Understanding the Hong Kong Mindset(human reading edition)

To get to the dominant fundamental way of thinking and behaving of Hong Kong people, one needs to take a good look at any of lots of failed or not-doing-so-well former colonies. Such a former colony would be diagonally contrasted with a healthy and flourishing one, like Singapore, South Korea, Canada or United States. United States and Kenya are both former British colonies. What are the differences between them? A hell lot of, one might be attempted to think, like being rich and poor respectively. What beyond the superficial richness and poverty? That’s the challenge. The fundamental one are always residing behind their foreheads, their thinking machines and how they work. The mindset of the people. Another pair of specimens, South Korea and the rebellious Chinese province of Taiwan, both are former Japanese colonies. South Korea is a relatively successful one, while Taiwan is relatively fucked up, economically and sociopsycologically. You get yourselves in a deep shit whereas the other is doing fine, because you think and behave differently from the other one. The sociopsycological difficulties of Taiwan people is just a euphemism for the simple fact that you are socially and culturally colonised and thus mentally fucked up. Just as South Korea had long ago managed to decolonise itself, Taiwan separatist regime instead has been recolonising the younger generations through education and mass media for decades. Just as South Korea is clear and free from anything colonial with a clear mind, Taiwan people have inextricably bogged down into a quagmire of colonial, should we say, zeitgeist, or climate for the island. Taiwan separatist leaders have successfully nurtured a dominant colonised mindset which guarantees an inevitable declining trajectory and a shortcut to a third world shithole status in the near future while the surrounding area are prospering and rising. A Chinese scholar was once invited to the inaugural ceremony of Mombasa-Nairobi Railway. During one occasion of the celebrations in Mombasa, he was arranged to sit at the same table with some elites and upper classes from the capital city of Nairobi. To his dismay, not everyone of these elites seemed to be really happy about the completed project. Indeed, such a project would be mediocre among any batch of provincial ones back in China. But in Kenya, it’s a century project. Last time someone tried something similar though smaller in scale, it was over 100 years ago by the British. And some of these elites moped about it, as it were. To lighten it up a little bit, one of the capital gentlemen praised the lobsters from the local fishing ports as they were served at the table. He bragged it is the finest in all African coasts. The lobsters are such a rare delicacy from Kenyan coast that only the rich enough can afford it elsewhere. To lighten it up a little more, the Chinese scholar jested that now with the inauguration of the new railway, the ordinary residents of Nairobi can now afford it. Then came the finale of the story. Why should an ordinary Nairobi resident eat lobsters, cross-questioned one of the Kenyan elites. No one in United States, elite or not, has ever questioned the lobster-eatability of the ordinary people. Same with other former colonies, or former semi-colonies, as long as they’re not colonised any more. Yes, being colonised, still being colonised somehow, with a colonised mindset, drives people say something like that. Upper class people with a colonised mindset try their very best to live like their colonial masters whereas put their countrymen under par, driving them all the way until to live a subhuman existence and do everything to keep them in check and fuck up their minds meanwhile. Similar here in Hong Kong, there’re some of them, the crown monkeys crowned by the British, like Martin Lee and his friends. People like them would be surprised that normal Hong Kong people would ever need to live in something other than a solidly framed cage. Poor bastards, I’m living in a real house. How to recruit and lead these cage-dwellers? Instate them with a simlar colonised mindset. Make prime monkeys of them for the Westerners. Make them hate their unknowing and innocent countrymen in the north instead of the crown monkeys and the colonial masters from England who suck them dry and imprison them in cages. Like the Kenyan gentlman, they don’t want those nothern countrymen get better off than themselves and all the way above themselves. They resent anything they think would threaten their prime monkey’s dignity and status. They wouldn’t mind or have no clue at all that their dignity is nothing but a colonised prime monkey’s dignity. A year or so ago, David Beckham visited China, including a stop in Hong Kong. He tweeted about it, praising every stop he made. Well surprisingly