US Intel Briefed Senators That Ukraine Theory Is Russian Op: NYT | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “US Intel Briefed Senators That Ukraine Theory Is Russian Op: NYT | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Wow, so the republicans willingly spread Russian propaganda??? 🤢 🤢 🤢
    It really feels like witnessing the crumbling of the American republic 😱

  2. Wow, so the republicans willingly spread Russian propaganda??? 🤢 🤢 🤢
    It really feels like witnessing the crumbling of the American republic 😱

  3. Who were the Republican Senators that participated in this breifing?

    Get their names published, and they need to be asked whether this breifing was informative enough for them to know that the Trump Narrative is Putins Narrative?

  4. It’s a lie ! And obviously none of these outlets called The Ukraine or The EU to ask if Russia had anything to do with something regarding something mabye in the US or probably or maybe It’s simply more endless jealousy and stalking behavior towards Europeans and it’s really embarrassing to you !

  5. If this crap keeps up unchecked, it won't be long until this country is gonna be known as West Russia. Country over Party!!!!

  6. I think what's going on in America is just like what was happening back in the 60's just like Mississippi when the government was spying on anyone who didn't like the government in the state I hate to say it but everyone I use certain words on my tablet they change and they are simple words WTF is up with that

  7. Look I am not a conspiracy nut but my words change all the time and it's not spell check it's something much more than that !

  8. It's not spe!I check people something is much bigger going on here for sure is it Facebook? To many basic words and sentences are being changed wtf!

  9. A Russian asset, named Donald Trumpski,

    was, incredibly, Dumbski.

    But, with a Putin assist,

    and a money laundering twist,

    He conned America, Numbski.

  10. At this point, it is apparent that there is no amount of evidence to the the facts, that will sway the zombie fox herd base. America is under attack.

  11. Republican Senators knew the truth, but still chose to run Defence for Trump, and pedal misinformation in order to sway the outcome of investigations.

    Obstruction of Justice: McConnell, Graham, Cruz, Grassley, Kennedy, and Rand.

  12. Mark Zuckerberg, worth around 71 BILLION dollars had a secret meeting with Trump. It has been suggested that this could be yet another QUID PRO QUO being set up…give Zuckerberg anything he wants and he'll inundate the media and Facebook with advertising to help Trump win the next election. Food for thought…?


  14. The Democrats I can imagine were like "Yep that's what I thought happened" on the other hand the Republicans put their hands over their ears and started shouting as one lalalalala for the duration of the classified briefing. Either that or received a letter of absence from #MoscowMitch#MassacreMitch#TheGrimReaper under The Religious Freedoms Act as Blasphemy against their Dear Leader..



  17. Democrats..  pls don't end the testimony yet.  There is obviously more information to be revealed.  Continue to peel the onion to show the pervasiveness of this corrupt president and his collaborators.

  18. Vladimir Putin is using mind control over Trump. It's a set up. Cause we have a hostage take over going on in the white house. So it's time to exile him.

  19. Why does anyone legitimately believe that actual facts and evidence from real intelligence sources will sway trumpanzees in any way shape or form? Those that support the tangragutan-in-chief will do so until the end….their tribalsim and quest to remain in power clearly takes priority over everything else

  20. This report said nothing. Has absolutely no Facts to substantiate. Just anonymous made up dribble & the low info crowd goes wild!

  21. Republicans are working for the Russians so they can fail to make America white again.
    Bottom line.
    The GOP sold the USA out for greed and egos.

  22. It is unbelievable how the GOP is braking laws, twisting information, and disregarding the constitution just to defend the Orange Dictator (…are they being paid by Russia?), something is really wrong here, the "Orange Cult" is hiding something inimaginable, and by the how all is unfolding must be really, really dark. I hope that when this is all over the GOP senators who are causing this disaster will be condemned and pay for their betrayal of our homeland.

  23. O yes Ukraine meddled to get trump in so trump could hand Putin Ukraine…..please use your heads …what a stupid lie…….

