Understanding the full value of influencer content for games (Games track – Playtime EMEA 2018)

hi everyone and welcome so my name is Francesco and I'm a business analyst in the Google Play team and today we will talk together with Toby about influencers but let me start by introducing one of them to you so his name is yarn is a YouTube gaming influencers and he has a channel called orange juice gaming with more than 1 million subscribers so these people really trust his gaming reviews and we are here today together with Toby to told to tell you more about the value that we think yarn as well as other YouTube influencers like him can bring to your business so today we'll go through three main areas the first one is about the influencer opportunity and challenges then I will walk you through a methodology that we built internally in Google to measure the full value of influencer marketing and then Toby will finish by telling you some best practices on how to build a successful influencer strategy going forward so we all know this YouTube is a big thing and it is a big thing on the user side so what research says is that 90% of gamers turn to YouTube at least once a week to discover gaming content this gaming content could be about advancement tips maybe users of stuck into a level and want to know how to get through it could be to watch their favorite creator playing games or to discover new games so definitely YouTube is a big thing on the user side but what about on the developer side well I'm sure that you know from your business that it is a big thing on a developer side as well so game developers already today spend more than 250 million a year on influencer content and this number is forecasted to grow a lot in the next few years but that's what research says I'm actually curious to know within this room how many of you spend on influencer content in the past couple of years please hands up pretty much everyone and how many of you are hundreds confident that the methodology that he used to evaluate the full impact of these campaigns is fully accurate one person okay we should talk afterwards I actually agree with you it's it's really really tough to measure the full impact of influencer content and there is this big industry attribution challenge that I'm sure everyone in this room faces so the way works today is that developers would collaborate together with creators then these YouTube creators or influencers will produce a video upload the video into their channel and then include one of these trackable links in the description underneath the video and then obviously developers would hope that all the users who watch the video and are interested to download the game do it by clicking on the link so they can be tracked however we all know that this is not the case some of the users who watch the video and still download the game do it without clicking on the link and so it's really hard to understand what is the value and what is the size of this non tract majority and so the classical ways that developers use nowadays to do that is to look at the performance of the video look at how many people click on the link and download the game and try to estimate this K factor of users who watch the video didn't click but still download and how to do that you would usually look at your install numbers over time and try to estimate how many of these users that you see in these bikes are coming through the video itself well that's a really hard thing to do and it's even harder whenever there is noise in the installs so try to imagine that you just launched your game there would be spike in installs anyway even without videos or try to think that you're running an paid campaign at the same time how do you know how much of these users this non truck majority is coming from paid organic or the video itself but let me spend a minute to talk about this non trade minority who are these users so these are people who are watching the video and decided not to click on the link but still download the game or maybe they didn't see the click the link it could be users who watch the video download the game but wait for Wi-Fi not to use their whole data plan while installing or it could be also users watching the video NPC and then just grab in the phone next to them to download the game does this sound familiar great so we thought that we as Google we are in a unique position to try to help you to understand the value and the size of this non-drug majority and so we developed a methodology that I'm really excited to share with you today so what we did we combined the knowledge that we have from YouTube meaning users watching videos and from play I mean in the same users than going on the store and hopefully install in the game and so with this methodology we have been able to see out of the cohorts of users who have been exposed to watched a YouTube gaming video featuring a particular game how many of these same users after viewership went into the Play Store and downloaded the game and then we want to go one step further and try to understand what is the value of these users so we also checked how many of them turned into buyer and if they do how much they spend over time after viewing the video and so then we use this methodology to analyze a pool of more than 120 videos making up a total of 50 million views and in order not to be biased with the results that we are going to share with you today we took examples from developers of all sizes from genre and with games at different lifecycle stages and then we mix it up also on the influencer side so we took examples from micro as well as more established influencers and also from gaming as well as non gaming influencers and so I'm really excited now to share with you some of the insights that we have so let's jump into measuring influencer and the key insights that we have so we divided the insights into two main buckets instance about the gamers and I will go through them and insights about the influencers and Toby will come back to talk to you about that so the gamers I'm sure that the question that everyone is asking themselves right now is we talked about this non non right majority how big it is while I'm very glad to tell you today that using our methodology we saw that there are 4x more installs beyond the tracking link that means that next time that you do an