UPSC | Highest Scorer in Sociology in CSE 2018 Vishal Sah shares his optional sociology strategy

hello friends in this video I am going to talk about sociology Upsilon strategy my name is Vishal I scored 329 in sociology which is the highest Alinea I also secured access to three in this UPC Civil Services Examination when it comes to sociology as in strategy I primarily relied on self study I didn't wait for any question so I will tell you my journey from trans 17 Adam to an 18mm and how I improve my score from 281 in the trans 17 attempt to trigger a night in the to sanity their time first of all when it comes to narrowing down my optional sociology I went the normal steps that is being used by most of the stoppers and most of the experience first I went through the service of all the hostels subjects some similar meaning in a cocky teen SC optional hand jiske substitute lisa versa first is no second is anthropology and third is sociology you know just people do him and if you previous your paper thin over there he they if they know what the minute they come though many you know desk yeah to lock a paper to have skill a one needs to be very much what we call acquainted with the actual scenario in quotes so kind of internship might be required to score par excellence so that's why I didn't win faith you know although the first paper one sandwich was quite similar with what we will be studying in paper to after that I went with the anthropology service and the policy service was very honest I was small however when it comes to the certain aspects of paper to I felt that I won't be having and resources so I didn't include that when it comes to sociology paper – and the per one what I saw is that most of the questions that were there in the provision paper I was able to solve with my own what we call novice at that time when I was starting the preparation so that's why I were ultimately decided that I would be going with sociology unfortunate moving at like what are the food at one base or what are the wonders of handling sociology as an optional first of all there is overlapping syllabus the syllabus overlaps with the social issues which come in tears paper and one and the societal problem apart from that is – and gs3 also if one is aware of the society very well you'd be able to understand why government is coming with certain policies why it is taking certain steps what kind of section from the vulnerable section of the society all these things can be understood that in a better manner if when it when worst a society apart from that NSA also questions usually comes from one one question would be for the marginalized section let it be gender equality or human empowerment and all those questions are lit in the poverty or any anything you have most of the social issues also issues that is faced by an administrator so all this thing usually comes what we call very handy when it comes to if you know sociology so that's why you know even now the pattern has changed in that is saying answer the question of philosophical format and still I'm said sociology as an option had help good and said in terms of that's it apart from any photographer she has four similar things applies because as an administrator you should know which are the vulnerable section to whom we should put in priority when it comes to providing aids and relief so all these things under who was sociology would offer a very good personal for to go ahead fit in what we call the civil service education when it comes to strategy so my strategy has been something of a sort of firefighting and honestly I didn't you know plan that I won't be going for coaching it happened because of the circumstances in which I was placed in initially what happened is that into a 17 attempt I thought I won't be able to clear my into what we call prelims so I was pretty much what a plan was that after prelims when if the policeman's good I grew with any of the popular crash courses available in the market and I would join it and I will finish my sociology service however when things were pretty much in dilemma and I see I was not sure whether I would clear what we call freedom so not so I was just what we call strolling on we were just relaxing a bit till the return and when the result came thankfully I cleared so it was like for me it was a big thing because of course what we call I never what we call I've once once my thought was that I wouldn't be clearing and now I've cleared the prelims so and one thing that was written that got me lucky was the pre porn man I pre the preponderance Osprey pond for the first time and means was held during that during near about the same period only as a result of which we had this extra half month or one one one there on which are usually in other years candidates were didn't what so that helped me like you know that was actually a pretty much plus point in that when I was given I could actually recollect that it was August happy the last day of dab some mission and you know after that only I went to meet my friends who had sociology at an Austin and they were connected to me if I am a senior and they were I went there and I told them that I want 400 in my lobster and they were laughing like anything because yes of course I was in life my F at that time which is any Pataki 400 asteroid opened in a lie I had Oria filled with the Sequoias famous after winning Wyatt oh he subdues my journey but the thing is Caleb ah you know name una Mesa heavy Bouchard akeakekiakaha key of sociology of smoke of paper format casts out that so it was like I didn't know that at that time t a question may permit one or five compulsory of their short angelic name but the house meant that the smart scale or scale now was your question what they have only Part A Part B said silicon about there so even I didn't do the format so basically that was the starting point and it is August 30 September 27 say Amara was October 27 Samara what we call means Aronian so that is the thing so two months is there only left and I am here without knowing anything about sociology but you know that is where faith comes in and especially when you clear films and a some kind of you know more energy is there with you so you are pretty much happy you are excited to two things so belief was there so much so I felt you know I have to do have to do so I went home and as suggested by my seniors I went with the two cha-cha-cha Marcel knows he is 14 so I went with his nose it's the nose we're pretty much concise because it covered almost all part of the syllabus paper 1 as well as paper – in total there were 600 pages I can't recall it but exactly because I planned that I will be covering 30 pages daily and then yes of course is what we call I started you know reading 30 pages or 40 pages daily I was not feeling you know like usually people have this idea that one