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the shadow web is the site of the internet that can't be found using typical search engines but instead can only be accessed through using downloaded programs that grant you security it contains some of the sickest Phil that you could ever in not ever imagined and it is the topic of this traumatic tale the hidden wiki is a shadow website that informs you of many of the different six sites that the shadow of has to offer I explored the shadow web lines getting there was difficult all the programs so that you run around the web securely have rather convoluted installation instructions and I'm at the tech savviness type zone it was a struggle but after a few frustrating hours and managed to do it my first stop was no doubt but conveyed hidden wiki you hear about it all the time and it really makes you curious to see it for yourself people talk about how sick it is how you need to be extremely careful of what you click and they're 100 percent right I avoided so much but I would still wind up seeing an image or an article I really hadn't wanted to see things said no one should see disgusting pure evil things that shouldn't exist I had been on the shadow up for about ten minutes and I was already expecting the FBI to come pounding at my door and here my only crime was curiosity a weird comparison I know but the shadow web is sort of like doing drugs you're alarmingly paranoid at first constantly questioning your actions hell my friend called me about he was outed and I was about to have a heart attack I was so shared with the police but after a while you sort of relax a little feel a little more confident after a few days of being the most cautious I've ever been in my life I started feeling more adventurous study clicking links in exploring the interesting looking science human experiments killers for hire black market science seems weird to explore these sites and all but the sites are so cheesy half the time it's hard to believe they're even real you can find half these websites on the normal web – and they're pretty much always fakes I completely avoided the porn legs there are so many sick six sites feature minors the shadow web was where pedophiles get there and the supply of child porn after all even porn sites claiming to feature only people AIDS implies I simply don't risk it add in risk most of the snuff film sites either no I met I did watch a video or two purely out of curiosity and it was the worst decision ever don't watch them it's when several weeks of regular shadow web access had passed then I began feeling extremely confident I got to the point where I could easily and automatically avoid links I knew led to bad things I explored a few seriously gruesome sites with no police visits I was cocky I was just curious I joined a forum it was a pretty tame forum compared to the others that I'd stumbled across and this one was for as they called themselves underground families literally it was a ton of people who lived underground or ompletely isolated areas with their families all over the world and they weren't like the backwards and red families you see in horror movies a giant religious communities like the one discovered in Texas most of these families were pretty small numbers usually living in some warehouse or basement are even a normal house in some cases what brought them together was that they never left their homes ever they were living completely secluded lives only socializing with her own family the people of this forum and there was no talk of torture or human trafficking or kidnapping no talk of murder or inbreeding seriously and it just appeared to be normal families want us to God just wanted to live a long stay off the grid so to speak really not all that weird or uncommon actually I joined the forum purely for access to all the topics you had to be a registered user to view them and that wasn't really planning on talking to anyone the one user caught my eye he seemed to be extremely popular on the side he'd posted several threads and had way more thread views and replies and most of the others replied to everybody even silly remarks you think would have gotten lost in such heavily populated threads and now wanting to bring attention to myself the community was actually a decent size but I still felt like they'd easily sniff out a newbie like me and begin questioning my authenticity and I messaged him privately hi sorry to message you out of the blue like this but I'm new to the foreman and feel totally comfortable posting yet I'm trying to rent an unbiased article for an online publication about underground families and I was hoping you could tell me more about your life I'm ultimately hoping to give public insight about family life in seclusion compared to say one person who lives alone I'm also interested in the reason behind your family's decision to live underground if you're interested in willing to offer your views I have several questions ready there's absolutely no obligation to answer any of the questions you don't like her don't feel comfortable answering and none of them are personal towards you specifically Lourdes would take away from your identity thank you okay so I lied about the article thing but I think gut feeling if I tried to talk to him pretended to be a member or an underground family member myself he'd call me out immediately you can't just read a couple posts about something you've never heard of before and then blend into their community seamlessly besides this way I can ask other questions I wanted without fall my motive was presented upfront he could either say yes or decline no harm done either way several days passed with no response so I stopped looking the forum so often after a while I only checked it once every couple of days and eventually a week passed him and basically moved on altogether the second week after sending that message I had to get curious again so I went back to the forum but it was gone the entire thing was gone and said I had the right web address yeah it's definitely the same where was it the site wasn't just taken down the entire page was disabled I just got an error message and this I doesn't exist what was it because of my message and did he report it the owners may be getting spooked and the whole place got deleted there wasn't even anything bad on that forum but why would they react so seriously to one message they were on the shadow web aisle presumably browsing completely anonymously like I was surely I couldn't have been the first curious person to find it and ask questions I started digging around the shadow web a whole community wouldn't just delete themselves they create a new site right I did find a couple of websites described in the underground family lifestyle button no forums they seriously deleted the whole thing and maybe a new one was being created as I surged at a center that wait for a week and then I searched again give them some time rebuild if they plan to do so as I waited I grew bored the shadow web is a virtually endless pond to avoid any confrontations of the FBI the sites you feel comfortable visiting are extremely limited the normal web would never satisfy me again and I was able to tell that the first day I'd use a shadow web the bonala had gone through all the tamer websites I could find him I just wanted some more interesting stuff I was just curious I wanted the shock value so I began digging a little deeper and visiting more if he sides I still have avoided all the porn sites the best I could but I did wind up on some seriously nasty pages I found one site that sold small objects made of human skin it actually seemed relatively the JED so I didn't stay for long on that one I found another site that sold cyanide capsules and counter drugs and guns hitting him across the site called suicide Watchers where basically people filmed their suicide live and users could pay to watch it even went so far as to hold contests a suicidal the person planning to commit suicide would live on camera presents several options for killing themselves I'm in pain users could vote on which method was ultimately used of course that information was all written in the site's FAQ I wasn't going to pay to watch a suicide so I have no idea if it was legit or not the week finally came and went so I searched again for the undergone families forum and again no luck finding a forum apparently they really had deleted it or headed him in a better way I was about to give up on the shadow of all together when my high spot at a site called the road to nowhere had actually seen the same when doing my original search with the underground families for him the week before but I