influencer marketing campaign for every person that you see that watches the video clicks on the link and download the game you can expect on average to have four more people who do the same without clicking and by the way 4x is just an average this multiplier can be as high as 10x depending on the type of content and the type of game that the creator is featuring and so the follow up question that we had after that after understanding how big is this non-drug majority is how does the distribution of the install look like over time do they come all at the same time do they come after a few hours after few days and so on and so what we saw is that on average 50% of the install come within the first hour after users viewed the video on YouTube but then you may also think ok but what about if I want to know and good attribution we know to capture all the installs not just 50% then we saw that after four days the installs start to be flat so users after the moment when they watch the video it take about four days to decide whether or not to install the game so if you're not sure of the attribution window to use for your next influencer marketing campaign then four days is a good one second insight is about ripple effect across your portfolio so similar games will get in installs as well even if they are not shown or featured in your game in your video so what we saw is that for an influencer marketing campaign showing a particular game in your portfolio let's call it game a then you can also get installs in game B in your portfolio even if he was not shown in the video itself so for every ten people who watch the video and download the game a there is also one person on average which would go one step further and download also game B from your portfolio and again one out of ten is just an average this multiplier can be as high as three people out of ten people depending on the type of influencer and also depending if the users who install the first game in your portfolio love it so much that want to try another one so last insights is about targeting targeting matters focus on your key audience well this insight may sound a little bit obvious however what is interesting to see is that this is not always true and it really depends on the metric that you want to drive so if you want to drive installs that is definitely the case so the Creator which had the audience with a demographic that matches as much as possible the demographic of the game itself those videos are the ones who have the highest install per view rates however if you want to drive trend this is not always the case because what we saw from the data is that on average users between 24 and 49 years old are 3x more likely to spend than younger users and by the way whenever they've spent they have on average a 30% higher average revenue per paying user so next time you do a campaign think about what you want to drive if you want to drive installs then definitely focus on your key audience if you want to DRI spend focus on the users between 24 and 49 because they are more likely to buy and when they buy they spend more so let me now pass it over to Toby to talk about the insights on the influencers thank you Thank You Francisco and he's actually not the best piece I play on our team that's something else okay so I will now talk a bit about the insights we have gathered when it comes to the influencers because Francesco and I did not only look at influencer videos we also talked to many developers to understand a bit better how they are working with influencers and one thing we have been hearing pretty often is that once a developer is finding an influencer to work with the developer likes to work with them again and again well this is something you can do but we also saw an effect you might want to be aware of and this is something what we call download fatigue because if you work with the same creator again within the time period of a year the second video will have on average 2x less installs compared to the first video so you can draw the conclusion that gamers who will see the first video of a specific creator we either convert or not and you still might want to work again with the same creator because maybe you want to work with them to build your community to re-engage users or there was just a good deal but this is something to be aware of secondly when we were talking to developers we were discussing so what is the performance of these influencer marketing campaign we looked at all the data we have gathered and one major thing we found out is that many people out there try to measure influencer campaigns just as the same way as they measure app install campaigns I would be a little bit cautious here because one happens to campaigns are if you run them on the classic performance marketing Network a bit different if you only look at the setup if you work with an influencer you need to find the right influencer you need to communicate with them need to agree on a payment model and if you are run ads with Google USC or any other network you basically have a creative bidding and a budget and that's it and furthermore if you look at influencer marketing campaigns based on traditional performance marketing api's they might not perform as strong as the average UAC Facebook or whatever campaign but so that is that is important to notice but there's one more thing to be aware of so one there's more with influences than just performance and I will tell more about this very soon and then thirdly we also found a segment which was highly profitable and very strong when it comes to infant marketing and those were rather small influencers what we call micro influencers so when we were looking at smaller influencers with 10 to 100,000 subscribers well these creators were able to drive CT eyes which were on average 3x lower than established influencers and also the conversion rate which which means the view to download was very strong as well well I'm now not saying go away from the big names because they have some obvious advantages such as a higher virality and so on and so forth but if you are still not sure about influencer marketing you know remember when Francesco asked all of you at the very beginning maybe working with smaller influencers could be a nice and less risky way a good entry point to use this tool for acquiring users so much for working