Understanding the Impact of Human Noise in National Parks

– The park service have
collected over a million hours of acoustic recordings. You can look at noise pollution levels within those recordings
but also extrapolate using a model to looking
at noise pollution levels across the country. And what we did was summarize
those human-caused sounds in protected areas and we
found fairly surprising levels of noise pollution. (airplane engine roars) For wildlife, not hearing a
sound can mean the difference between life and death. Prey species, like a rodent or a deer, is listening for a predator and some kind of human-caused sound, a car goes by or an aircraft goes over, that can actually cover up the sound of a predator approaching. By having that human sound there, they could end up as someone’s dinner. If one bird is listening
for another bird singing and it can’t hear that bird sing anymore, that bird might lose
out on a potential mate. The possibilities are endless
with these recordings. From information about
humans and human impact, all the way down to a particular species.

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