should be knowing concepts and everything but I somehow felt icky okay to a certain extent you have to make a compromise and if you are able to compose an answer very well then you should not be you know too much what we call going into depth of any of the concepts also then I'll say it's true totally fine and that was my opinion which I formed so once I went ahead with the what we call the questions of sociology and finish my syllabus of course the two strands which are my cell moves and then I went with the previous red paper I started giving the previous before I started writing them at that time of course if we go pass out here so the testing is still cement Academy are usually no Fagin of intensities though that mayuzumi join kata throw my coffee might have discouraged will collect a key array on my couch Anthony Ricci or some Joe Pesci Dorota they would have been performing really well so that would have been a bit of a setback for me so you know it's like you know keeping to yourself very much calm and keeping yourself in a pleasant state and not you know taking challenges we do rather than you know what you call it true think you would just discourage you so as usual you know people say that I am from Google so we never convey actually you know what we call it said you know we cannot count on what we don't have we always count upon what we you know what we don't have we cannot count upon that don't he have skipper animals ocean isn't that your hair you see key open up another so muchi lucky if Mira past is America City sources to make you stab anybody to film anyway previous a paper could solve cannot sukiyaki bitter series Dominican isn't that awesome coffee later boogity though many previous year papers Lucas all fenomena friends talk such a caramel friends such a zero away what if you already made a question of particular their authority super enjoy your thigh gap tests it is major anchor Qaddafi so then you like metaphor or theme can't a man dick now bad cadet now you should be honest with yourself to boost allergies are Co caffeine penance another time the month of who's already simply another oddity to when I'm good or so major epic a few T so we say uck a basis for many parameters up tearing he or it's a French novel thankfully to solution feel Mary Meszaros the key do keyword derivative North Star as opposed aquatic useful words to think it was not quite you know what we call sociological terms to be very precise for example under CW means cup and theory they can in it power Electra theory though there are few terms like you know that he has you placed like you know what we call landscape industry landscape or corporate landscape changing again the terminology I would say you know now pivotal point in a conference so all this things we're pretty much good terminology that wants you to be utilizing when one is answer writing so who say that II totally Hanukkah sky is written very well and studied very well in also whose kill a man affair orange books Rocio much it means are thought you gave so much yes we did know that SME take now ignorant they are optional anybody so much as carry the Giotto Mira Mesa medical but at the half half an hour mostly through orange because other Harlem wasn't healed you Judas amigo it won't thinking our numbers are one part matching each okay Blue Book of Enoch deep okay too much it will be some anything to men or and jose kavi selective study kitty just he thinkers meant a clear to each other thinkers me available to most other thinker schematically that the house Cardozo popular through reason okay Tom smithy clay data so is say or mousse of Tom's underlined curcumin Buddha yacht Canada Hockey League bombs forty Tennessee history Kissimmee Rebecca patina or Norse coming which a signe hundred a few common to the strategy of making notes we are Messiah D&D tataki of snow now a subpoena bethere we don't get the gap up 2017 that was the scenario gives option on the Gaffney oddity one day gamma 1 D ma you should be very much prepared to be one day we won't use it evaluating your field or at the paper to me Joe use Miaka paper to be devices a toga ehe donut it up with young man no stuffy concise when I am correct your model hooker sociology as a science and I emergence of sociology research methods and analyzes or something to use a registry to meet you too diluted topics obscure a Pisgah hardly minute so not raining coffee is concise coffee sauce in take them off course banana jokey off myself at a 4 tick down and just prior to the day that you are appearing for an Auslan you should be pretty much easy you know it will be Israel's Cobra Caliban to his orgies Agora beyond breaking it open or stuffy concise over but in Kaneko's Omega is the marker the takea hacemos Malcolm coffee erosion what we call coffee concise they don't melt apart atado schema dream I do see some a girl in town for suppose I'm really talking about power in its then I will just revise it just after that s a neo-gothic a human tooth in badly rice cooker in etosha da da da de minimis is emilio azcárraga Teresa Hodges reconnect purity or John Oates when the demo coffee short of the day to history Cosima name and selecting took him an application paper notes Monica detail the stretchy manner I said for beginners men have totally dark Eric I mean come on in their description right so SQL of Yamazaki haba history is a related correct so one thing document I ensure that he you know it should be that what we call one thing that I went with the rule of thumb in my 2017 Adam was that new distinction between paper one and paper do let me host a neat agree before one a paper to if to make questions answers comprehensive I will try inculcate things we just from paper to also for example a question is a key our emergence of sociological yoga how did sociology image though usually open chaotic II restrict credit they all say but because you don't look you don't make a sale just a or what we call mkb Nanak as a monopolist Amaya how did they contribute it upon or was your innocence spread in everything we can limit our answer to that but I went I I was like no weekend even India also sociology emerged in certain manner and interesting it was on a very different footing idiom and immersed and your divers footing for example cook administrators they to be what the appreciation we could add missionary from Canada through skill and study what a society car hue reaction be courageous Jeju researchers he reacted against the what we call Imperial dominance of sociology in India so all over Emily coffee different factors occur at India my sociology methyl emerge within dokuro staircase at the Ajay domain sociological film exactly many and people are they believe an institution will be under the other or questions are the donors services income greater autonomy note that went with Mummy Returns