and unsurprisingly, these colonised cockroaches in Hong Kong went uproarious. Why? Hong Kong is not China, according to them. These infurious rodents all shouted something similar, with similar stupidity, repeating ad nauseam. Hong Kong is not China. China is so much so hatable. And they are so much so better than the Mainland Chinese, almost as good as the British. When you visit Hong Kong, you shouldn’t say you’re visiting China, so on and so forth. In the uproar, what amused me the most is one of the despicable scums ending with something like, “…Thank you for visiting us, David”. Wow, looks like he really knows our David so well personally. Or he simply couldn’t help but talked to him with such affections. Anyway, he really appreciated or rather enjoyed David Beckham’s visiting, at least the Hong Kong stop. Hong Kong is not China, you know. Why should it even amuse or amaze me? What the fuck did you mean, thank you for visiting us? And David? There’re millions of Mailand Chinese visiting Hong Kong yearly. And everyday there’re plenty of them in the streets. They’re really just a hello away. And none of these local prime maggots care to say something like that to any of the Mainland visitors. Instead they rather gang up to abuse, harass and attack them. And they manage to found themselves in a perfectly good mood to say that to their British… masters, should I say. Obviously the British are not their cousins, as the case with United States. Why should I even use such a strong word like “master” in here? Wouldn’t I be too egregiously exaggerating? Well, in my humble opinion, when you side with and show excessive and unnecessary unilateral affections towards someone who’s basically got nothing to do with you, he is your master. And you are the dog. Years ago, a literature professor from Peking University had come up with some truthful insights about Hong Kong including “Some of Hong Kong people are dogs”. Unsurprisingly a wave of protests from Hong Kong ensued. They all seemed to ignore the keywords “Some of” but clinged to the soundbite hereafter. And in my humble opinion again, the professor just spoke the truth. Some of Hong Kong people are dogs indeed. The only fault of the professor is that he was unintentionally insulting dogs. Thank you for visiting us, David. The British, the old gamer, what they impressed me the most is that they always managed to cultivate a bunch of crown monkeys and a population of prime monkeys. They got the crown monkeys medalled and sirred. Lucky dogs! The prime monkeys, these aren’t so lucky, actually they could be quite miserable as some of them could be put in a cage or similarly squalor environs for the rest of their lives as in Hong Kong’s case. Here we come to something for which you got to admire the British. They got these miserable prime monkeys not to hate the ruling crown monkeys and their British masters. But rather, they managed to get them hate someone who are not even in the colonisation game field. The British got the population of prime monkeys to hate their uncolonised countrymen, as in Hong Kong’s case, the rest of the Chinese. The prime monkeys are attempted, one way or another, to think of their nothern countrymen as some kind of “subprime monkeys”, as they themselves are the prime ones, prime and proud. Of course you’re subprime, as you’re not even colonised. The more colonised, the more civilised. Human civilisation originated from and therefore is based on colonisation, at least with the case of the East Hemisphere. This is just as simple and clear as the day. If not, then why should we get colonised in the first place? The colonisers are the saviours. You see, they’ve just fucked up these poor bastards’ minds through education and media so much hard like hard boiled eggs. Talking about education in Hong Kong, what yields from it when you put education and colonisation together? Colonised prime monkeys. When education is designed and set up for colonisation of a people, it got to be somewhere next to a joke and ludicrously detrimental because it’s doing nothing more than training monkeys for the circus. That is to say, Hong Kong may have its education system, but it doesn’t have any real education. What’s the product of the colonised education system? The young mobsters protesting in the street who have been brought up with colonisation-purposed meaningless education and imbued in colonised toxic environs rendering them totally useless for anything really meaningful and good for nothing except for pay-and-protest. They make up a whole generation. And they have to face up with a despondent and desolate economy which is increasingly disoriented and marginalised due to its colonised peculiarities. The paid protesters who get paid by their colonial bosses from UK and US via various intermediate vehicles. Oh, wait, the paid protesters? The