with micro influencers this is a summary now of all the research we have been doing over the past month and feel free to share all these lessons learned across your company with product Falls with marketing folks with game analytical folks because I think it's it's important that every function of your company is aware of these effects and then you can make the best out of it for your specific case so we talked about the installs the no direct majority we talked about ripple effects that targeting is important there's also a download fatigue influencer campaigns need to be measured a bit differently probably than traditional performance marketing campaigns and there's a strong potential when it comes to micro influencers so what's next what's now last but not least I would like to work with you on building now an influencer strategy because for you the big question is now I've listened to all this research what shall I do now when I'm at my desk tomorrow morning or on Monday morning so Francesca I've thought about this and we were thinking okay so maybe if you attend play time you go back to your office and you talk to your marketing person or maybe you're a marketing person yourself and not to use any stereotypes here but the average performance marketing person might look a bit like this so let's say you go back to the office and talk to him or her what will you say well our idea would be tell them about the golden rules for influencer marketing because what we did is we took all these lesson learned and we now have a recommendation for each of these effects and this is one thing you can take home with or take to the office I'm not sure what you want to do at home but you can take these lessons learned with you and apply them in your daily business so one consider the multipliers to forex the non tracked majority when you evaluate your influencer marketing campaigns to be aware of the ripple effects and be also aware that users might download a similar game which is not from you but may be from a competitor so this is something to be aware of and again if you're not too sure about influencer marketing maybe wait until you have a similar game in your portfolio so you can finally benefit a bit from that ripple effect then thirdly stick to the targeting of your key audience and stick to the targeting of users between twenty four and forty nine years when it comes to download fatigue just be aware that the first video is the video which is generating all these installs and if you engage again with a developer sorry with a with a creator it will be about re-engagement and when it comes to influence our campaigns well our thinking is one try to be very performance-based try to have CPI or even revenue share deals with influencers try to go away from those CPM deals obviously this is always a thing to do negotiate for and with and there differ strategies but this is at least one thing you can do and then also you can hatch against the risk that maybe some users who come to your game after watching a video of an influencer that these users do not convert and pay well if you have ads in your game you can hatch against this risk because every install can mean a person who's watching and at a rewarded video and then last but not least for the micro influencers we think that there's a real opportunity here do not only focus on the big names and that's why we thought let's give you also some best practices for working with micro influencers and again there are many more best practices but this is just something to start with so one the one thing is how do you find those those people who could be interested in your game well one very simple ideas just go on YouTube and check out who is streaming your game already maybe they know other influencers maybe they have subscribed to some channels try to dig into this topic try to really find those people who would be genuinely interested in your game because if these guys grow you know your game will grow with them secondly it's a good bargaining position for you if somebody is not as established so you can try to make good deals you should always do fail deals because there's always comma involved in the gaming industry but there is definitely a good bargaining power on your side and then third if this is working for you think of scaling up think of working with several micro influencers at the same time and if you think this holds out all good but I do not have so much time for this maybe consider working with an agency or a third party which really knows this stuff and you can now use all the lessons learn from today to evaluate and brief these third parties so you can be sure that they deliver the results you're looking for so so much for the performance market here in yourself or in your company but we thought there is a bit more to influences than just performance so when you go back to your company maybe do not only talk to the marketing person maybe also talk to the guy or girl who looking into social media and PR and again not to use any stereotypes here but that person might look a bit like this so the important thing is that community building can help you to drive performance in the long term and that's why you should empower this person as much as the market here in your team and why because communities can help you to be successful in the long term and we try to come up with a formula because we here at Google to explain why that is so one there's the rising quality of new releases out there there are increasing marketing costs and there are more and more multiplayer games getting released and that means these users are occupied by other games already so it's just getting more competitive right and that means there's a need for creating a community because only if you create a community you will be able to survive with the game for more than three four or five years and creating communities well this is all what influencers are about so do not only think of the performance marketing aspect to also think of the long-term benefits of working with influencers and opinion leaders and I would like to show you now one example of the developer who has worked with an influencer to build a community even ahead of the release of the game space ape games invited team secret to their office to play the new game Rumble League which has not even been released yet so