  24. Trump is done either way
    Pence is lost cause

    Understand Trump
    If I can then anyone can
    Trump is a misguided Democrat destroying the GOP

    Make him a Democrat and thank him
    After all he is a Democrat
    He is you

  25. Lol I just come here for the comedy. I see you people still think President Trump is in “big trouble” haha the impeachment hearing were a total bust for democrats, y’all are actually helping President Trumps numbers and ratings. The campaign fundraiser is not even close with republicans having 61 million and democrats have just 8 million and 7 million in debt. Lol Can’t wait for this too go to the senate cause they are bringing in hunter Biden and the whistledi*k and everything y’all are doing is going to be exposed. Plus Mr. Trump will be re-elected in 2020 hahaha!!! But please keep thinking y’all are getting rid of him because I love watching the meltdowns😂😂😂

  26. Maybe both Ukraine and Russia were doing some dirty stuff. The Ukrainian officials were bragging about it before the elections in 2016

  27. So why don't the dims want to investigate Ukraine like Trump does? Cause the dims are corrupt and afraid they will be exposed.

  28. RELEVANT MUST READ: if you value OUR freedom!

    The following was from a comment on YouTube. It hit too close to home for me, so I set off to research it. There was a TON of stuff that I have yet to look further into. I am posting "Russian Geopolitical Strategy And How To Save America" from the blog, Politics Means Politics at the end. We ALL need to pay attention.

    "Russia should use its special services within the borders of the United States to fuel instability and separatism, for instance, provoke “Afro-American racists”. Russia should “introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements — extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics.”

    Aleksandr Dugin is a Russian Political Analyst & strategist known for his fascist views, with close ties to the Kremlin & Russian military. He authored a book, "The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia" in 1997.

  29. putin & trump talk on the phone all the time. i bet if they got his phone records, they'd find some disturbing patterns of calls between him, erdogan, & the rest of the thugs he's been sucking up to. he wants them to like him, so he has been doing everything they say. & putin has had him a busy boy. & lazy trump likes it that way. he doesn't like to be bothered with, & can't handle, thinking & doing the hard work of running a country. he is the most pathetic excuse for an adult that ever was.

    Liberal network has given outsider Yang the Ron Paul treatment
    Shelby Talcott | Daily Caller News Foundation – NOVEMBER 24, 2019 30 Comments
    #BoycottMSNBC Trends On Twitter After Yang Demands Apology From Network For Apparent Media Blackout
    #BoycottMSNBC began to trend Saturday on Twitter after businessman Andrew Yang noted he would only go on the network if it issued an apology for an apparent media blackout against his campaign.
    Yang tweeted Saturday that the network, which co-hosted the fifth Democratic debate Nov. 20, had asked him for an interview. The 2020 presidential candidate added that he declined and wouldn’t appear on the network until there was an apology on-air as well as a discussion about his campaign numbers.

    Andrew Yang🧢

    · Nov 23, 2019
    Was asked to appear on @msnbc this weekend – and told them that I’d be happy to after they apologize on-air, discuss and include our campaign consistent with our polling, and allow surrogates from our campaign as they do other candidates’. They think we need them. We don’t.

    Andrew Yang🧢

    They’ve omitted me from their graphics 12+ times, called me John Yang on air, and given me a fraction of the speaking time over 2 debates despite my polling higher than other candidates on stage. At some point you have to call it.

    1:01 PM – Nov 23, 2019
    Twitter Ads info and privacy

    6,171 people are talking about this

    Yang supporters backed up his decision, tweeting “#BoycottMSNBC” enough to make it one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter. Instead of speaking to MSNBC, Yang went on “CNN Newsroom with Ana Cabrera” Saturday to talk about the apparent media blackout.
    “Well, Ana, Americans tuned into the debate earlier this week and they saw I got called on less than any other candidate, including candidates I am polling higher than, and the questions I did get had virtually nothing to do with the core ideas of my campaign,” Yang said on CNN. “And if this were an isolated incident, that would be one thing, but if you go back over the last number of months, MSNBC has literally omitted me from over a dozen fundraising and polling graphics — which it’s not about me.”
    “It’s about the 300,000-plus Americans who donated to and support my campaign, and the millions of Americans who know we need to rewrite the rules of the 21st-century economy to work for us.”
    MSNBC has left Yang off of dozens of lists naming the 2020 presidential candidate, has invited him on-air and then cut away to cover another presidential candidate and has avoided including him in the polling lists, according to a round-up by writer Scott Santens.
    During the latest Democratic debate co-hosted by the network, Yang wasn’t asked his first question until 32 minutes in. He also received the least speaking time out of all 10 presidential candidates on the stage, according to an analysis from CNN.
    “The whole time we have gotten stronger,” Yang tweeted. “This is actually bad for MSNBC. It will only get worse after I make the next debates and keep rising in the polls. The people are smarter than MSNBC would like to think.”
    Yang has not yet qualified for the sixth Democratic debate in December, but added Saturday on CNN that he is one poll away from doing so. He has qualified for every other Democratic debate.
    MSNBC did not respond to multiple requests for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation. The network declined to comment to the Daily Caller for a previous story on the apparent Yang media blackout.