pay-and-protest? Isn’t that another joke? And what they protest for is a joke too and has nothing to do with the protesters themselves but has everything to do with their colonial bosses. Because they are barking up the wrong tree in terms of their own real interests. Whatever they have done and are doing right now and whatever they choose not to do are all not in their own interests. They’re now fucking up their own city and fucking with their own country, as usual. Pro-colonial, that’s what they are. And they’re eventually pro nothing else. They do all those in the name of pro-democracy or pro-liberty or pro human rights or pro whatever and they do them for the good of someone else who are more than happy to exchange some lip service for cannon fodder by these colonial maggots. Colonisation would’ve been a failed business should it fail to produce a populaton of colonised mindset. Hong Kong’s tragedy has been instituted largely through consecutive generations of colonised local people with particularly colonised mindset. It had not seemed to be a tragedy until now when colonisation has to meet its end as in every other place in the world. Indeed colonisation has so much overstayed its welcome in some parts of the world including Hong Kong. But it’s due, finally. Colonisation has to go. Glorifying it with disguises of liberty, democracy, human rights or dignity won’t change this trend of history. In the news I watched, some Hong Kong protesters or their supporters happened to talk about their dignity in the context of protesting against goverment. If they were talking about the humanity kind of dignity, that’s fine with me. It’s also fine with everyone else, I guess. But obviously they were talking about some peculiar dignity beyond the ordinary humanity sense. They were talking about the dignity exclusively pertaining to colonised prime monkeys. A population of colonised mindset are a pack of dogs who defend their masters’ position, property(loots rather) and everything else. They even watch night for them when their masters are sleeping. They hold the ground of their masters even more faithfully than the masters themselves. The dogs are not just siding with their masters, they are devoted to them. It’s perfectly fine when they remain in and choose not to step out of the colonised circus and its conjured fancy world of colonisation. When their colonising masters are physically gone, the circus starts to have problems running on. The envisioned subprime monkeys, their countrymen, their nothern neighbours, the mainland Chinese, turned out to be anything but sub almost overnight. They seems to be more like audience whereas the proud prime monkeys are nothing but circus freaks featuring the freak show. Well that’s the problem. They are prime monkeys for the Westerners but freaks for the rest of the Chinese. That’s because they’re still colonised. Basically China just owns Hong Kong nominally. Politically everything remains the same as colony era except for the flag, the emblem and the anthem. With everything else remaining unchanged, Hong Kong remains colonised. Apart from the dilapidated old Britain, we got now company of a much tougher new player, the Uncle Sam. They play the game so well that people seldom have the chance thinking of the word colonisation or anything reminiscing of it. Rather they proceed under the disguise of freedom, democracy and human rights. They employ the vihicles like NGOs, academia, and philanthropies, and so on. They do it for your own good, as it were, that’s the impression they want to effect. When you’re of a colonised mindset, you never think it’s you who have the problem. You always think it’s the uncolonised ones who must have some problem and therefore it’s their fault for anything getting in your way. Praise the British for everything good and blame China for everything bad. And think it’s perfectly okay to live with a colonised mindset even after someone points it out to you. Of course, you’d never recognise or think of yourselves as colonised chickenshit, or a pack of colonial jackals. Rather you would get on high tone and talk about freedom, dignity, human rights and the almighty universal values. Well, who can deny those to Hong Kong people? Who dare to? What a dilemma? Caught as the oppressors? And you always get the Western media on your side on those matters. They got to get your back. They always do. Because you speak their language, their journalese. And you are a cesspit of gentrified colonial maggots. Hong Kong will become a cesspit thanks to you and your Western friends. Speaking of the Western media with their hypocrisy and their chickenshit political correctness, yes, they may call you pro-democracy and keep calling you that despite the fact that they and us both know it means chickenshit and that we both know perfectly well that you’ve got nothing to do