would help us adopt these pets out to better homes also to better
educate the families who are taking them home. A lot of times families come in they fall
in love with the dog, but they don’t really know if that dog is right for their family.
It’s gonna be great in helping us develop a more thorough behavior evaluation for placement
before adoption. since the beginning of the project earlier this year, dozens of dogs
have been given research star status. Involving promotions on social media, all with the goal
of increasing well-matched adoptions. We always wanna get everybody their forever homes and
the more we know about them, and the way that their minds work, the better that we can do
that. Every time we see one of our research stars get adopted we get super excited. From
The University of Southern Mississippi, I’m Layla Essery.

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