  31. For all: You know who blew the whistle on Russian meddling in 2016? Alexandra Chalupa. She is Ukrainian-american and worked for the DNC. Her sister Andrea Chalupa had a podcast which was called gaslit and she was doing nothing but leftwing conspiracy theories all day long. even the left admits to that that it was out of control. DO you think Alexandra and Andrea did have somewhat of a bias against Russia , maybe just a little tiny bit?

  32. I’m just trying to comprehend why Fox is bad. Are they the only ‘bad ones’? Surely anyone who has a different view to MSNBC et al is bad. Why would a democratic society have different views? This is a travesty that needs fixing.

  33. Rachael said “that puts a shine on the President AND his republican SUPPORTERS’ …. so, essentially, ALL Republicans are wrong … got it.

  34. Rachael said “that puts a shine on the President AND his republican SUPPORTERS’ …. so, essentially, ALL Republicans are wrong … got it. The NYT guy also says ‘its seems’, a ‘theory’ and ‘my reporting does not definitely say’ …. that is called ‘Speculation’ … no fact or as most say ‘FAKE NEWS’…. Wake up, America.

  35. MSNBC is trying to rig the election so that Trump can win again. Sounds like fake news? Watch an award winning Google expert marketer explain how and why.

  36. So Ukraine is The One That inference Not Russia Yeah Right So If Trump Knew This Are Think this Why Did Trump Want Ukraine To Get Dirt On Biden And Son ! TRUMP Ask Russia To Look into Getting Clintons Email.

  37. It’s always interesting to see people who don’t have a problem with putting aside the truth when it doesn’t suit their cause. Trump and Republicans have made this an art form, which I find really worrying

  38. Nice try, beware Trumps Intelligence picks and their tactic “Lump it in with Russia-Muehler cleared Trump for that already”.I come here to teach why we need to Indict Trump( Whoever can, However they can but not whenever they can-I do not believe we want a Felon running for President, if he wins-Game 0ver all of this is washed away”

  39. Do not trust this. You are the people that can see and remember Who fired, his whole intel., who claimed he knew more than The “Real Intel. Not Trumps Intel.(Fake News).We need absolutely nothing to strangle Russias econ. as soon as we are in. That should be the 1st thing on An American Presidents mind “we were attacked in Cyber War”

  40. The only reason Trump is not charged with treason is Muehler would not do it so why go full force take him down( a take home interview, Manafort decieving him to get messages to Trump, you all understand psychology, the most honorable man in America(though he is a Rep. He is) will be controlled by his goal.If his goal was I want Trump

  41. The Flat Earth picture you live by-Joke-your Looney bin-Deep State is a serious GTF out of here! We have Russia, no ifs and or buts, we do not need to dirty the picture up anymore. It was a military Cyber War attack, it was to save Putin's dying economy(which means Military). Trump gave aid and comfort to the Enemy. We just do not have a real Treason law-Yet!

  42. Trump’s GUILT is not a question. The GOP are counting on enough Americans NOT to CARE. Trump goes to JAIL if he loses his job! What CHOICE does he, or the implicated GOP, HAVE? THEY HAVE TO RIG 2020! But, this time, they have access to EVERYTHING from the INSIDE! And, Russia has EXPERIENCE, now! Of COURSE they can’t remove him? They HAVE TO END THE REPUBLIC!

  43. Trump and the entire republican representatives are Russian assets. Aren’t we lucky 🍀. We better learn to speak the language because we are no longer a free nation. We have been bought and paid for.

  44. Sorry Rachel…
    The fact that Ukrainians like MP Serhiy Leschenko and Ukrainian-American DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa sought to influence the 2016 elections is well-documented by reporting by John Solomon, Politico and even a Ukrainian court verdict.
    You can lie but you can not change the facts.

    Fiona Hill was a member of the board of Soros’s Open Society Institute from 2000-2006 on Russian and European affairs, as her CV at the Brookings Institute shows, and also admitted to having worked with the author of the Russia “dossier” Christopher Steele, commissioned by opposition research firm Fusion GPS and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

  45. There are a lot of Useful Idiots in the Republican Party. Trump has refused to fight against election meddling and Putin has found the right recipe for Russian disinformation campaign on America.