with domocracy and you don’t even know what to do with democracy. It’s not okay. It’s not cool. It sucks to live with a colonised mindset. By remaining colonised, you’re against the rest of the Chinese. You’re also against the rest of the world. Because the world is anti-colonial by and large. People in the world think being colonised simply sucks. There’s no glory whatsoever in it. And ultimately you’re against yourselves. Because ultimately you’re not colonised for your own good. You’re colonised for someone else’s good. You’re the sheep fed up in the yard. Your destiny is to be victimised and slaughtered no matter how delicious and ample the feeds you eat is or how you love your sheperd. The colonised and the colonisers. They are of two species. You think you’re on their side. You just think that way. Sheep are not really on sheperds’ side, or slaughterers’ side. They think so because they’re sheep. You think so because you’re colonised. We’re not finished yet. We’re not even releasing our most caustic weaponry in reserve which is far more powerful than just the old plain “Thank you for visiting us, David”. I think you’re now all itching and can’t wait to hear it right now. Yes, I’m giving it to you which is “pro-democracy”. Well you already heard it from me several times, nah? Whenever the Western and pro-Western media use the phrase pro-democracy, they always refer to someone or something that are not pro democracy at all or got nothing to do with democracy. They always pro something else, like colonialism or separatism, in the name of democracy, thus pro-democracy. When you encounter them tossing around words like that, you know you should stop reading or watching on. You shouldn’t have started watching them in the first place. Whenever you hear the wording pro-democracy from news networks like CNN, BBC or New York Times, you can always safely substitute it for pro-colonial. The senile imbecile residing in White House for now from whom the only correct observation is about the fake news quintessence of Western mainstream media. Boy is he getting it! And later on at a UN assembly he also said that future belongs to the patriots and belongs to the patriots only. If you’re not patriotic at all, you have no future at all. If you don’t belong to your own country, you belong nowhere. God! He got to be right on that point, despite everything else. And he continued to observe that freedom, democracy and peace only come from the love of one’s own country. If you don’t even love your own nation, you have nothing to do with freedom or democracy. The mainstream media unanimously refer to the pro-colonial rioters from those former colonies as pro-democracy. You can now see how fake news they are, from the perspective of President Trump, at least. Taking the example of above-mentioned Mr. Martin Lee, he’d got nothing to do with democracy or freedom all through his servile colonial career during the British occupation. He’s been obviously out of place after the return to China of the city. I think he and his likes need to either change from within or just be gone with the colonial business all together. Get decolonised, or get lost. I don’t know why or how he managed to turn pro-democracy overnight in the Western media. He may proclaim himself so and the Western media may keep calling him so. But in the end, he and his rodent friends and supporters will turn out to be what they really are, a bunch of pro-colonial scumbags, nothing more, and nothing less. And they will be recorded so historically in the future. You can’t make up history. Instead history makes up of what you have really done and who you really are. Pro-democracy is nothing but a euphymism for the ugly pro-colonialism no matter how the lame mainstream media in the West try to make it up or glorify it. You are pro-colonial, you are not pro-democracy at all. When you keep referring to someone who’s basically got nothing to do with democracy as pro-democracy. And whenever you use words like democracy or freedom, you always mean something else. People cannot take you seriously any more from now on. You know, the uncolonised mainland Chinese who choose not to sympathise with the Hong Kong protesters, of their own mind or not, they are definitely not pro-democracy. That is to say, if you’re not some kind of prime monkeys, you can only dream to be pro-democracy. Whereas if you’re against your own country and the rest of the Chinese, especially when you yell, “We’re Hongkongese, we’re not Chinese”, you’re instantly pro-democracy. Oh wait, Hongkongese? Is that even a word? How did you manage to pronounce it? The crossdressing seperatist Denise Ho had verbatimly said they were not Chinese. Of course she is a Canadian citizen, but she used “we” in the speech. She even went to testify at a UN meeting against China. She is absolutely pro-democracy. You may argue