Used Car Donation : Car Donation Tips

Hi, my name is Luz Ruiz. I work for the National
Kidney Foundation here of Utah and Idaho. I'm here to give you some tips about how to
donate your car to a charity. The first most important step is to choose the charity you'd
like to benefit from your car donation and call that charity directly. Usually you can
find your charity on the Internet or in a phone book but make sure that the address
matches the phone book over the phone. Make sure that you verify the location of that
charity. Also ask what percent of the proceeds from the sale or the recycling of your vehicle
benefit that charity. You should not donate to a charity that accepts less than 75% of
the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle. Also ask the charity how much of their own
money they use to benefit their charitable mission. Again you should not donate to any
charity that does not allocate at least 75% of their funding to their charitable mission.
Once you have determined that the charity is a legitimate charity in your area and that
the funding allocations are over 75% then get out your title to the car that you'd like
to donate. It's really really important that you have a title, that way you can convey
ownership directly to that charitable organization. Never leave the title blank. Once you've decide
which charity to donate your vehicle to, sign the title to release your ownership of the
car and then make sure that the buyer section or that the next owner section is filled out
with the correct legal name of the organization that you'd like to benefit. Once you have
the title in your hand, make sure to call the charity that or sometimes charities will
use car processing centers, experts in the field of car donation so that the charity
themselves don't spend the time to process the vehicle donation. Make sure that the phone
number and the website where you've contacted to donate your vehicle are again; that those
references are given to by the charity itself. Once you've called that car processing center
make sure to have the title in your hand, answer their questions. Usually they're questions
like who, who's name will go on the tax receipt. Where is the location of the car, if it's
different from the mailing address they'll want the title number and the VIN number.
And then once they have your information whether you have submitted it directly to the charity
over their donation website or whether you have mailed it directly to the charity, once
they have your information they'll come out and get the vehicle. If you itemize in your
taxes, you can use the charitable donation as a, as a tax deduction. So you will get
a receipt for your charitable gift. Any question that you have through out the donation process
should probably be directed directly to the charity so that you can be sure that you're
in direct contact with the charity at the time of your donation.

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