hadn't thought to click on it so I clicked on it this time it was a website not a forum but with a familiar theme it showed some pictures of families hanging out in places that appeared to be furnished basements their rooms with cement floors the pictures were usually a little dark often kind of grainy but the family seemed happy and closed most of the people and kids in the pictures were smiling or talking him I liked these cheesy stock photos they're like actual candid photos maybe some of them hadn't even known their pictures were being taken I explored around and it turned out that the site wasn't quite like the forum where users shared stories and experiences but more like a dating service of sorts except instead of finding dates and you've found families to join the families posted pages advertising themselves anonymously of course and they described their appearances the size of the family and how big their home was the religion their goals their hobbies and interests the works and then they'd say exactly what they were looking for and when I say exactly I mean exactly right down to things like you must have prominent cheekbones we all have cheekbones and you must be 510 even things like you must have a deep soothing voice perfect for telling bedtime stories but also effectively scolding these families meant business many said that if you didn't meet every single aspect they were looking for don't even bother replied others were more open to compromise but even then how by much it was pretty weird to say the least I dug deeper into the site even more intrigued then literally by accident I found a hidden link it was the period at the end of the third sentence on one of the family's listings why there I don't know maybe the link changed daily to a different random period somewhere else on the site either way though I clicked on it and I was taken to a new section of the side a forum except this forum wasn't anything like the first one and this forum didn't have happy clothes that underground families joking and bonding with one another this forum was serious dark in tone and blunt ends cause the website was for families looking to welcome a new adult to their home the forum was for families looking to welcome new children there were only two sections in the forum one for families seeking children and one for families advertising there's one thread in the second section was titled third was fake it was by a woman apparently single she nerd he'd taken in two kids and mistakenly tried to take in a third and it just wasn't working out she said that she realized the third a four year old boy had had his hair dyed black by his previous family leg s had given him up because he cried more than their other child not if it made sense to me but looking to her thread it was filled mainly with sympathy pose I kept scrolling each reply being worse than the last though people sympathized with her struggles button she wasn't gonna need tankers for the boy one use your comment insane how difficult it is finding families for children over two from the other posts island that crying children can rarely be rehomed because apparently crying is one of the many negative child traits underground families don't lie others include a large feed narrow myosin bony lambs between the website in the forum it suddenly dawned I mean why everybody had listed such meticulously strict traits and qualifications we all wanted the families to appear biologically related right down to their temperament and personality and maybe for some other much sicker reasons to Oh back to reading the replies I was getting to the more recent pause like in the last week or so it was obvious the woman was growing increasingly frustrated with her lack of blog and finally she posted a time limit if nobody takes in my August third I'm going to dispose of them and today was August first a few people replied with things like aha poor little guy but you have to do what you have to do no one seemed concerned for the boy only sympathetic towards the mom so and it's something I never ever should have done I messaged her privately as with the man on the last forum I said I'd take the boy I wasn't expecting to reply he'll 1/2 expect to the site to suddenly shut down like before so imagine my shock when not even 15 minutes later I got a message back thank God a disposal is such a mess and my other kids had a witness 1-yard tell me about your family shortened to the point it seemed like most of the posts were written like this short precise and to the point I tried my best to reply in the same manner making up a family on the spot and praying she didn't ask him any more questions I'm a married mother of one my daughter is six the boy looks like he could be hurt when and we've discussed and are willing to try and appease his crime habit I'd seen the word apiece thrown around on both this forum and the last one I'm and if you didn't refer to something a lot more sinister than it sounded the woman responded back with an email address that could reach her ad and an out on this one of course to discuss the finer details and eventually an exchange location I agreed and promised her a prompt email and then I sat at my desk for a moment thinking what on earth I just on do I call the police if I show them all this well if we give the fact that I've been browsing these sick and twisted web sites on the shadow up for the past month and a half we're trying to be the hero for this little boy lie me up in prison I was scared extremely scared terrified of being exposed this would definitely make national headlines maybe even international ones everyone in the world would say yeah she saved a boy bun what was she doing on all those other sides my friend and family would have known I watched a two-minute video of some Indian guy being beheaded with a honey knife they know about that live torture site I'd hung out on for two hours I hadn't watched any of the videos they were paid a Lots anyway and even if they weren't I still wouldn't have right no maybe I would have my curiosity it landed me in hot unforgiving waters in giving me a black and white choice as punishment save the boy bud face public humiliation and possible prison time for my sick curiosities or to lead my anonymous browsing altogether never looking back and convinced myself the boys fate was out of my hands top story four year old found dead after anonymous call to the police a woman's anonymous phone call to police headquarters around 4:30 p.m. last night may have resulted in the death of a young boy thought to be a victim of a large-scale underground child trafficking trade tom has the story thanks Beth an investigation of a four year olds discovered body now shows that the boy is the same child who its kidnapped from a daycare three years ago a crime that had left such a mystery in sorrow and its wake that the daycare had been forced to shut down just weeks after the incident occurred hello pop locating the boy was slam until an anonymous phone call to the Rosen dub Police Department came in late last Friday afternoon here's the call 9-1-1 what's your emergency I think a boy's about to be killed what tell me where you are no I can okay so I was on this website what website a website for families underground families where they kidnap children and look I think ma'am please slow down what's a website's URL address and where are you look a woman is taking a boy to the corner of he was kidnapped and she had kidnapped him if you don't go get him she's going to kill him she's going to kill him at five o'clock if you don't go get him ma'am ma'am ma'am hello upon further investigation is believed the boy was being traded through an underground child trafficking ring but the details are still being worked out the name and whereabouts of the anonymous caller are currently unknown but police believe the call was made from a pay phone just down the street from where the body was found the police are unsure if the caller was a part of the trade an alert was called and responding officers were immediately sent to the location provided they arrived a little before 5 p.m. and waited but no woman a child showed the next day on August 3rd they returned to the spot for a follow-up and discovered the deceased body of a four year old left in a nearby dumpster cause of death has not been officially released but investigators suspected to have been by strangulation the Blair the wife showed no signs of trauma or abuse no clues to his killer were left and investigators are still working to determine where he's been over the past three years since his disappearance back to you Beth thanks Tom absolutely tragic yes it is in other news you