people like her may be really pro-democracy somehow. I am pro-democracy too for Christ’s sake. As long as by democracy you really mean democracy. But you never really mean it, do you? And what about the mobs? The really violent ones. What they’ve done and how they’ve behaved in the street have well crossed the defintion of crime or even terrorism. Well they’re still pro-democracy, according to the Western media. You are pro-democracy as long as you’re fucking with the right enemy of mine. Hong Kong is a Chinese city, be it specially administered or specially colonised. If you think you are not Chinese, and you are not really foreign legally and officially, you need to go. Yes, I’m speaking to you who would claim “Hong Kong is not China” or “We are Hong Kong” and boo at the national anthem played at a stadium. You boo at the anthem, you must not belong to this country. And you must have fundamentally mistaken yourselves for someone else and also mistaken us for someone else. We are modern Chinese, we don’t tolerate anyone who attempts to create any non-Chinese country within the Chinese soil. When you say “We are Hong Kong”, it means nothing because unfortunately this city belongs to China and belongs nowhere else. And by the way, “We are Hong Kong” is the most chickenshit stupid slogan I’ve ever heard from any chickenshit “Hongkongese”, in my humble opinion. Hong Kong is not China indeed, it’s just a tiny part of it within the Chinese soil. That’s why you need to go. You need to leave Hong Kong alone and leave Hong Kong for somewhere else and seek your own country somewhere else. In Britain or USA maybe, you’re surely gonna be more welcome than here in the Chinese city of Hong Kong. You’re carrying their flags in the protest. You don’t do it just for the heck of it, right? And if you remain unmoved and continue living in Hong Kong, I can guarantee you that this city will only grow more and more hostile and inconvenient towards colonised rats like you, in the long run. Because we are gonna decolonise the shit out of you. The most fundamentally horrible tragedy for Hong Kong people is that they are victimised as chickenshit little suckers by their colonial bosses from both London and Washington DC. Decolonisation thus is the only way out for a colonially zombiefied Chinese city of Hong Kong. If you’ve chosen to stick with me till now, you may be well familiar with prevalent Hong Kong mindset. I’m talking about a colonised mindset. Hong Kong is a failing and fucked-up former colony, compared with the successful former colonies like United States, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore and so on. Actually successful former colonies are quite few, just a bunch of them, most of them were colonised by the British. I may have named them all but hell no. Unfortunately Hong Kong is not among the short list, at least not yet. Once you really get the idea of colonised mindset, you’ll realise that successful former colonies, of which the United States is the best example, must have decolonised themselves and got rid of the forced-upon colonised mindset. Whereas the unsuccessful former colonies like Hong Kong are still colonised somehow. So far I haven’t even used the word “ideology” and I don’t think I have to. Because I don’t think Hong Kong people are up to any level of the really ideological just as monkeys are not supposed to prefer any genre of music or fine arts. I mean, the United States is a former colony too, why should Hong Kong subject itself to such a submissive and humiliating position as to take orders from another former colony of Britain? Is that even possible if Hong Kong were really up to any ideology on its own? Have your own mind and make your own mind, you can only dream of something like that if you still remain colonised. The United States is decolonised and independent. Meanwhile the Hong Kong crown monkeys and prime monkeys are collectively suck up to them. The once former colony has long been a colonial boss too and in turn to colonise someone else. Getting double colonised by a peer former colony alongside of their common elder colonial master is like getting double penetrated. A decolonised former colony joins to fuck and gets sucked by another former colony, a recolonised one. What a scene! You don’t really have anything ideological, you just have a forced open mind awaiting to be stuffed with anything your colonial masters think is fit for themselves just like a porn superstar who’s got open legs awaiting to be gangbanged. