Under the Influencer (EP104)

[Applause] max you gotta see this your dad is blowing up they let him on a plane again what no the vlog oh oh I don't know who took my son but if you're watching this I hope you're having fun with him while you can because I'm coming for you it's already over 30k views in the comment section is cooking your dad real good oh no this is bad can I call my mom my phone's dead you remember her number that's sick dad where's mom I'm coming back no no no yes what who was that that that was a telemarketer trying to sell us coffins oh no targeted advertising huh I tell ya should I call penguin one no need honey I texted some parents were forming a search party you just call every hospital around town and relax what the shit is that my number hey buddy oh look who found me dead of the year uh Martin I'll Drive you are those my clothes now I'll explain everything wait why aren't you vlogging about finding me well pretty great plan huh whoa max I promise this is gonna be huge for us I'll give you anything you want a Nintendo Wii Rose iPod shuffles okay I'll be back in a few hours love you kid thank you so much but why wouldn't max go in the woods yeah leaves are cringe so I I don't know dad set this one up hey don't worry he'll be back it's just hormones actin up Oh bless you hey everyone sorry I'm late thank you all so much for coming the best way to locate and secure a missing child is step 1 hold hands step 2 slowly walk into woods screaming his name so places everyone Glen shunk has initiated a neighborhood search in order to find his missing son max here we see some drone footage provided by Glenn and it crashed max I've known max his entire life so this is especially hard on me Max is Rudi so he was snatched and stripped this is incredible guys Glenn I'm from chell news what have you found oh hey we just found my missing son's hoodie so we're getting close oh that's fast mr. Shawn care to respond those must be clues oh gosh I got a text message who listen to this solve all my riddles and the boy shall live I'm in the motel my name is Steve can we see that text match if you're out there watching keep Steve busy do whatever it takes coming for you

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  1. Just make sure that the influencers you collaborate are audited , preferably by tools such as influencer auditor ~ just to ensure they are legitimate before engaging

  2. Man first unwanted pictures then forced to make slide then given dead hamster and now a forced publicity stunt

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