URComped Member Testimonials- Summer 2019 Edition

The trip was excellent! From start to finish everything went well and smooth. And the gatherings and meet-ups
were wonderful. We met a lot of great people, including yours truly and his wife. The fun just keeps happening and we are on the last night! And we are still having a wonderful time, so if you are considering it, Come on! Come On! We’ll see you there! I thought it was absolutely fantastic! I went to the first one a year ago and
this one’s even better than the first and I think URComepd is one
of the best things I’ve ever come across as far as getting comped cruises and
benefiting everyone. The cruise line wins the customer wins, everybody wins.
I think it’s great. I can’t wait to go on the next one. Excellent Trip! One of the best cruises I’ve been on in years! Fantastic! It really has been great. Lots of fun gambling but doing other things. Lots of fun stuff. URComped!
URComped!! Happy Birthday to ya! Happy Birthday to ya! Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday to ya! That’s the first thing you do, without a doubt,
come to the meetup! and meet some new friends and have some great fun onboard! Meetups are great. I want to only do sailings that are meetups. 10 out of 10! Definitely 10 out of 10! If you don’t sign up with URComped, you are hurting yourself. I’ve not found a better organization
to work with to get comps on your cruises
and to get to meet all kinds of awesome people. I’d say definitely join. I mean you can’t go wrong! You really can’t. Becasue we have no complaints what-so-ever. So it’s been awesome. To me, it’s better to do all our sailings through Lexi than it has been with our casino host with the actual Cruise lines. Much easier. There are some people on this cruise, I tell you, we are having a great time with. It’s nice to know each and everyone of you! And I pray everything is well with you on your travels going back home.

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