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m only discussing the worst case of colonial brainwashing. Yeah, they’re open-minded, right? And they’re instinctively pro-democracy, for sure. To put it more mannerly, Hong Kong people get their brains fucked colonially, not once but twice. By ideology I rather think of it as something quite learned, knowledgeable or even academic. It would be something carefully thought, resolutely determined. While Hong Kong people are just brainwashed colonially with a myriad of colonised institutions and instruments just as poor animals get trained in a circus. When you discuss politics with some of them, most probably you’ll find yourself caught in a boring psycological experiment speaking to a group of trained subjects who talk out of trained reflex rather than anything else. So I’ve been using the word “mindset” and will continue so. Mindset is a kind of function of which I think even monkeys are capable. I’m not a zoologist, so bear with me if I’m off the beat. It’s unfair to go such length without coming to a conclusion or solution. Luckily we got one, decolonisation. It’s the only solution, the only way out for Hong Kong people. And it should be through everyone, at every level and around every corner. Hong Kong has been deeply and thoroughly colonised, for more than one century and a half. By colony, I don’t just mean a place, I also mean a group of people. The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history, once observed by George Owell. To colonise a people is basically to make them mistake themselves for someone else. To make people mistake themselves for someone else is basically to narrate and interprete their own fabricated history via education and mass media and other means. Hong Kong, as a collecive of Chinese people, is an engrained and entrenched colony. It’s like, as I said, a hard boiled egg. Instead of decolonised which it really should have, Hong Kong is recolonised. Hong Kong crisis is not an economical, but a political one. A political crisis can only be defused and solved through political means. That means, Hong Kong needs to change, politically. One Country Two Systems doesn’t mean nothing should be changed on Hong Kong’s part. Hong Kong should’ve reformed itself, by itself, now and then, here and there, accordingly, to cope with new challenges and to prosper in a new era. But for reasons beknown to everyone, Hong Kong has chosen not to. They’ve been crippled by the “Two System” part. The judiciary and law system, the commercial practice, the administrative bureaucrats and such and such colonial legacies, everything seems to be old school, outdated and so much so British Commonwealth of the last century. Hong Kong may be perfectly oriented as a chain of the old British Commonwealth. But it is also among the most unprepared economic entities in the world to tackle the wholesale rise of Asia especially in the prospect of China surpassing the United States as the biggest economy of the world. That is not even the worst part. The worst part which really is going to scrap the One Country Two Systems altogether is, the so-called pro-democracy activists, pro-colonial seperatists rather, are doing everything to get rid of the “One Country” part. As they’re doing it right now in the street. What do you mean by yelling “Hong Kong is not China”, “We’re not Chinese” in the streets of the Chinese city of Hong Kong? You may coin the word “Hongkongese” and call yourselves whatever for all I care. It still basically means the citizens of Hong Kong. In the end of the day, Hong Kong is but a Chinese city. And you’re not special, you’re just specially administered. Hong Kong’s education sectors, media, judiciary system, religions, phylanthropies, NGOs et al., which are all more or less set up against their own country and instead loyal to the UK and US and take orders and instructions from them, are the most used means and vehicles by which Hong Kong people got continuously colonised mentally and culturally ever since they were kids. By God! Hopefully you won’t think that I’m paranoid. I hope I am because the reality over there is some augumented nightmare. Hong Kong people have been brought up with such a fucked-up way that they are taught to hate someone they normally ought to love and love someone they really would’ve hated should they be in their right mind. But as you’re mentally fucked-up and cultivated with such a colonised mindset, you’re never in your right mind, are you? As I said, the decolonisation should be through everyone, at every level and around every corner. The whole former colony needs a thorough clean-up, a cleansing, from bottom up and from upside down. Okay, I think I really need to stop elaborating on details. We’re analysizing the big game and should be focused on the big maps, should we not? We’re now really come to the end of the analysis. As the closing remark, should one day the One Country Two Systems come to an end, it should be ended by the Chinese or patriotic way instead of the anti-Chinese or pro-colonial way. That is to say, whether One or Two Systems, we’ll be left with One Country, period.

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