  46. So… Republicans know the lies perpetuated by Russia and Trump is all a ruse. But they continue to spread the falsehoods?

    I really wish I could get tf off this planet.

  47. Just because trump is russian asset ..he thinks americans are more ignorant then he is . AMERICAs are way too smart and can see this criminal trump and his administration. They are criminal coverups, colluders, obstructionist, liars, taking russian money, standing up for a.criminal . GOP has shown who they really are . Do-nothing but live on our taxes and backs . While living on benefits we ALLOW them to have .
    They are treasonous people who care only about enruching themselves while commiting criminal acts in our govt . Living for decades on our money .
    Scamming lying criminals .
    They will lose all!! .

  48. Consider this: Stephen Miller (Known White Supremacist) the face of your administration and the architect of your presidents HATE. Forget Literally everything else. That alone should be enough to give any decent human being pause. Every move the trump administration makes, furthers Putin's agenda as the whole world watches in horror…..As far as his pocket goes, 8 out of every $10.00 in the mans pocket is Russian and or Saudi dollars.(Tax Returns soon) Rick Perry also made a " Sweetheart Deal "

    shortly after he was tasked by the president to attend Volodymyr Zelensky's Inauguration. Result of that visit: 50 year contract awarded to 1 of Rick Perry's (Texas) mega donors for drilling rights in Ukraine. (Another XL orange jump suit for yet another trump official) Surely he must have provided the highest bid for the contract Right? Nope over 10 million less than highest bid. (Ukrainian Company). Trump probably has not been paid on this yet. Too early yet. Every word of this is verifiable. You all need to rethink your positions PERIOD. You are hurting this great country of ours. Yes, even you misguided people need protection from this administration. Lots of damage already done. 80% + of trump appointed Judges completely unqualified for their appointments. We will be a DECADE cleaning up this mess and learning just how deep the Corruption went. FOX Network is being run by Enemies of the United States. (Paid or Leveraged…doesn't matter which) FOX News is only a symptom of the Disease known as the FOX Network. I have removed FOX from my household completely as everyone should. (Russian Propaganda not welcome in my home)

  49. If Trump and Putin can convince us that “Ukraine meddled in our 2016 election,” then Trump can greenlight Putin’s complete invasion of Ukraine.

    Trump and Putin probably cooked this up in one of their secret meetings.

  50. The only reasonable explanation for what America is witnessing is that Trump and the republican party have had a corrupt symbiotic relationship with Russia for ages… and that corrupt relationship has now infected the entire party to the point that the republican message is *don’t believe your eyes and ears*… (because if you do you will realize republicans are the party of corruption).

  51. All Rep.march to the sound of Putin , Who would think that the American military would walk away from their post in UKRAINE to hand the keys to Russia where Russia flag is flying now ?? then say on live TV "Putin said he didn't medal in the elections and why would I not believe him"then again on live TV say "Russia if you listening release the emails" and then Trump Jr took a meeting with Russians at the TRUMP Tower , ALL ROADS LEAD TO PUTIN …FACTS NO BS .Americans have been sold out and what do you want about it ??

  52. First we had to worry about politicians selling us out to highest corporate bidder, now we have to worry about politicians selling us out to the highest foreign nation bidder. It's been said the reason people love Trump is because he makes them think something along the lines of they too can become filthy rich. It seems like greed has become the new religion in America,

  53. More lies from Putin that President Trump will believe. Then he will tell his senators what to believe and Trump 's base. They will believe it and walk around like robot. Rachel Dear stop it. Please.

  54. Soon GOP will be claiming NATO countries are our enemies and Russia should have the rights to Poland and Germany. And Chump will send our troops to help his daddy's invasion.

  55. As an old guy, a veteran and son and father of veterans, I once quaintly thought Trumpers would be offended at charges that Trump traitorously favored the country's enemies, like Putin and Kim. But NOT AT ALL! Trump supporters think that's perfectly normal. "Putin? Kim? Hey, cool dudes! Whatabout Hillary"?

  56. MSNBC is a crooked media
    MSNBC is interfering and rigging US Democratic primary elections just like Russians did. Unprofessional misinformation FAKE NEWS!

  57. The biggest problem with this story is NOBODY, including Republicans, has ever said Russia didn't meddle in the 2016 election. Nice try though, morons.

  58. We have our problems here in Australia but wow! am I pleased I live here and not in America with all their corruption.

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