United – Meet the newest member of the fleet: The CRJ-550

Welcome to the newest
member of our fleet: The Bombardier CRJ-550 We’re the first and only airline in the
world to have this aircraft. It’s a game changer! Goodbye gate-checked bags, hello storage space! So instead of leaving your bag here… You can store it here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. No. Not here. Or… You get the point. First class? On a regional jet? Yeah, check that box too. Need a boost to get through that super
fun spreadsheet? Help yourself to our premium cabin
self-serve beverage and snack station. And with this aircraft being 20 percent longer
than our current 50-seat aircraft… This means more comfort for more customers! This one-of-a-kind aircraft will operate routes
to and from Chicago coming soon, with New York/Newark to follow. We’re looking forward to welcoming you… and your bags, onboard soon.

19 thoughts on “United – Meet the newest member of the fleet: The CRJ-550

  1. I’d rather see the 787 and A350 be launched from ORD (yes, I know the 787 is finally coming). Enough with the regional jets. I avoid them at all costs.

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