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  1. God that ending was so forced and out of no where. Also, god deep web stories are so dumb now and lack originality. The deep web is on par with Anonymous with how cliche and laughable it is. Especially with how unbelievable it is that they got on there. Its always either "i got on to the deep web cause im a super elite hacker" gets hacked by bigger super elite double hacker or "im gonna be honest with you. Im kinda retarded. But i managed to get onto the deep web"

  2. Rehoming is a thing. It seems largly connected to a "therapy cult" called "Attachment Therapy/Parenting." https://www.reuters.com/investigates/adoption/#article/part1

  3. if it's so disgusting and people are like don't click on it why are you going there in the first place. Then he goes on to State be doesn't watch snuff films and watched a couple sure you didn't watch the kiddy porn also.

  4. Story is not believable at all. Author has very obviously never been on the dark web, nor ever even attempted to get on it. (Hours of set up, really? Literally only need 1 browser for it.)

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  6. Disliked the ending, narration was good though. Having a 3 year old has basically ended any patience I have for random kids getting hurt stories. I just assume they are all written by weirdos because I can't understand who else would want to discuss hurting a kid

  7. This is weird, ,is Fri the real FBI,LOL,all I know if this was TRUE ,,,,I wouldn't be putting it on here ,,,,,I sure hope you are not that crazy nasty or any other word for ass that would hurt a child, I hope anyone that would hurt a child ,,,,would get his or hers from your new buddies in PRISON YEAH I think that's a good story

  8. good afternoon. my name is mr fbi. if you have been on the deep web please provide me your address so you can tutor me.

  9. This has been a favorite of draconis from the first time someone read it a while ago, but he seems partial to your naration! In other words, you make the beardie happy and that isnt as easy to do these days because hes a spoiled little dragon!

  10. Author has very obviously never been on the deep web, nor done even the slightest amount of research. Geez. It's too bad because the concept was pretty interesting and it could have made a good story.

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  12. SPOILER.
    So wait, was the “twist” just that he ended up dead? Or am I missing something more? Haha I’m too tired to think.

  13. Not expecting that ending. The way you narrated, had no clue what was coming. Phenomenal job Mr Creeps!!!!

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