Using Games to Engage your Children with Autism to Exercise

We are glad that you are continuing to watch and learn all about these different exercise techniques that can help you impact your children, your students, or adult’s lives who may be impacted with Autism, so um, once again, I have “The RJ” back with us today. It’s good to see you. Thank you for coming back. Thank you. I Just took a bow. We are…RJ is going to actually show you something to help improve your gross motor coordination in regards to how to throw, and this can be a really good thing for you to do at home, in a gym class, or even in the classroom. And do you want to tell them a little bit about it? So as you see right here, there’s a building that I put together out of crates, Dave’s logs, and fluffs And over here I got some birds, angry birds, a robot, and a snowman. So what you got to do is place your feet like this: Left, then Right. Good. And now why I did that is sometimes its challenging for students, or kids, or even adults, to know the pattern in which they should be stepping and throwing a ball. So we started with. I used Purple to visually show them you step with your left, Right foot steps back, and then you’re going to throw with which hand? Left, OH, Right. Very good. Okay, and then if we go to our left hand, how do we stand? Perfect. Excellent. And then you throw with your left hand Very good, very good. Alright, So I’m going to throw with my left hand. So, 1,2, 3, and I’m going to hit it. Nice throw, but wait, put your feet back. Good. Which hand did you throw with? Left. Which one is your left hand? Very good. This one, and you threw with that one. Okay. And if we step, we take a left, here we go, Right foot…oh, sorry. Very good, and then throw with your left. Good. Pick up one. That’s the bad way. Here’s the right way. Good. You might need a little help with this one with your child, Good, now go with your right hand. I’m a bit better with my right hand. Good. Nice job, now wait, here lets take these away Let’s step with your Right and throw Feet together. Step. Throw. Excellent Now, lets do Left. Step. Which hand was that? I’m kidding with you uhh, okay, okay, can you do it the non kidding way with me? Left hand. Step and Throw. As you see, I like to tease him. He does. Left or Right? You’re going to throw with your left hand. Think about what you’re doing, okay. Excellent job. Let’s do one more. Model with me. So this is a good example of, you have to show your children, or work with them to do this. So lets take it in our left hand. We’re going to step with our Right foot. ooooh. back! Which is your Right foot? Good, and, Throw. Good! Nice job. So, again, RJ, this was something that he created, that he wanted to do, and this motivated him to want to exercise and you can see that we’re still working on developing that motor planning and motor patterns, but he’s doing an excellent job, and in some of the other shows or things that you’ve seen with RJ, we can add and build on that. We can do this as an exercise, and then go do a hip extension, or do this, and run and do a dumbbell press. Stuff like that. Just be creative and have fun with it. And if you guys have questions, comments, concerns, we are here to help. So definitely give us a call. Contact us at NCHPAD or at the Exercise Connection. We will see you next time. Bye!

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