event in academia time I made a paper room yourself 158 as a paper to me 152 I say paper paper dream I have 153 other paper one now paper to me made a 120 80 ragged so again you see you made a friend snow I suggest you key a circus or something usually or something key paper to me is Nora scoring two people a score on paper to you so that is usually kids through Mercado Kiyosaki moranto then again Moochie just Akiva Schaffer Jorma stuff was my coffees are I think are saying paper to me but what usually has to happen is that you keep coffee research found open government at one Indian society car though who diversity of other so you choose to be very much in limited to happen of different facets knee perhaps it thinkers KBC Spencer Lincoln could answer a couple limited area of concern coffee month lucky what we call diverse city to accommodate Nickelback – Jemaine it is your fault ray Jay's problem which will have a key a current news of Thea here germane government of seminary topically a similarly think Erlich Rao matter similarly it's a perspective there are two different thing Kaka so that doesn't make much of a sense you know that doesn't bring the diversity that is required now you know can make answer very pretty much whole in paper to maybe people want the coffee sorry I think our Naruto even if you write all the thinkers then yokka coffee whole sermons that they are illegal conduct you don't have to worry much so history considering a question for you Jim Furyk maha-mantra marijuana people what we call a teen a template interview Dana toffee Oh Scott reserves are a thin limbs on yeah that could cause some enemy authority granted an iBook and candidly so many movie so chatter chimera Misaki I should be again making what we call best field of mine modes the limited materials that I have and composition coffee improved on the way composition improve condition is where – Oh Jackie can say diversity you one of the mantra that I used was like think like Jesus right the costume so mother Ganges kiss on a paper usually paper to McAfee over curtain donor up gsq dress watching it or copy / – my kind sir coffee Verity when they finish me that we think correctly given over those contact is it though is sick sociology perspective and sorry when they about directly as cancer doing it or commercially milling it was also has a prospective and our next of course make we think another boy awry yeah filaments of cookies study other I was good unleashing so is tearing each other up searching if you won't go through that so then we to be very much helpful and usually a previous a paper there is a paper copies of Canada the previous vapors organically because of the document up a mess all papers all vapor under this Agreement a market mess on paper secure that keep a little chicken SE moves with this way though you know liking harm and the tks action more soup an assembly that's a horse of taking company he sauces the monkey do you might feel he her array or I didn't you know meant for multiple sources so is my side and you know what we call information sufficient you know so in that case if you have a small finish a paper book so then you will get sufficient number of information from that fluency and since I didn't did coaching so what are you should do is that I used to solve the previous and paper with my friend she did coaching so she used to have this diverse perspective of her what she learned so as something like you know small smaller sums now how I used to you know what people as I say he firefighting coach weaker kid best so last time we'll take mine another thing is of just connect little handsome it didn't make you not really pleased music are you gotta be spaced away they made a sociology or is permanency become a lie he made a hardly methods of paper or newspaper to can you say a blog Metallica basically becoming upload became governor sample nodes are the middle notes thick even purchase eh of the space here before hopelessly bundle so up summer something is very wise can make the cosplay so minimal time or is one minute it just say equally a man throw here to you think ideas right lake manitoc a minute GSK coffee facts and bigger systemic they say is one of a question had that is suicide proportion though many society question have what effort would other thing can one thing and see how we got rotate out that you know which kind of kids currently subsea societal a to dominate to even actually mirror wages rather the aim when I used to live in a super to be editorial sama-sama the derivative Mexico in Ordnung learning is basically learning stress Sigma katana but now coffees are at flowmaster respectability in the content so coffee ready middle- materialism and if you discover the power to me when I used to write option or GS don't look in them new super say Macaulay given case study Madonna ethic is steady to human right licking good Carosa question citizen and thorough arson delegate object and again two years our achievement up you how caught us occurrence potato tomato risk little fantasy Kukui amusing anybody here think Anika – Iroquois who can flip the spoon over the character come with the Mooji is a basic idea the kiha conflict the school authority would have been like you know it should be saying bad things on the you know Chara change women together you face is carrying a functional school to Dallas static pair you no matter how high continuity is there to spray which are the focus currently talker yes allergies approved through the general idea over the forest nickel killing something schema right now a PV panel though in total I just said when it comes to mother choose astrology no option Lena do stock check your overlap a sociological human a beta or yes of course film any better we can sense a strategy watch a documentary short Anita even a nice few of it quick did the highest marks any order he possible other self studies in Microsoft now the I believe your messages of eco you know in a limited time again it's a message to people who are working professional who things that they don't have time but people who are living in rural areas who feel that you know I won't be you I don't have coaching and everything the people you know with good background are sitting there you know what we call they are getting materials from good Institute I would say which all are only yourself put doubts and yourself these are all self-made blocks that we make in our own way if you feel unique and I just said in my case it has happened it's very limited amount of time and limited resources I or say it is possible in your case also so for more updates as you know be connected with me on that channel and as well as my blog in which I will be putting my answers also and you will be able to connect with me through their stands thank you

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