let's see how it looks like if there's a tournament between the developer and an eSports team [Applause] very cool very cool so I think this is a great example of building a community even if your game has not been released yet the influencers are playing directly against the developers they create bonds they will reach out again and again and this is a very very strong way to be successful in the long term and that also leads me to my conclusion the idea is to not only think of performance but also to think of performance but just add this thinking that videos and influencers are more and ideally get the performance marketing person and the social media person together or maybe have a job description which is combining both jobs if you're a smaller company you have this already so this is the idea of driving success with influencers I would like to conclude now this presentation by coming back to Yann you remember him that was the influencer Francesco introduced to you at the very beginning he has a channel called oj gaming with 1 million subscribers so he definitely knows something about building communities but now I wonder what he actually thinks of today's presentation let's hear it from himself excellent presentation thank you for that I hope everyone enjoyed the inside and influencers on YouTube me and everyone else are super excited to be working with you and now playtime thank you very much and if you were not convinced that building communities and engaging users makes sense well now this was the reason why it is important this person just engaged all of you our top partners in amia within 12 seconds if you have any more ideas requests or questions please ask them now or also for more extensive questions and ideas please leave your feedback under geo / play / influencer value and now francesca and myself are happy to take a few questions right now if you have any questions please raise your hand and you'll get a mic okay just a quick question for one of the loud parts you brought up regarding using influences to use to build communities pre or prior to start like what was the outcome except for the video I think you need to ask space safe games together to get the result of that but what I would personally say is it is a long-term approach right because the outcome is you have influencers who then know the game you can be in touch with again and you can also be in touch with the people they know this is just one eSports team so I think this is just you know a very very small shot of a longer term strategy and approach which will just help to have an organic impact once the game is getting released so let's say it's a bit like if you're planning a big party and you're already making friends a few months before so this way the people will come once you have the party which will be the launch of the game that's what I assume one more working mic yeah yeah thank you thank you for the awesome position I think most of us were waiting for this kind of attack for quite some time I'd like to ask you please if you could elaborate more of the execution itself so let's say I found my pool of influencers and I want to execute the campaign what specifically would I need to do to make use of this view through attribution with the windows for the place or it may be that if there are maybe some plans or strategies how to make it more accurate also for other platforms as of course the in fluid traffic would have spillover effects on any platform where the game is thank you so sorry just the question is how to use these these insights or what exactly so I just had active reactivated tonight please okay okay so so if you just the inside or we can use okay so today was all about the insights because we are coming from a long journey trying to look at this topic and helping developers so this is basically an experiment and a pilot if you know think I want to use this I want to have this for my business jido / play / influence our value please give us this feedback because only if we have more ideas and requests that you want to use you know this this technology or this attribution as part of your business only then we can drive forward with this project yes thank you very much yes I think there was a question what the front as well sorry yeah hi BOSU thank you very much for the you guys for the presentation is your methodology and results also applicable to premium games yeah absolutely I mean we just at the look at a court of users watching a game and then what do they do on the Play Store so that applies absolutely to any game free or paid or anything yeah thanks is super useful presentation quick question I think one of the challenge as well is very often to refer link on YouTube is not very visible it's a bit below and all that are there any plans to make that referral link or have something a bit more powerful than that so we are looking into this but you also know when we are looking at to things like Google it can sometimes take a while but we are very very aware that right now this solution it looks like like a hack right it looks like very very on the fly and this is still something what we use in in the industry and which is more or less the standard except that we now try to look a bit beyond this so hopefully at some point that's what I think personally but we are we're looking at the space and again feel free to add this feedback yes so we're trying to you know we're trying to begin a movement here and we won't be happy if you're a part of it yes yes how many well there's no there's no threshold so we get as many as possible Thanks so one more question here we have time for one more question one more question okay okay if there are no more questions left then I think we are quite early or even on time that's the thing about being in Germany so I'm now happy to send you off to to lunch but before we do that please make sure to check out all the games we have in the playground so we have VR games air games AI games there's even a Google Play quiz so you can test your Google Play knowledge and you even can try your skills in a scooter race so please go back through through the outdoor area and be back for the sessions at 2:00 p.m. because then we will listen about monetization and that is something you do not want to miss as a game developer thank you

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