Unbabel partner stories: Intercom

(upbeat music) My name is Ciaran Nolan. I run the sales team
for Intercom in Dublin for our EMEA region. We view Unbabel as a
really important partner for us in our go to market strategy. Ultimately it allows us to
win more business together and it does so in a way that enhances our customers’
experience with our brand. Unbabel allows our customers
to scale way beyond what was possible before
this partnership existed. It does it in a way that’s seamless. It enhances the experience, which is really important for us, and ties really to our core mission. Which is to make internet
business personal. Working with Intercom,
it’s such a natural match. We are all very much passionate about solving problems for businesses. In terms of how they
engage with the customers. There’s also such good complementarity, in terms of our respective products, that it just makes obvious
sense to work together and to try to unlock
new opportunities together. We want our customers to be empowered. To go to market and be able
to support their end users, in a really seamless way. We had a seamless onboarding with Unbabel. Our team felt empowered and confident in going out to their
prospects and customers, with Unbabel as a partner. That was really empowered
by working with the people that we were introduced to
in Unbabel from day one. From travel to gaming,
to e-commerce, retail, regardless of the industry or vertical, people expect the same things. People have a really high standard of how customer support
and customer experience should be delivered. And I believe that Intercom
working in partnership with Unbabel, together we can provide and meet the customers’ expectations. (drums)

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